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Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

We are the Sherlock Holmes English-speaking Vernacular / God save Fu Manchu, Moriarty and Dracula / We are the Office Block Persecution Affinity / God save little shops, china cups, and virginity / We are the Skyscraper Condemnation Affiliates / God save Tudor houses, antique tables, and billiards

Preserving the old ways from being abused / Protecting the new ways, for me and for you / What more can we do?

It’s been two weeks since my last Idelic Hour episode. It doesn’t really seem that long ago, but the world is spinning so fucking fast. I feel like so much has happened, but maybe nothing has happened at all?

Can you tell what’s going down? Between Muller and my 24 year daughter, maybe there’s an answer? There is a ridiculousness to the social norms that I can only smile about. At the very moment I am determined to move into May with a blast.

One thing per the norm, from cut one, The Idelic Hour—or as I view it, my weekly diary composed of songs—is pretty fucking cool. I’m always listening for the new, and a bunch of hip sounds hit my radar while I was in Miami.

Speaking of Miami, what a strange town? Go figure. But it was good to see my dad and feel those Miami sunsets.

This Idelic Hour goes out to eleven year old Harry who survived his first motocross wreck. “Still So Alive.” Heal fast young stud.

Idelic Single of the Week: Paper Idol – Still So Alive

Mayday Mayday Mayday!


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“Social cues for May Day Dudes” music #IdelicSounds #thevinyldistrict #internetradio

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