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Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

I’m writing this during a quiet and wet early summer morning. I’ll call this condition an “Idelic anomaly,” for when do we Sidels ever have a quiet morning and summer rain?

Yes, the first week into Summer. Jonah slept over at a friend’s, and it’s quite damp and serene here this AM. I had made this a short week by taking Monday off and heading down the coast and out to sea for a day of my beloved sport, tuna fishing. It was just what the doctor ordered—thirty-six hours on the open sea off the coast of Baja. In the morning the tuna start breezing by and by noon the sun was out and the sea laid down. By sunset we could have been on a glassy lake.

Beached out with a belly full of fish, I took the week in stride. I made sushi for friends and listened to tons of music. I’m listening to this week’s “Hour” and like many, this hour + of music was inspired by a song, a slow and thoughtful number from Coral singer Bill Ryder-Jones

Those scars / All those senseless scars / My worst parts were when you’re gone / And the endless screaming dark / Comes in from the suburbs / And makes everything worse / Oh, you know how the truth works / And for whatever it’s worth / Don’t be scared, don’t be scared / I love you, I love you / Don’t be scared, don’t be scared / I love you, I love you

The message from this week’s set of songs is “don’t be…” Just do, and feel the good vibes.

Idelic Single of the Week: Cuco – Feelings

First fish.


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Heading home with the 1st #tuna of the season #IdelicSounds

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