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Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

Goin’ back to the time when I didn’t need a thing / Just the tappin’ of my foot and a little song to sing / That’ll do just fine / Yeah that’ll do just fine / And maybe? / Tell me where I go, tell me where I come / Take me anytime you like hon’ / Take me as I am or as who I might become / Never ever ever goin’ back / Never ever ever goin’ back…

In a meeting this week, my music biz boss mentioned that “December is a weird month.” Tyler was referring to how the holidays effect the ebb and flow of the our business in the lead up to them.

In truth, everything I’m doing has been effected by the practical and emotional understanding that the year—and in fact the decade—is coming to a close. I often wake up feeling like a marathon runner coming to the end of a tough race. I seem to wage an internal struggle between hope and remorse. As 2019 draws the decade to a close, hope is winning—thanks to music. Its sounds literally inject my DNA with love and compassion.

These last few weeks I’ve been listening intensely to all the of the songs that have helped me make it through 2019. In fact, many of them are songs from the last ten years. And, in my 50s, I often ask my myself questions.

Where has it all gone?


How the fuck did I get here?

This little column has afforded me the ability to go on the public record sorta outside of my social networks (thank you Jon!). Just to share. I love to blab, tell stories, and share songs. As I’ve written at TVD many times, it’s the people I’ve met and songs I’ve shared that have always made my life “rockin.”

So, here we find me in a week between my year-end playlist and my decade end playlist. Lots of listening and fond memories of pretty much the amazing songs and artists that didn’t make either list. Oh—and a nod to my favorite muse of the decade: California.

Dedicated to my cousins Dylan and Joelle. You’ll always have a place to crash in our canyon.


Idelic Single of the Week: Destroyer – Crimson Tide

Altamont turns 50. “People who’s fighting and what for?”


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Crazy to think #Altamont was 50 years ago today #Stones #TheDead #TheAirplane

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