TVD’s The Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

You somehow let me down / Both hands / And a gentleman / You could not take me through / New plans / Tell me whose / New friends / I can make some too / I know

Word around town is that people are starting to have weird quarantine dreams. I can certainly relate to that. What’s the expression—“no sleep for the wicked?” After a night of “strange unconsciousness,” I woke up to a magically still morning in the canyon. OMG beautiful!

I sat for my morning meditation, what has now become a ritual. Pre-quarantine, I’d be lucky to achieve ten minutes of stillness. This week I’ve been meditating over twenty minutes daily. Breathing and feeling, as thoughts come and go like ships in the night. Kinda deep, I know…

On a shallower note, earlier in the week I had the itch to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. I had never heard of the holiday or even tried Mexican food when I moved to LA decades ago. Who in LA doesn’t dig May 5?! We had to celebrate. We tried to order and pick up tacos, but no luck. It was cool—we did it Wednesday and they were fucking delicious and inspired me to create this Idelic Hour set.

Maybe it’s the strange unconscious thinking, but the number five got me thinking about my hands. Go figure. Five fingers? OK, keep ’em to yourselves and have a listen. Sounds pretty cool to my ears.

Stay safe and connected. XO

The Idelic Single of the Week: darkDARK – In Two

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