Best of 2010 – Raina Rose’s Top Ten Albums

Mon Monarch – Waterproof Matches
Chuck E. Costa steps out of singer-songwriter land and makes and sad, beautiful record with an enthralling and mysterious soundscape. This album is a sweet slow burn.

Cahalen David Morrison & Eli West – The Holy Coming of the Storm
Legitimately old-timey while still being nuanced, unique and captivating. Great songs and lightning chops. I listen all the way through each time.

Storyhill – Shade of The Trees
These two have been on the folk circuit for a long time, and instead of sounding dated, they sound fresh and bright. The harmonies are what set these 2 apart, you’ve never heard 2 voices come together so wholly.

Anais Mitchell – Hadestown
A brave and long coming concept album based on the Orpheus myth. Anais is the Leonard Cohen of our time while being completely her own. This album/story is bejeweled and remarkable in spirit.

Jonathan Byrd – Cackalack
Back to his North Carolina roots, Byrd has made an album that has married his humor and timelessness. His melodies are woven with gossamer. This album has the live and wild feel of Cash at Folsom Prison.

Jack Wilson – Jack Wilson
No doubt my favorite voice in Americana,  Austin/Seattle migratory wolf Jack Wilson, takes classic themes and chords and imbibes them with a psychadelic turn. This self titled record has the feel of a lost Band bootleg where they weren’t worried about a top 10 hit.

Johann Wagner – Disappear
Great Austin, TX players appear on this record with some of Johann’s greatest songs. Disappear moves like a desert wind, so much so, you can practically smell creosote on the rain.

Rebecca Loebe – Mystery Prize
Mystery Prize is a delicious indie-pop jewel that is full to the brim with the cleverest and most deeply endearing songs you’ll hear. This album drips with life and energy. Lush and rich like triple chocolate cake with raspberries.

3 Penny Acre – Highway 71
3 Penny Acre is a newgrass trio from Fayetteville, AR. Highway 71 was captured live in the living room of the 2 of the members. There is such a purity here, you can hear the joy they have in playing together.

{these 3 albums count as 1 because they haven’t actually been released yet, however, i got them in 2010 and ADORE them}

Carrie Elkin – Call It My Garden
Recorded live in 4 days (yours truly sings all the girl harmonies) in an artsy house up on a hill in Austin, TX. Carrie’s songs are alive without any shame, they are bright candles in the night. This album captures her big voice and brave words in their natural environment.

Datri Bean – Ruby
You can hear Datri Bean smile on this record. This deft and wise jazz/folk record is best enjoyed with a bottle of good red, spicy italian food with a side of collard greens. Ruby (title track is an epic song about Datri’s piano teacher) always has me dancing in my kitchen.

Robby Hecht – Last of The Long Days
Robby has the sweetest of voices, reminiscent of James Taylor. This album has smart pop sensibilities without any fluffy gimics, the songs are damn good. An album to make love to… not that I know.

As the second daughter of a country music historian and a Jewish poet, Americana musician and songwriter Raina Rose revels in sharing with you her beautifully twisted, yet refreshingly optimistic perspective on the world. Her unique voice and exceptional guitar playing transcend age, gender, generation, and even catch the ears of those who aren’t typically into acoustic guitar-driven songwriting. She’s probably on tour right now.

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