Indie Memphis presents Losers Take All and more at Film Festival

Indie Memphis’ 14th Annual Film Festival opens this Thursday, November 3!  It’s no surprise that a city with as rich of a musical history as Memphis will showcase several exciting films about punk, rock, hip-hop, and bluegrass highlighted by feature length comedy Losers Take All, a film about an indie rock back in the mid 1980s and their quest for success.

Losers Take All stars Kyle Gallner, Adam Herschman, Tania Raymonde, Aaron Himelstein, Allison Scagliotti and other experienced Hollywood actors. However, writer and producer Winn Coslick was thrilled to film in Memphis.

“When Andrew Pope (Writer/Producer), Mike Ryan (Producer) and I came to town to scout the film, we immediately understood why it would work, and locations were key…the rock clubs, the studios, the architecture, and there is a tremendous music scene that is obviously thriving.”

A highlight for the producers was touring Ardent Studios and shooting on location for a day.

“Ardent actually doubled as a recording studio and a rehab center—a great example of movie magic,” said Coslick.  “We had a blast in Memphis and I can’t imagine a better city to shoot a rock ‘n’ roll movie.”

Indie Memphis aims to connect independent filmmakers with film enthusiasts in Memphis and provides a great outlet for talented visual artists in Memphis to gain the recognition they deserve in a city widely known for its musical influence.  This year’s festival will run from November 3 -6.

While their festival has been named one of the “25 coolest film festivals” in the country in the past, the organization does more than put on an annual showcase.  They collaborate with local organizations year round to inspire, encourage and support independent filmmakers in Memphis with events like live Q&As with award-winning directors such as Francis Ford Coppola, and have recently expanded their Global Lens concert series which features filmmakers from all over the world.

Losers Take All won’t be the only film about music at this year’s festival.  Be sure to check out these documentaries and shorts:

Better Than Something: Jay ReatardA documentary about the late, great Memphis rocker Jay Reatard, captured just months before his passing.

Beatboxing: The 5th Element of Hip-HopA global look at the beat-boxing phenomenon and how it enhances hip-hop.

Blind Mississippi MorrisA short about the blues legend and top notch harmonica player.

Black Rock Revival: Mission ControlA documentary that chronicles the creation Black Rock Revival’s latest album Mission Control.

Fanning the FireA short about a young teenager from Texas whose passion for bluegrass music led to his rise to stardom.

Moth to a FlameAn experimental music video that makes it safe to say “VHS” and “80s aerobics” in the same sentence again.

The Wonder Year – A documentary that follows a year in the life of Grammy award winning producer 9th Wonder.

In addition to these excellent screenings, check out these live performances during the festival:

Thursday, November 3rd
5:30 PM – David Ray Bennett
8:00 PM – The Perfect Vessels
8:15 PM – David Ray Bennett
11:00 PM – Bluff City Backsliders

 Friday, November 4th
5:30 PM – 10 O’Clock
6:00 PM – Jeremy Shrader
7:00 PM – Michael Joyner Band
8:15 PM – Alex Warble
8:30 PM – Neosoulville
11:00 PM – Black Rock Revival

Saturday, November 5th
5:30 PM – Chris Owen
 6:15 PM – Sin City Scoundrels
11:00 PM – Women of Rock
11:00 PM – The Subteens

Sunday, November 6th
4:15 PM – Roy Brewer
4:45 PM – The Sultana
7:30 PM – McGhee and Me
8:30 PM – The Sultana 

Check out the official schedule for the entire festival HERE, and follow the action on Twitter and Facebook.

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