The Line-Up with Kaleidphonix and Unknown Hinson

This weekend in Memphis is looking to be an escape from the past dozen days or so.  The rain of yesterweek is gone, and the sun has come out to greet us with a warm smile.  He hasn’t come alone either;  this weekend is looking to bring with it some very good shows that I think you’d be crazy not to check out.

Out of state and Memphis talent alike will be filling PAs with all sorts of noise that us aurally fixed people like to call “music.” I’ve gone ahead and taken the liberty to weed through the short stuff and present to you the best of times during this cold (but sunny!) Memphis weekend.

On Friday 12/9/11, electronically sonic Kaleidophonix will be lighting up the spot at the Young Avenue Deli.  They’ve been bubbling up a sound fashioned with hip hop beats, big synths, and psuedo-rap from someone who seems to be a HUGE Bowie fan.  Their shows are bursting with light effects, crowd interaction, and some pretty varied instrumentation, so you’ll don’t miss out on a show built for entertainment.

Saturday 12/10/11 will break the weekend on a funny bone.  Unknown Hinson (aka Squidbillies’ Early Cuyler) is going to be bringing in his cavalcade of fake jokes that a really funny and sad songs that are really silly to The Hi Tone Cafe.  Hinson is a country wanderer of sorts that pays comical homage to the style of ’50s throwback country stars with a dark turn of mind.  He’ll stay in his character for the entirety of the show, parading his dead-pan style with dead-serious delivery.  His learned song-writing and vivid character will leave your ear aching for more music and your heart hungry for more humor.

To celebrate the passing of some dreary weather, or just the happy occasion that you’re alive, you should really have a few nights on the town this weekend.  A wide mix of a styles and music is there on the street to greet your bumping car, and then to welcome your attendance in the bar with a well meant smile and hearty song or five.

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