In the News: Fareveller Festival Announces Full Line-up

In a continued quest to become the city’s premier celebration of independent music, Fareveller Music Festival will once again take place March 22-24 in venues across midtown Memphis.

For three nights, the Young Avenue Deli, Newbys and Otherlands will host shows featuring local and touring artists. Tickets will be $25 for a three-day wristband and individual show tickets will be available. Information on this year’s line up can be found through the official Fareveller website.

The line up includes the following artists:

Maps and Atlases, Eliot Lipp, Mindelixer, Jessica Lea Mayfield, Those Darlins, The Hood Internet, The Black Belles, Canon Blue, Mobley, The Rocketboys, The Memphis Dawls, Youniverse, Greenside Manners, David Ramirez, Ume, Myla Smith, Water Liars

According to festival organizer Brandon Herrington, “For year two of this festival, the focus will be on improving the quality of individual shows. There will be fewer venues and artists overall, but we’ve increased the level of touring artists booked. Fareveller is a building process and we feel strongly that year two is a great step in growing the festival where we want it to be.”

Sponsors for this year’s festival include Yazoo Brewing Company, Stolichnaya, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, South of Beale, the Memphis Flyer and the Memphis Chapter of NARAS.

Check out our interview with the founder of Fareveller here.

More details from Brandon Herrington:

So what is Fareveller?

So glad you asked. A small indoor music festival with grand aspirations.

Uh, Ok. Tell us more.

Alright, here it goes. We have a wonderful musical heritage that is celebrated by organizations and festivals all over Memphis. This festival isn’t about that. We are driven by these three goals:

Elevate the current music scene in this city.

Bring great, creative national talent

Positively influence the Memphis community through three days of fine, aural entertainment.

So why indoors?

Rain or shine, rock and roll shall prevail. We also have some great venues in our city, so let’s fill em up.

What does Fareveller mean?

No clue. It’s the name of a song by my old band dora. It sounded cool. That’s all I’ve got.

You seem to be writing a lot in first person, who are you?

The simple answer is my name is Brandon Herrington, and I’m in a band called Fast Planet. We’re not famous…even by local standards. The idea for this festival came from frustrations that this city possesses the potential to be an incredible music town, and yet is sometimes held back by the weight of our heritage. Let’s embrace that heritage, promote it but then move forward. We want to be part of that forward movement.

Plus, most of the bands we love never seem to play here, so we thought we’d change that.

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