Weekend Shots!

What’s up Memphis? After a long streak of never having a “winning” pro team for any sport, it feels damn good that the Grizzlies are doing so well for Memphis. Success deems celebration, and this weekend has got you set up for some good stuff to go out and feel great to.  

We’ve got you getting dirty with some Southern pop, getting buck with one of the crunkest acts around, and getting dense on some brand new heady hip-hop.  Hope you’ve cleared the next three days in your schedule because it’s time for some weekend shots.

Friday (12/7) has a few different options available. To start, Dirty Guv’nahs are playing at The Hi-Tone Cafe. The Guv’s released their most recent album Somewhere Beneath these Southern Skies in August and are currently touring in its name. They’ve picked up steam from reviews from Relix Magazine and Musicians Magazine and honestly, they put on pretty rad show. Black Cadillacs, who also released their album Run in June, supports.

If the Guv’s aren’t really your thing and you’re looking for something a bit… crunker, there’s a show just for you.  Early 2000’s party rappers Ying Yang Twins will be at Newby’s Memphis.  The Atlanta-based act make Southern krunk featuring lots of rapping about shaking, drinking, and, well, getting crunk. Memphis DJs Charlie White, Ben Murray, and DJ Crumbz are also billed.

Saturday (12/8) changes things up a bit. The post-pop/punk uber-poppy All American Rejects are coming to Minglewood Hall showing off their fourth album Kids In the Street. Emo-y, rap-rock-y Skyline Divide are also playing. Oh, and speaking of uber-poppy, Chris Wallace is supporting, reminding you how much modern pop sounds like Disney channel music from five years ago.

Knowledge Knick Album Release Party

Saturday also has something special up it’s sleeve if you’re into rap that doesn’t limit itself to just talking about having a bottle, having your money, and stuntin’ [bow]. Like the name implies, Knowledge Nick is a rapper with an intellectual bent and probably prefers the term hip hop. Saturday is the release date of his album Soul of Hip Hop.  DJ Hush as well as The Chinese Connection Dub Embassy will back the rapper while Tom Skeemask and C’beyohn support.

If you still have energy left over on Sunday (12/9), you should check out The Asteroid Shop at The Hi-Tone Cafe. The band makes pleasant low-key post-rock complete with verbed out guitar, floaty vocals and lots of feels.  Radradriot and Airplanes Above Us support.

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