Vinyl Video: Whose Army? “Underwhelmed”

Whose Army? is a fundamental example of post-post-rock bands in the 21st century.

After all, hard rock and roll as the champion of American music has come and gone—taking with it the countless hordes of leeches who picked up an axe just to cover Staind at the high school talent show for the off-chance it could get ’em laid with the overzealous girl who didn’t quite make the cheerleading team. (I hear she puts out anyway.)

Though many fame seekers may find the world of overdriven guitars bleak and desolate, those loyal to their craft are left to roam the open lands with a new eye for the uncharted. Whose Army? has stuck around and steadily upped the level to prep an EP for late February that covers some fresh, new ground—and we’ve got hold of the new video for one of the EP’s best tracks.

On the eve of releasing Fast Light Approaches Round Planet in late February, Whose Army? sends the video for Underwhelmed out to the interwebs.  The song’s fast pace and sleazy chords juxtaposed against the bright colors and scatterbrained imagery of the video make it well worth some attention.

There’s a half-assed pessimism that floats throughout the song, carrying with it a latent undertone of feels, solidifying this track’s place in the modern era of being ironically ironic.

Fast Light Approaches Round Planet will be released later this month.  For more info check the Whose Army? Facebook.

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