TVD Vinyl Giveaway:
Jimbo Mathus, Blue Light EP

The late Memphis producer Jim Dickinson once called Jimbo Mathus “the singing voice of Huck Finn.”

In his native Mississippi and throughout the South, Mathus is recognized as the prolific songwriter of born-in-the-bone Southern music, the torchbearer for Deep South mythology and culture. Think Delta highways, bowling-pin Budweisers, and “interplanetary honky-tonk” for the masses.

Jimbo and his boys, the Tri-State Coalition, are headed to NOLA for a show on Saturday, October 20 at Chickie Wah Wah and will have a new album to be released through Fat Possum Records in early 2013. But today, we’ve got a copy of his brand new EP, Blue Light to award to one of you.

“Only those born and raised in North Mississippi will know exactly what I mean; to those set adrift amidst broke-dick rednecks, radical Pentecostalism, moonshine bootleggers, and Pusser-mania, there are two kings to choose from–ELVIS or JESUS…”
Jimbo Mathus

Enter to win a copy of Jimbo Mathus’ brand new EP, Blue Light in the comments below by citing your brand of Southern inspiration, however you may define it. The one that strikes a chord with us will take home the record.

We’ll choose one winner with a North American mailing address a week from today, 10/17.

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  • ReverendDevil

    My brand of Southern inspiration ranges from a bundle of roots bound tight in red flannel by moonlight on a dirty Mississippi back road, and barreling down a Louisiana highway in a coupe de ville with a drunk country girl chain smoking in the passenger seat, on the way to Shreveport to catch the Hayride.

  • DanMcGehee

    From Taylor Grocery to Chickie Wah Wah, ya gotta go . Like going to the creek to catfish even though you know your Mama is gonna put a Pike County peach switch on your ass. It’s worth it.

  • ShawnFoxx

    The biggest I can think of that not only strikes a “chord” with me, as well as many since is the late, great Robert Johnson. When he was alive he was known as a veritable magician of the guitar. Many things have been said, of course… Legends… Like he made a deal with the devil at a crossroads to learn to play like no one else… People couldn’t explain how one person with 2 sets of hands can sound like at least 2 people playing together. Influence? HELL YEAH! Clapton. Keith Richards, John Mayall, etc. The list goes on and on! To me, Delta Blues set afire a blaze of raw blues and emotion with a message of plight that made it’s way from Mississippi to Chicago and the world!

  • colinrat

    Daune Allman at Muscle Shoals. Oyster roasts. Wilson Pickett. Miles of corn, tobacco, cotton, soy beans… and the smells that go with it. Clarence Carter. Marsh and Swampland… and the bugs that go with it. Bo Diddley. Paper mills everywhere. Johnny, Waylon, Willie. Church on Sundays… and the lunches afterward…coma. Otis. The eternal, paranormal, soundtrack of summer- cicada buzz. Mississippi John Hurt. George Wallace, Jesse Helms, Jimmy Carter. Jesus Just Left Chicago. Lightening bugs.  The smell of one thousand hogs. James Brown. Atlanta Greyhound bus station near MLK and Peachtree…”That white boy is loooost!” Elmore James.  Freddie King. David Duke.  I love that Messed up place. You can grow up and out but it follows you wherever you go.

  • ChasGuy

    Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit – “Alabama Pines”


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