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Rory Danger and the Danger Dangers album release party at One Eyed Jacks, 10/10

Friday night, One Eyed Jacks is the place to be to celebrate the release of the first album from the all-star rockabilly band led by musical polymath Aurora Nealand.

Taking a page from Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes (two of the members of that band are also members of the Danger Dangers) and select other groups, each band member has a nom de musique. Nealand is of course, Rory Danger, and sings and plays saxophone.

Here’s how they define themselves: “New Orleans Premier Rockabilly Band, Rory Danger and the Danger Dangers met in the Belly of the Beast and since then, have never left. With an epic premier show at Chaz Fest 2010, (quickly followed by a legendary farewell show and a heroic reunion show), the Danger Dangers quickly overtook the New Orleans Rockabilly scene and have been dominating ever since.

Playing hard-hitting music and playing themselves in harder-hitting real lives, this collection of shredders makes up one of the finest Rockabilly bands to emerge from New Orleans underbelly since the French colonization of Louisiana.”

The new album is called The Age of Exploration. It contains twenty-three songs varying in length from less than 30 seconds (small bits of narration) to just over five.

Here’s what the cover designer (also the drummer’s brother) said, “This record is insane… Think rockabilly circus with ties to the Shackleton exploration, danger, true love, danger, teenage make-out sessions, danger, Paul Simon with a sprinkling of danger. I generally like the music I do CD covers for, but this is probably the most spectacularly insane project I’ve been involved in.”

RoryDanger-TinType1That about sums it up! You can listen to samples here.

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