UK Video: Holy Pinto, “Tooth”

Indie pop-punk duo Holy Pinto have released their latest video for “Tooth” and the animation alone makes this one worth a watch.

Directed by Sam Cox, the video is a colourful cocktail of transforming shapes and faces to be mesmerised by. The track itself fits perfectly with its catchy melodies and sharp, staccato riffs mirroring the colour and charm of the video.

Aymen’s Salah’s colloquial vocal also brings something unique to the track with his ever on point clever and witty lyrics. We don’t think this will be last we see of this pop-punk duo—so, yes…watch this space.

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The TVD Storefront

Johanna Samuels,
The TVD First Date

“To me the sound of vinyl has an imperfect warmth. You can hear intention and delicacy. It’s how an album is best heard. You can grip the cover but you can’t get your hands around the intricacy of its sound. You ​lay the needle down and hear the arc. The whole story.”

“I was raised in Los Angeles by two music lovers. They named me after a Dylan song and I thought I was going to marry Paul McCartney when I was seven. For some reason we had no vinyl lying around. My mother always talked about her records and she’d say that they must “be somewhere.” Somewhere was the garage and the garage was completely haunted (no joke).

By the time I ventured in, I was fifteen. The box was big. The records were damp but they played. She had what seemed like everything. All of the original English Apple pressings of the Beatles albums that I had previously bought in shrink-wrapped jewel cases at Tower Records (RIP). I finally understood the way Abbey Road was meant to be flipped over to side 2. I could really look at the album art. They kind of felt like long lost friends. She let me keep the ones I went crazy for.

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A Badge of Friendship, The Podcast at TVD

We’re delighted to debut a brand new podcast at TVD today which will find a home in this spot weekly. “A Badge of Friendship” comes to you from the London PR firm of the same name—”one of indie London’s best loved organisations,” as the NME noted a little while back.

Each week ABoF’s Claire, Paul, and Ed will take to FUBAR Radio’s airwaves, and to get a sense of what they’ve got in store for their broadcast we chatted them up in advance of show number one which you can stream below. (And if you’ve stopped by for Shell Zenner Presents, you can find her a day earlier, now on Wednesdays.) —Ed.

Tell us about your new show on FUBAR Radio.

Claire: Our new show—A Badge of Friendship—is all about new music and undiscovered gems (that aren’t necessarily new!) There are also lots of fun features too—”Pass The Cheese,” “World of Weird,” and we’ve got some great guests lined-up for the next few months—Armando Iannucci, Vennart, Torche, comedian Dave Hill, Idlewild, and lots more.

Paul: It’s another outlet for us to help promote up and coming bands but it is also a platform to talk about bands and labels who inspired us to get into music in the first place. In the first episode Claire chooses Dischord Records. So that gives an indication of the type of stuff we will have on the show.

What do you hope to achieve with the show?

P: I think the idea is to have fun. It really is that simple. Of course, we really want to push the type of bands who may not always be getting the love they deserve and to help push new music as much as possible. However, if we can have a laugh, play some good tunes, and pull in a few listens along the way then our job will be done!

C: I’d personally love to create that feeling I used to get when I walked into a record store, looking to discover new music. I hope our listeners are open to all sorts of genres and always hear at least one thing that’s new every week. As people, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and we want to have a little fun with the show too and get across that music is fun and it’s not always about serious chat and analysis. We love music, it’s our passion and we want that love to come across on the show.

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The TVD Storefront

Graded on a Curve: Shirley Collins,
Shirley Inspired

Great artists assert their influence in numerous ways. In the example of Shirley Collins, the recipe for lasting relevance derives from prodigious if astutely unembellished vocal talent and a keen insight into folk tradition. In terms of wedding the past to the future in the eternal present, Collins is extremely valuable, and for evidence one need look no further than Shirley Inspired, a whopping and wide-ranging tribute compilation assembled by Earth Recordings on three vinyl discs just in time for Record Store Day. Any heavy-duty folk nut should be pining to pony up, and as the proceeds go directly to the production of a film on Collins’ life, the collection’s benefits are especially worthwhile.

Born in 1935, Shirley Elizabeth Collins stands amongst the giants of 20th century folk, though listeners unversed in the British streams of the style may know of her only implicitly; in 1959, prior to commencing her recording career, she accompanied Alan Lomax on a particularly productive song-collecting tour of the US south, the indispensable folklorist back in the States after the quashing of the Red Scare Witch Hunts.

But Collins’ primary importance stems from her own music, and those having stiff-armed Brit-folk aside thinking it the milieu of pennywhistles, jig marathons, and gallivanting around maypoles should pay her stuff some mind; Sweet England, her ’59 debut for British Argo is cool, but things really take off with Folk Roots, New Routes, a ’64 collaboration with Brit guitarist Davey Graham for Decca, and continue through her next two solo efforts, ‘67’s The Sweet Primroses for Topic and ‘68’s masterful The Power of the True Love Knot for Polydor, both albums cut beside her older sister Dolly on pipe organ.

Even better were ‘69’s Anthems of Eden and ‘70’s Love, Death and the Lady, the siblings receiving equal billing as a part of EMI Harvest’s still astounding roundup of late-‘60’s/early-‘70s British sounds. Naturally there are more nuggets to be found in Collins’ body of work, but the material outlined above sets a solid course for the curious novice.

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A morning mix of news for the vinyl inclined

In rotation: 4/16/15

Survey: One-Third Of All Vinyl Buyers Don’t Own Turntables, YouTube Major Gateway To Sales: “With Record Store Day slated for this Saturday, a survey by London-based ICM unlimited tracks the vinyl resurgence, including the incredible fact 34% of all consumers of the traditional LP don’t even own turntables…

“The Foo Fighters are scheduled to play a free show in Niles, Ohio to Celebrate Record Store Day. On Saturday, April 18, the band will be performing live at the Record Connection at 12pm, and the show will be limited to 150 fans…”

Record Store Day, Everything you need to know and why it matters to the businesses taking part: “Record Store Day struck a chord with us.”

“It’s been called the “holy grail” of Elvis Presley music—the very first song recorded by the man who would be the King—and it will be available in all its vinyl glory on Record Store Day this Saturday…”

Vinyl Sightings: Boston’s Top Record Stores – Celebrate Record Store Day 2015 with these local music stores offering both vintage vinyl and new releases.

Record Store Life, The Art of Spending 38 Years Behind the Counter: “Vinyl has an ability to tell the whole story in a way the other formats don’t.”

Should You Drink the Record Store Day Haterade? Local Labels and Record Stores Say “A Li’l Bit” – The music industry holiday is cultivating some vocal backlash, but are the critiques merited, or mere grumbling?

“HMV’s Irish stores will stage their own version of Record Store Day, Record Fest, this weekend. The unofficial celebration that piggybacks on RSD will run on Saturday. The music retailer’s Henry Street, Grafton Street, Belfast, Galway and Dundrum branches open their doors at 8am and they’ll be offering 40% off all vinyl on both days…”

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TVD Washington, DC

TVD Live: Young Fathers at the Rock & Roll Hotel, 4/12

PHOTOS: RICHIE DOWNS | Young Fathers have been called a lot of things, Krautrock, experimental—whatever it is, it’s the best of politically aware spoken word and hip-hop that will make you dance. After winning the Mercury Award for their debut LP Dead, they came back with the controversially titled White Men are Black Men Too.

Sunday night Steve Morrison took the stage like a conductor, mostly unnoticed by the crowd before he stoically struck the drums. Someone let out a shriek and all eyes turned as the rest of the band joined him on stage for the familiar “No Way.” They carried the crowd’s energy into “Queen is Dead” off their “Tape Two” EP.

Live, each young father’s role within the band is clearly defined in a way that’s difficult to infer from a recording. Even in today’s saturated world of electronic music, it’s usually clear that someone is pushing the buttons while someone else is singing, but Young Fathers has three very distinct voices complementing each other. While G adds dimension with his low howls, Kayus brings the energy as he moves about the stage, Alloysious is the steady harmony bringing it together.

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TVD Chicago

TVD Live Shots: The
CHIRP Record Fair at Plumber’s Hall, 4/11

PHOTOS: MICHAEL SOLOMON | If you’re a vinyl collector in the Midwest, chances are you were at the CHIRP Record Fair on Saturday afternoon.

Collectors and vendors came from all over—from New Haven, WI and Shelbyville, IN to Seattle and Pittsburgh—plus lots of vendors from here in Chicago. Pictures of the fair are captured here.

If you missed it, fear not. The CHIRP Record Fair will come back for the Pitchfork Music Festival in July, so—see you in Union Park.

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UK Artist of the Week: Rag Foundation

Rag Foundation are a Swansea-based five-piece band seething with alt-folk goodness. With all five of them coming from working class, traditional roots, the band are comfortable performing classic Welsh folk songs as well as creating their own contemporary, alternative folk sound.

The Sparrow and The Thief is Rag Foundation’s fourth album which they describe as a “narrative album told over 11 songs.” They have created a work that the listener can really get absorbed in and be taken on a journey. The first single is “Run” which is filled with sumptuous vocal harmonies interlaced with an intricate indie-folk composition and clear influences including the likes of The Decembrists and elements of Fleetwood Mac—their album has even been described as an “alt-folk ‘Rumours’!”

With another single due for release in June, followed by The Sparrow and The Thief, the band are going to be rather busy touring throughout 2015 and spreading their magical musical far and wide—so watch this space.

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Shell Zenner Presents

Greater Manchester’s most in the know radio host Shell Zenner broadcasts the best new music every week on the UK’s Amazing Radio and Bolton FM. You can also catch Shell’s broadcast here now every Wednesday at TVD.

“This week’s ROTW is the magnificent second album Fast Food by Nadine Shah. I’ll be spinning three tracks off it and you’d be daft to miss it!

This week’s #shellshock has an ‘Invisible’ involvement—it’s from London singer songwriter Eska and it’s called ‘Gatekeeper.'” —SZ

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The TVD Storefront

Graded on a Curve: Colleen, Captain of None

Colleen is the nom de scène of Cécile Schott, a French multi-instrumentalist who’s been performing for over a decade. Her main axe is the treble viola da gamba; similar to a cello and mainly used for baroque purposes, it figures in a decidedly avant-garde context across her substantial discography. If experimental in nature, Colleen’s artistry avoids the inhospitable, and with her sixth album and first for Thrill Jockey, the music takes an accessible twist sacrificing none of its brilliance. Captain of None is out now on LP/CD/digital.

Like many of the essentially underground entities to rise up in the inaugural decade of the 20th century, I initially stumbled upon Colleen in the seemingly endless info stream fostered by weblogs. Dabbling in her material, I found it interesting, but it hasn’t been until very recently that I’ve paid Cécile Schott the attention she deserves.

The treble viola da gamba, or viol for short, is mostly heard today at recitals and on recordings of early music; Schott’s employment of the instrument for undeniably contemporary ends places her in league with such modern wielders of unusual sonic equipment as harpist Joanna Newsom and lute-man Jozef van Wissem.

Colleen’s debut Everyone Alive Wants Answers arrived in 2003 via Tony Morley’s Leaf, the label also issuing its follow-up The Golden Morning Breaks in ’05, the “Colleen et les Boîtes à Musique” EP in ’06 and Les Ondes Silencieuses in ’07. Early in ’06 a limited edition live CD Mort Aux Vaches was released on Staalplaat. After a considerable break, The Weighing of the Heart appeared in ‘13 on new label Second Language.

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