Five F**king Amazing Songs You Need To
Hear Now.

Here are five amazing songs to kick off your weekend. Five fantastic feel good songs that will have you hitting the repeat button over and over again.

I have hand picked these gems and fully guarantee that at least one of these will be stuck in your head until Monday morning kicks you back into reality. With that being said, I promise not to steer you wrong so let’s get started.

Locksley: The Whip – You will probably recognize part of this song from an annoying TV commercial, but don’t hold that against it. These guys are bringing back the “doo-wop punk” or maybe just now inventing it. This video is pure genius.

The Vaccines: If You Wanna – This song is so god damn catchy it should come with a warning label. “If you do not like fun, please do not listen”. It’s like Jimmy Eat World crossed with The Ramones, and it’s one of the best songs of 2011.

Dirty Vegas: Electric Love – Remember the first time you heard The Crystal Method and thought, wow, electronica music is actually cool. Get ready to have the feeling again.

The Rosebuds: Woods – I predict this will be a breakout year for these guys, what a glorious song this is. It reminds of the Brit-pop revolution of the 90s; incredibly sincere with a Phil Spector “Wall Of Sound” production. Learn it, love it, live it.

Hey Champ: Cold Dust Girl – This track is from last year and I felt that it never got the attention it deserved. It’s like Cheap Trick crossed with The Killers and the video is spectacular. It’s undeniably great and deserves a fresh set of ears.

What do you think? Which songs will you take with you over the weekend? Please join the conversation with a comment below.

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  • Realmeneatquiche

    Vaccines: I’m thinking Love Tractor without vocals.

    Thanks for the vids;
    Steven Wetherell


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