Why haven’t you spent money on this yet?

What the hell is wrong with you? Get out your credit card, spit in the face of your student loans (like you could ever pay them off anyway) and dump your dollars in the general direction of David Bazan’s vinyl re-releases via Undertow.

For the Pedro The Lion fan who has nearly everything, fill the gaping hole in your collection with individual re-releases of Achilles Heel, Control, Winners Never Quit, The Only Reason I Feel Secure and It’s Hard To Find A Friend, or, for the Pedro The Lion fan who has absolutely nothing, buy ALL OF THEM AT ONCE.

Also available for pre-order on vinyl is Bazan’s solo breakout  Fewer Moving Parts, which actually makes the universe an entire percent better to live in. Probably. Whatever. Science.

P.S. There are, amazingly, still a few tickets available to David Bazan’s upcoming Living Room Show in Spokane on August 17. Hurry up – supplies are limited, etc., etc.

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