The Omnivore Recordings Week

…and we’ve got Omnivore vinyl giveaways every day this week!

I like to say we do things here at TVD in a very transparent manner. If we’re fans of your band, let’s get them on the site. If you have a brick and mortar record store, you get a free ad. If you’ve got a Kickstarter in the works for a project we endorse, let’s have that be known. Playing a gig? Let’s get the word out.

So, it thrills me to no end to kick off Omnivore Recordings Week here at TVD and to place a spotlight on the semi-new record label out of L.A.

“Our business plan is not to screw the fans,” Omnivore’s Brad Rosenberger told the L.A. Business Journal recently and with that simple and straightforward manifesto, the label has garnered our attention with a meticulousness when it comes to its mastering (or remastering) of a given project, the quality of the vinyl pressings themselves, the attention to design, and the all but forgotten liner notes and details for any release that bears their logo.

Initially however, Omnivore impressed us with their taste levelBig Star and Alex Chilton, Jellyfish, The Motels, Richard Thompson, Leon Russell, Buck Owens and more, have all been given the Omnivore reissue treatment.

Omnivore has dug into their ever expanding catalog to give us a stack of records that we get to put in your hands all this week—and we’re kicking it off with Alex Chilton’s Free Again: The “1970” Sessions Limited Edition LP/7″ Bundle.

One winner will receive the clear vinyl LP Free Again: The “1970″ Sessions and a special 7″ of the original mix and demo versions of “All We Ever Got From Them Was Pain.” Both versions are previously unissued and the single comes in a special picture sleeve, and is limited to 500 copies.

Some background on Free Again via the Omnivore Store: “In the latter months of 1969, somewhere between the moon landing and the start of the Vietnam draft, the concerts at Woodstock and Altamont, Alex Chilton decided to take back his life. During that annus mirabilis, while the world experienced a generationally sparked social, political, and cultural upheaval, the 18-year-old Chilton was in the midst of a revolution of his own.

For the past year, Chilton had been strapped in a creative, professional, and personal straitjacket. He was the lead singer of a million-selling band, The Box Tops, but felt like little more than a puppet of the group’s producers. In the era of free love, he’d been pressured into a shotgun marriage and fatherhood. And he’d ultimately come to see himself as the pawn of an unscrupulous business machine, sent to grind it out on the road in a series of silly lip-synched TV performances and one-night stands while someone else cashed his checks.

As he entered the studio that summer to make his first solo recordings, the man who would come to define the very spirit of musical independence was still bound in chains. At a time where liberation and self-expression were rallying cries, Alex Chilton was about to break free.”

So, how do you win the bundle, you’re asking?

In the comments to this post, appeal to Omnivore’s (and TVD’s) taste with a suggestion as to the artist or band who most deserves the meticulous Omnivore reissue treatment—and why. Who knows, maybe you’ll inspire us!

One winner will be chosen a week from today (1/16) and will find the vinyl in his or her mailbox and as always, all winner must have a North America mailing address to be eligible.  

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  • Joe Giddings

    Jason Falkner, who as a member the cult pop favorite Jellyfish, has had a number of albums since leaving the band. He’s played with AIr, and most recently added his talents to the critically acclaimed and, sadly last album by Glen Campbell, “Ghost on The Canvas”. His ballad versions of Beatles songs (Bedtime WIth The Beatles),has put my daughter to sleep since she was born and at the age of 6 will not go to sleep without it. If there’s anyone who deserves a vinyl remastering/re-issue box it’s Jason Falkner in my book. Specifically “Author Unknown”…never available on vinyl.

    Thanks for your consideration…music fan/musician -Joe Giddings

  • Dan Elliott

    Right off the top of my head I’m thinking that Morphine could use this treatment, as 4 or their 5 releases were never pressed to vinyl. Rykodisc seems to own them, but who knows? Another very underrated band IMHO, much like Jellyfish!

    three others are:

    1. Blind Melon. Pressed to vinyl, but TOUGH to come by!

    2. Slowdive. Same as above!

    3. Red House Painter. Same as above!

  • jaredw

    I remember last RSD, when I skipped out of work to pick up Big Star Third at Poplama records in Toledo. The owner pleaded with me to open it on the spot to see if it was an original test pressing. Alas…no, but it is still the highlight of my audiophile record buying days. Omnivore Recordings does a great job… I can’t wait for this or Spilt Milk, which would have been my answer before September. That reissue alleviates countless hours spent perusing ebay for original uk promos, weeks paycheck in tow.

    Instead I’ll throw my support behind Flamin’ Groovies. A cult band long forgotten except by a few ray loney and jordan diehards. Teenage Head and Flamingo got a vinyl reprieve last year, but the Sire Records release Shake Some Action needs some vinyl love. “I will find a way to get to you some day.”

    And as if it needs to be said… the dB’s first two albums have never been out on vinyl in the us and the cd’s are long out of print. Stamey has given Big star some love in his Third Live shows now its time to return the favor

  • MichaelRoeder

    First, thanks for the second chance to get the Big Star Third. BEAUTIFUL pressing and packaging.

    Secondly, here is my list of suggestions for vinyl reissues:

    I concur with jaredw that the pre-IRS dB’s catalog needs some reissue love.

    Game Theory. Feel free to pick any of them, and if you can sort out the cluster that would be licensing Lolita Nation, you will find your reward in Pop Heaven. If you do the reissue for LN, don’t forget to include the photo/lyric booklet. I might also know where you can score the demos of it.

    Let’s Active – any of their releases.


  • BigDaddy_256

    My suggestions for bands that need the Omnivore reissue treatment are as follows:

    1) Mudboy and the Neutrons–their body of work is out of print now as far as I know. I have heard one of the reissues done in the 90’s. It was a fun album.

    2) Hampton Grease Band’s “Music to Eat”–the 2nd worse selling record in Columbia Records history, just behind a yoga record, so they say. This is an album that definitely needs to be out there to be heard. The musicianship on this record is phenomenal.

    3) Half Japanese “1/2 Gentlemen Not Beasts”– Jad and David Fair banging on their untuned instruments singing about mono, Patti Smith, the zoo…there’s even a Springsteen “cover” on the record.

  • tcote

    The one name that immediately comes to mind is John Hurley. While you might not be familiar with the name, you certainly will be with the songs that he wrote or co-wrote: “Son of A Preacher Man”, “Touch’em With Love”, “Love of the Common People”, “The Family”…He recorded three fantastic albums in the 1970s backed by members of Elvis’s TCB band (the same people that backed Gram Parsons on his own solo records) and a bevy of major studio pros of that time, none of which have ever been reissued. If a male version of Dusty in Memphis or Bobbie Gentry is something that would appeal to you…

  • thevinyldistrict

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