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The Lonely Forest had one of our favorite releases last year with Arrows, and with Arrows’ debut on vinyl just this past Tuesday, we’ve invited the band to hang out with us all week in a celebration of what we tend to call in these parts a “crowning achievement.”

We’ve been talking records all week with the guys in the band and we still have a chance for one of you to get your hands on a copy of Arrows on vinyl. Tomorrow we’ll debut an exclusive performance from the band right here at TVD. 

The Lonely Forest: The TVD Week, continues!

What were some of your first vinyl records?

Tony Ruland (guitar): Some of my first “toys” that I can remember came from my mom’s vinyl collection. When I was about 5 years old she gave me a few LPs: The Cure, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, The Clash, and The Chipmunks Christmas album. Along with those came an awesome tan/cream Fisher Price record player that played 45s and 33 1/3 records.

Needless to say I became obsessed with music at a very young age. However, I didn’t start buying my own records until I was around 12 or 13 years old, when I discovered colored vinyl in the Sub Pop catalog. Since then I’ve mostly stuck to buying colored, short pressed or out of print records.

The fact that Arrows is now pressed on vinyl is so exciting. I’ve always felt like you haven’t really “made it” until you have a record on vinyl. Seriously though, I couldn’t be more excited about our album finally being released as a LP. Everything about vinyl makes more sense…. bigger artwork, sounds better, smells better, they’re more fun to play—it’s the superior physical media!

How has it been working with Chris Walla from Death Cab for Cutie and being the first band signed to his label Trans?

Tony Ruland: Chris is a doll! We love Chris – he’s like our big brother or something to that effect. He’s so nice, easy going, a total wizard behind the console, and he’s really honest about what’s great and what sucks when you’re trying something out. If Chris doesn’t like something you’re doing he’ll start shouting, “DON’T WANT! DON’T WANT!”

Making a record with Chris was something we had wanted to do from the start, so being a part of his label has been amazing.

What are you guys looking forward to from other bands in 2012?

John Van Deusen (lead vocals/guitar): I’m anticipating new music from anyone who doesn’t play folk music or soul, especially NW artists like The Globes, BOAT, Karl Blau and The Mission Orange. I’m interested to see what some of the bands we toured with last year are going to release, particularly The Joy Formidable and Bear Hands.

I have found myself looking backwards for new music lately, especially anything washed out or psychedelic from the late 80s and 90s, so I’m on the lookout for anyone currently channeling Spaceman 3 or Slowdive.

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