TVD’s 10 Weeks of Record Store Day Vinyl Giveaways: Dr. Dog,
Be The Void

To help celebrate the 5th anniversary of Record Store Day and TVD’s own 5 year milestone, we’re spreading the love with 10 weeks of vinyl giveaways in anticipation of Record Store Day 2012, which arrives on April 21st this year.  Week 2 of our 10 Weeks of Record Store Day Vinyl Giveaway is now upon us, and once again we have your chance to win a great new release.

Dr. Dog will be bringing their meticulously crafted harmonies and unmistakable, indie meets classic rock sound to a venue in your neighborhood next month, but before you check them out live, we’ve got your chance to win a copy of their highly anticipated new album, Be The Void, released February 7th on Anti Records.

The psychedelic rockers’ newest release is their strongest effort yet, with NPR raving, “the previous Dr. Dog records have their pleasantly grabby moments. But sometime in the past few years, Dr. Dog has grown into a hook-writing machine. The band’s new record has a bunch of refrains that register as sledgehammers to the brain.”

Be The Void is also the first album to feature new members, including drummer Eric Slick and electronics-percussionist-guitarist Dimitro Manos.  The Philadelphia-based band proves you can in fact teach an old dog new tricks, as they depart from their symphonic pop sound and get adventurous on Be The Void, delving deeper into the blues and rock ‘n’ roll sound that originally influenced them.

Want to add Be The Void to your record collection?  Leave us a comment telling us the first record you ever bought.  (Simple, right?) One lucky person will win themselves a copy of Dr. Dog’s seventh studio album.

TVD will choose a winner with a North American mailing address a week from today, on Friday, March 2nd. 

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  • Brandon

    The first record I ever bought was The Beatles’ Abbey Road. It was the only Beatles record that was still in print a few years back.

  • Jj46

    After listening to my parents collection, and receiving records as gifts, I finally bought one… Emotional Rescue by the Rolling Stones – 1980

  • memphish

    1st CD was Dr. Dre ” The Chronic” 1st Vinyl was Phish ” Story of the Ghost”  and i own every Dr Dog on vinyl, except this one.  Love these guys.

  • Dave Hogg

    My first vinyl purchase was The Who’s Tommy.

  • Shane verna

    I can’t stop buying vinyl ! I’m addicted. My first time I got into it was when I woild use my dads back in 83 . Led Zeppelin ll . Then when it got to scratch from use , that was the first one I bought . But I still have the original press from my dad . LOVE THE WARMTH!!

  • acpaxton1

    First vinyl record was Sesame Street Fever.

  • Todd

    Went to Ameoba and bought John Coltrane’s Giant Steps.

  • BlooSky

    Jesus Christ Superstar, the musical! 

  • lonndoggie

    I actually bought two that first day:  Tommy, and Led Zeppelin III.  Still have ’em both, and about 2500 others to keep them company.

  • dunnand

    My first record I ever bought was The Who Quadrophenia

  • John

    John Coltrane – A Love Supreme