TVD’s 10 Weeks of Record Store Day Vinyl Giveaways: Mastodon, The Hunter (2LP set)

With the month of April (and Record Store Day!) looming around the corner, TVD continues with our 10 Weeks of Record Store Day Vinyl Giveaways.  Today, we have a copy of a 2LP set of Mastodon’s The Hunter, released in 2011 on Reprise Records, that we want to put in the hands of one lucky TVD reader.

In addition to debuting at No. 10 on the Billboard 200 chart, The Hunter also helped the progressive and sludge metal band garner a great amount of success, making it onto the Rolling Stone list of the 50 Best Albums of 2011, as well as helping Mastodon nab a Grammy nomination for “Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance” for “Curl of the Burl,” the album’s lead single.

While writing and recording the follow-up to 2009’s critically-acclaimed Crack the Skye, the members of Mastodon decided to take a completely different tack and musical approach to their new material.  Guitarist Bill Kelliher notes the writing and recording sessions for this album were much more spontaneous, saying the band’s primary goal was to “Just let it fall naturally, and we did.”

Additionally, whereas Mastodon’s four previous studio albums were concept- and theme-based, the songs on The Hunter are independent and stand apart from one another.  Of the change bassist/vocalist Troy Sanders says, “This time, we freed ourselves up to try something new.  It was really the next step for us, and I’m glad we took it.”

Mastodon’s name is derived from a prehistoric mammal called, you guessed it, the Mastodon.  For your chance to win a copy of The Hunter, comment below and tell us your favorite prehistoric creature.

I’m going to go with the Woolly Mammoth. 

A winner with a North American mailing address will be selected a week from today, on Thursday, March 29th.

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  • abahrenburg

    what’s cooler than a woolly mammoth?  WOOLLY RHINO!!!!!!!  exactly.

  • ghf411

    don’t sleep on (or near) the sabertooth tiger!!

  • Shane verna

    Traynnasaurous , was pretty bad ass. The tyrant lizard . And also had a bad named after it . T-Rex

  • Land58

    I would say a tyrannosaur is great prehistoric dinosaur, although doesn’t quite have the catchy ring to it as Madtodon has.

  • killsaly

    tyrannosaurus rex

  • Scott

    The Titanoboa. A 50 foot 2500 pound constricting snake. Yessssssss…..

  • nfgluvr

    Definitely the triceratops!

  • Ryan matricardi

    I’m goin old school with this. Single celled organisms. The OG’s

  • vt swza


    Just the picture should be enough, note the “tooth whirl”

  • autumnshades

    the Brontosaurus…. now known as the Apatosaurus.

  • oliviaung

    The winner has been notified. Check your email!