The Kill Van Kulls:
The TVD First Date

“It’s a winter night around November 25th, 1986 back in rural middle England when I hear the most distinct little screech and crackle coming from the living room of my parents’ house. The rugged hands of my father delicately (in his own special way) lays down the needle onto the Nat King Cole Christmas special edition record and there the memory begins.”

“The rest is simply a warmth, an EQ which has never since been rivaled, albeit some of the more advanced plug-ins today do a pretty good job, and a voice that would send a chill down most peoples back.

So, I grew up surrounded by the vinyl collection of my parents and brothers, taking every chance I could as a kid to work my way through their catalogue and bask in the glory of the old school record, from John Denver, Elvis Costello, and Queen, to the Happy Mondays, Dark Side of the Moon to Thriller.

I had a pretty stable and balanced musical diet growing up listening to everything from classical pieces, musicals, to the latest trends my elder brothers were into at the time. The older I got and the more developed my own tastes became, I still always went back to the vinyl hidden away in the classic “record player cabinet.”

Vinyl is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful formats ever associated with the art of musical recordings. It gives the buyer a sense of ownership, pride, and some inexplicable richness in quality that would make you feel as though you were sat in the room with the band or artist.

That is why most bands and artists today still aspire to release vinyl at some point or another. We were no exception and Piccadilly Records in Manchester was the first to stock our debut release, “Fools Wish.”

The global fascination with vinyl was never more evident than Record Store Day last weekend. I heard that people queued from 2am to make sure they could get into Piccadilly Records when it opened. There were some classics on offer, so I don’t blame them.

For a million different reasons for a million different people, vinyl will always have a special place in our hearts and will never be replaced.”

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