TVD Celebrates the
Paul McCartney Archive Collection: McCartney

TVD is delighted to have been selected by the team behind the Paul McCartney Archive Collection to exclusively spotlight the meticulous work Paul has supervised personally with the reissue series from his stellar catalog—all newly re-mastered at Abbey Road Studios, and each featuring a bonus disc of rare and previously unreleased tracks.

In the spirit of the season, the entire Paul McCartney Archive Collection to date, as well as 2012’s Kisses on the Bottom will be available to TVD readers through a series of special giveaways during the month of December, courtesy of Sir Paul and his team. We’ll be selecting five winners for each 180 gram vinyl reissue package—and we kick it off today with Paul’s first solo release, McCartney.

“The record has a homespun charm, and a feel that suggests McCartney wasn’t putting too much pressure on himself to carry on the Beatles flame or make a statement,” Pitchfork noted with its review upon McCartney’s rerelease in June, 2011.

“Paul played everything on the record himself, apart from some backing vocals by Linda, recording much of it at home on a four-track…The highlights of McCartney’s later solo albums were often uptempo rock songs, or big, show-stopping tunes, but here, apart from “Maybe I’m Amazed,” the peaks include two versions of the same quiet song, “Junk.” The sparse vocal version features McCartney accompanying himself with acoustic guitar and a bit of bass and percussion, ticking through a nostalgic inventory of disused objects.”

“McCartney later reprises “Junk” in a “singalong” instrumental version, with mellotron and piano joining in for a pretty waltz. I’d be surprised if Elliott Smith didn’t learn something from it…”

Heralded as one of the most beloved solo debuts of all time, McCartney, the smash # 1 album, originally released April of 1970, yielded the timeless tracks “Every Night” and “Junk” along with the immortal classic “Maybe I’m Amazed.”

• Two disc 180 gram audiophile vinyl edition remastered at Abbey Road Studios
• Includes rare and previously unreleased tracks
• Downloadable audio of the original album and bonus tracks included

Remastered Album:
1. The Lovely Linda
2. That Would Be Something
3. Valentine Day
4. Every Night
5. Hot As Sun / Glasses
6. Junk
7. Man We Was Lonely
8. Oo You
9. Momma Miss America
10. Teddy Boy
11. Singalong Junk
12. Maybe I’m Amazed
13. Kreen-Akrore

Bonus audio CD Featuring rare tracks:
1. Suicide [Out-take]
2. Maybe I’m Amazed [From One Hand Clapping]
3. Every Night [Live At Glasgow, 1979]
4. Hot As Sun [Live At Glasgow, 1979]
5. Maybe I’m Amazed [Live At Glasgow, 1979]
6. Don’t Cry Baby [(Out-take]
7. Women Kind (Demo) [Mono]

Enter to win McCartney from the Paul McCartney Archive Collection by telling us in the comments below what this LP has meant to you over the years—briefly!—and why perhaps your well-worn LP could use a remastered upgrade.

Each contest among this special series will last a full calendar week. Five entrants with a North American mailing address will be selected as winners a week from today, 12/10.

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McCartney is the only thing that can get me out of bed in the morning. The Lovely Linda and Junk are the loveliest tunes and maybe im amazed is a masterpiece. How can one person be so talented? I love Macca!!!


I own this on CD, but have never owned it on vinyl. One of Paul's most underrated albums, but one I play several times a year.


McCartney is definitely one of my favorite albums from Paul.   Any time I need artistic inspiration, or a mood booster, I pop this one in and let it carry me away.  I don't have this album on vinyl, but would surely love to! 


Had original yesrerday and today butcher cover and record but sold all my record in 68 cause i was living in my car.saw paul in denver 1976 and to have mccartney.didnt sell it .lost it in divorce.  


I got into the Beatles when the Beatles Anthology aired in 1995. I was 15 at the time and was going with my mother at the time to flea markets every week collecting vinyl. I would always look for Beatles records, but found the "McCartney" album one day. I brought it home and listened to it and thought it was one of the best albums I've ever heard. Soon after I got into Wings and his other solo works. I would like a new copy so I can continue listening to it on new vinyl because vinyl, to me, sounds so much better than digital! 


Ninjas stole my original copy, I need a new one.  "That would really be something" if you picked me.


One of my all time favorite albums, listened to my dad's copy as a kid, and still have it in the collection. Looking forward to sharing it with my own young ones.


I had every album and 45 that came out I use to save my money from chores and run over to the record store for whatever lp or 45 that I didn't have yet then one day I came home from school and found that my much older sister had thrown them out along with my prized beatles dolls that you pressed the top of there heads and the hair would stick up . Still looking for those dolls.

Dennis the Lucky Tourist
Dennis the Lucky Tourist

@lorrainel ...Did they ever find your sister's body?  Surely, such a dastardly deed constitutes a capital offense!  Why, in the name of Jose, did she do such a nasty thing?


I first got this record in 1970 along with "Let it Be. " I was 13. At first I was disappointed in it, but the more I played it, the more it grew on me. It is now one of my favorite McCartney albums. "Maybe I'm Amazed" was the standout, but the entire record has its own charm. When my music- loving stepson turned 40, I gave him my LP copies of "Let it Be" and McCartney" to commemorate the year he was born.


I have never owned the record but since I just got into vinyl recently I'd love to add this to may growing collection! Love Beatles and Paul. Please!


Amazingly this is the first time I remember ever hearing Paul McCartney's voice. My father played this LP when I was little and he noticed me listening intently, bobbing a weaving to the music (at least this is how the story is told to me by my Dad). I was 8, and the part I do remember was him telling me all about the Beatles and that although I liked this album, I had to listen to Paul with the rest of the Fab Four. Then, he put on Abbey Road. My life hasn't been the same since.

autumxsky 1 Like

I'm only 18 years old but Paul's music means the world to me. It helps me feel at peace with myself and others. I like to think what my life would be like if I lived during the Beatles era. His music changed the way I viewed the world and filled  me with much happiness and acceptance.  If I were to win the collection it would help me to feel closer to Paul and more connected to the era. 

Dennis the Lucky Tourist
Dennis the Lucky Tourist

@autumxsky Why not LIVE the music?  If you are in the USA, try going to a 5-day festival called Abbey Road On The River (, OR, if you really, really want to take a swan dive into Beatlemania, come to Liverpool, England, for the last week of August.  It is called Beatle Week, or sometimes, The International Beatles Festival (  It's the real deal.  It covers just about every venue large or small all over downtown Liverpool.  There is even a festival-within-the-festival called the Mathew Street Festival which spills out onto the streets - FOR FREE- on the Sunday and Monday, with around six stages blocking the streets off into open-air venues.  I've gone every year since 2001 and can't imagine why I'd ever stop going!  Good luck with your searches.  The CDs and DVDs will keep you going, but DO go to one of the festivals as soon as you are able.  Your Beatle Family is looking for you! 


@Dennis the Lucky Tourist @autumxsky I have seen Ringo perform live this summer and have been to the Strawberry Fields memorial in Central Park but one of my goals is to see Paul live  in concert - I think that would be such an overwhelming and amazing experience.  Thanks for letting me know about the festivals - definitely seems like something I would be interested in! 

Barb Hansen
Barb Hansen

@autumxsky Hi Autumn...I just read your comment, and I feel your pain, that you didn't get to experience the Beatlemania...but I did...and it changed my life forever. I would suggest that you go online and google the Beatles history, and there are a number of brillaint documentaries to watch. I would say, if you only watched one, go buy or rent the "The Beatles".It was produced by the surviving Beatles several years ago, and it is a  fascinating documentary look playing all their music and shows through old video clips the incarnation of The Beatles and their lives up to the death of John. I think it came out in the late 90's, before George died. It originally was shown on TV over three nights, and then the box set of what was on TV and more, came out on DVD....and then finally to DVD. You might want to check E-bay for a copy. Good luck if you wish to pursue. 


@Barb Hansen @autumxsky Thank you so much for your suggestion! I now know what to put on my Christmas list :) In my free time I love looking up youtube videos of interviews, histories, and documentaries - but I haven't come across the one you suggested yet. I'm very fascinated with the era so that is definitely something I would like to pursue. 

Barb Hansen
Barb Hansen

I am 56 and have loved the Beatles and Paul since I was about 7 years old, when my older brothers played their albums all the time, and the Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan. Their music changed and lifted up my life & spirit in so many ways. They paved the way for my love of music. Paul and the Beatles..and their music..became a huge influence on my life. Paul's life and career has also carried me till this moment...All the way till today...and beyond, I know, for the music is eternal. Since I was young, I started to collect all their albums, both as the Beatles, and all 4's musical careers, (until sadly John & George have passed). I have seen Ringo 4-5 times, but I love Paul so much I have traveled the country to see him in concert to many times to count. Sadly though, all my albums were stored temporairly in my basement, until we could get a new top of the line stereo player, for that is the best way to listen to the music. But sadly, the basement flooded a few years back, due to a huge and heavy rainstorm. The albums were ruined. Not even the album covers could be saved. I was devastated. I would love to win even one replacement album to carry on my mission of replacing all the albums. I even have "MACCA" personalized license plates in my home state of Minnesota..!  <3

Recordmike 1 Like

I loved all of Paul's albums in the 70s and onward, but I purchased the McCartney LP at a thrift store and it was a beat up copy, and I put alot more wear on it.  When the CD reissue came out I purchased it and got rid of my old, beat up LP.  I have regretted that since then as I much prefer the warm sound of vinyl.  I would love to have this reissue on LP.

AlbertPritchard 1 Like

I listen all the time to the vinyls that I own by both the Beatles and each of the Beatles solo releases.   The album McCartney was so different from what had been out previously.  Maybe I'm Amazed was such a great and beautiful song, and Pauls' being able to do all the instruments floored me.  His vocals are so clear and it just made me feel good.  I have worn out this album and finally put it on my computer with all the pops and snaps.  When the LP came out my band covered the songs Maybe I'm Amazed and Every Night and drove the audience wild.  And every time I listen to it, it brings back all of those great memories.

Mecca Love
Mecca Love 1 Like

I was a freshmen in high school when The Mecca released his first solo masterpiece and I fell in love.  And it's true nothing else measures up to your first love.  As Brian Wilson was influenced by "Rubber Soul" on "Pet Sounds," that was taken to the ultimate level on "McCartney."  The genius of Paul's completely solo performance (with the exception of Linda's backing vocals <3 ) is still very alluring.  I still have my original "McCartney" LP, and it is the reason I still own a turntable.  "Oo You" Paul thank you for the love!   

Amart 1 Like

My copy of McCartney pops and hisses, but I love it. I would be so thankful to win this to listen to it on brand new 180 gram! I appreciate the simplicity of this album. I imagine Paul wanting to get away from all the craziness of being a Beatle and get back to basics of playing music for fun. I hear the freedom and creativity in this album as he does this. I feel like I am listening to him jam and I am a fly on the wall.

Dennis the Lucky Tourist
Dennis the Lucky Tourist 1 Like

The first listen to the album was in front of a coal fire in student digs in Cardiff, lucky to find a place to stay.  I was on the road and a long way from home.  I still see the firelight on her profile.  Maybe I'm amazed?

John Linden
John Linden 1 Like

This album launched his departure from the Beatles and he opened us up to a newer, more personal, Paul McCartney. As fans, we felt closer to him and Linda. And after 28 years of marriage, "Maybe I'm Amazed" is still the song my wife and I share as our own. Thank you Paul.

Alan 1 Like

I have gone through at least THREE USED COPIES of this on vinyl. The first was a fair-conditioned original U.S. Apple pressing, in a very beat up sleeve, which I got for Christmas when I was 18, in 1992. Suffice it to say that I wore that copy even further out within 5 years, and so replaced it with an early 80's Columbia reissue, which sat in my collection for more than a dozen years, getting just as worn out as the original Apple press. ITS place was taken 2 years ago, by another original U.S. Apple edition in considerably better condition than the one I got for xmas almost 20 years before. 

And while I eagerly embraced the 180g Archive reissues of "Band On The Run", "McCartney II" (Which a friend got me as a xmas gift last year), and both Mono and expanded Stereo reissues of "RAM", I should say that I was a little on the fence about replacing what I felt to be a perfectly good original pressing of "McCartney I". I only replaced my previous copies of BOTR, RAM and Mc-II b/c I've never been able to find a decent sounding original or near-original pressing of any of those albums prior to the Archive reissues. However, I am more than willing to change my mind on the matter and acquire the 180g reissue of Mc-I. 

On a semi-related note, I remember being so hooked on "Every Night", that I performed a solo acoustic version of it in my High School talent show, to a surprisingly enthusiastic response from the crowd, even though 99.999% of them had never heard of the song!

Barb Hansen
Barb Hansen

@Alan know your stuff...!! Bravo...!!

BrianComish 1 Like

What 'McCartney' meant to me was that Paul could still create great tunes on his own.

ShawnFoxx 1 Like

I've worn out 3 copies of this record. That Would Be Something isstripped down, raw, vulnerable Macca. Finding his way without his mates,playing all the instruments himself.... This was a test. A test ofhimself. Could he do it on his own? Every Night is wholesome McCartney.Pure in sound and story. Junk was an experimental piece. Something forhimself. Incorporating the kind of musicianship his father passed on tohim. As important as Band On The Run was and IS, McCartney is even moreso. If this record had never happened, we may not have had any solomusic from him. This, to me, is REAL Paul McCartney and my favoritealbum from his collection, for that reason.

analogplanet 1 Like

@ShawnFoxx  Then you need to do something about your turntable Shawn! I've been playing my original UK copy of Paul's solo album since it was first released and it still sounds great. Played hundreds of times! Maybe you should get my turntable set-up DVD!

Heather29 1 Like

As a kid I was alone for extended periods. Paul was my friend. He doesn't know it, but he knows EVERYTHING about my life. I saw him on May 24 at MSG and prayed he would notice me...well I am still here, and now my son has my album copy!

Barb Hansen
Barb Hansen

@Heather29 I so totally agree with you that Paul knew everything about each of us..!! He was and continues to be, my MACCA friend for life. It is on my bucket list to meet him. Fingers crossed. You can read my own comments at the top of this column. PS: Were you one of the millions of girls, like myself, that always thought they would somehow, someday marry him...Lol...guess it's not going to happen, but I am overjoyed he is once again married, and I think Nancy is a wonderful match for him, just like Linda was.. (We will strike Heather from the list..!)

AmandaWirig 1 Like

This album shows me that Paul could reinvent himself and make a new start after The Beatles, and that we all have the ability to start over, too.

Alexandra Reyes
Alexandra Reyes 1 Like

Paul McCartney has been such an inspiration to me and I've grown to be a better person because of what his music means to me, be it when he was with The Beatles or in his solo years. I saw him in concert for the first time in Houston and had the time of my life. The album is the album that turned me into all of his solo work. It's the first one I bought with my own money. I've played it so much it's gotten a few scratched actually. And a new one to cherish and eventually pass on to my 8 year old niece would be the best because passing on his music is what I feel my responsibility is.

Erik MD
Erik MD 1 Like

It has meant a great deal to me over the years. An avid Beatles fan as a teenager I started I had a want to start collecting the vinyls as soon as I could get a record player. However, what I was able to get first were some of the early Beatles solo records. One of my absolute favorites was Paul's first, particularly "The Lovely Linda," "Junk" and "Maybe I'm Amazed." Wow. I've since re-bought another used copy, as I wore the first one down pretty substantially. To even hear the remaster, much less have a copy of it on vinyl, would be nothing short of amazing. Thanks for the neat contest!

Hilary Ramirez
Hilary Ramirez 1 Like

I inherited all my uncles Beatles records with a few Paul McCartney record and this was one of them. I was so excited. Paul is my idol and I can remember listening to Baby Im amazed when I was a little girl. My dad always listened to it. It was the first song I've ever listened to of his solo stuff. I was hooked from then on. I also love The lovely Linda because that's my moms name and It always makes me think of her. I also would love to have the vinyl collection because my record I have is in plastic so nothing will happen to it. So I would love to have this to add to my collection.

JohnNoyd 1 Like

Had the vinyl probably eight years after it came out - Every Night was my song and loved he went solo with such an honest interesting release. Always appreciated the experimental side of the Beatles and this continued that tradition. Recorded on the most basic equipment I'd love to hear it again as it was suppose to be heard - warm, exposed and anlague!.

wardo 1 Like

I was thrilled to find out that "Hot As Sun" was used (at 45rpm) as the theme for the weekday afternoon "Popeye & Friends" theme on channel 5. My copy's a little crispy from playing it at the wrong speed.


I have all the remastered cd's that have come out so far. McCartney I is one of my favorites.. What to do with the old cd collection??

yensidslr 1 Like

This Album was one of the first to be "borrowed" by my kids when they started listening to music. My oldest is 30...we have shared it with 4 others clear down to my 17 year old , who now thinks perhaps it is time to put it in place of honor and track down a less worn is the background music of our lives. Paul has been  a big part of my musical life since I was 9 years old... and lets just say that was in 1964...All I can say is "it really would be something" to have a remastered copy of my very own!

Barb Hansen
Barb Hansen

@yensidslr 'soundtrack of our lives" thoughts exactly. You appear to be just a few years older to me, so I identify that listening to the Beatles, etc set the bar high for all other music to follow. They and Paul are still my number one music icons of all time...!!!!

neil819a 1 Like

I unfortunately was not around to buy the McCartney album when it first came out (not being born yet), so I inherited my dad's old beat up copy, complete with the hisses, pops, and scratches.  I proceeded to play it non-stop throughout my entire childhood and continue to blast it on my pioneer hifi to this day.

My parents instilled the love of Paul and the Beatles in me.  Despite the poor condition of my copy, the McCartney album is among my most prized albums (up there with my 1967 mono Sgt. Pepper).  I doubt my old copy will still play by the time I have kids to hopefully pass my record collection down to, so I would love to have a fresh remaster to listen to!  I've never listened to a 180 gram vinyl - should be cool to compare how it differs from my 1970 copy!

allshine_on 1 Like

I have been a McCartney/Beatles fan for many years now. Though I don't have this album on vinyl.  My parents did have it years ago, but it has gone missing in-between moves when they got married in 1972.  My Dad loves this album and even told me to get it as my first McCartney solo CD when I was 13 (now 31).  I have played it none stop.  My Dad play it on my itouch everytime we go on road trips with family.  Sadly, I have never been able to get it in vinyl, not for myself, but to replace my Dad's old one.  It would be so cool to share it with him if I win.

Sherri Davis
Sherri Davis 1 Like

I think I first saw it while I was in Jr. High...the kids brought it to school and every one looked at it.. I was always a Beatles fan and I am still a fan of Paul and that time my family had moved to salt Lake city for a few it was a bit different from Idaho where I had come from.. there was a lot of music at that time..  but Jr. high is not an easy time for anybody so i was mixed up in my own personal things.. ay way I just love Paul..

JohnSposato 1 Like

I have the original US LP purchased when it came out as well as a UK one and EU CD.  I even bought a copy from Taiwan but gave it away.  Would be interesting to hear a remastered LP instead of the usual remastered CD.  This album proved he could make it on his own.

waydetheblade 1 Like

This album is the template for what and when I record myself performing all the instruments on my own songs. The pure and raw sound is truly what rock and roll is all about.

brianbringelson 1 Like

The McCartney album was THE album that showed me one person could record a complete album at home. Paul & Linda paved the way for home recording and the DIY (do-it-yourself) attitude of artists today. It personally changed my life more than any other album. In addition I now almost always say "more guitar" when I'm over dubbing guitar, thanks to "Oo You". That ALONE makes it a classic album. Long live McCartney!!!!

Ron  Sutton
Ron Sutton 1 Like

The great memories this album brings back, of a time when giving, sharing and love was prevalent all over the world.  I would be so thrilled to have this LP!

davosmavo 1 Like

I have my dad's and aunt's old copies but I'd like the new one! I like the drum solo at the end that Paul plays (because I am a drummer). I also love songs like Every Night, and Junk (which would've been cool on the White Album). Interesting album because it is just Paul alone..unlike almost any of his other solo album, or anything George or John did.


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