TVD Vinyl Giveaway: Biffy Clyro, Opposites (and signed poster!)

Biffy Clyro is the biggest band you’ve never heard of—if you live in the US, that is. In the UK and continental Europe, the Glaswegian power trio top charts and fill arenas. They win “Best New Band” awards from NME, “Best Music Video” and “Best Live Band” honors, too. But these accomplishments are just the start for brothers James and Ben Johnston (bass/vocals and drums/vocals, respectively) and frontman/guitarist Simon Neil. 

Their brand-new album, Opposites, debuted at #1 on the UK charts, which is a first for the band. They will close out their current UK tour with a show at the massive O2 Arena in London, and kick off another round of arena shows opening for MUSE in North America next month—including a highly anticipated appearance at Coachella.

Last week, in addition to a Q&A with bassist James, we had two exclusive videos for all the Biffy fans out there, as the band took us through the back story of two tracks from Opposites, “Sounds Like Balloons” and “Skylight.” And today, we’ve got your opportunity to win Opposites on vinyl.

Your new album, Opposites, is three years removed from your previous album, Only Revolutions. How has the band changed in that time, and how has the last three years informed the creation of this epic double album?

Hopefully the band keeps moving forward, and gets better at every aspect of what we do… we’ve been through lots of ups and downs, as most bands will go through at some point… And all of those challenges have totally informed the making of this record. Simon always writes from a personal point of view, so the things that go on in our lives are intrinsically linked to our music.

Why was it important to you guys to release Opposites on vinyl?

We grew up buying records and CDs, and we still believe in the physical format. We’d never want to deny anyone the opportunity to experience our records in the same way that we were able to experience our favourite records. We feel that the artwork is still a huge part of a record, and there’s no better way to display that than on vinyl!

Do you personally collect vinyl? Do you have any favorite record stores?

Yes, I do! Record stores are becoming fewer and further between, so finding a good one is an increasing challenge. We love it when we come to the US and get the chance to go to Amoeba Records… it’s the kind of place where you can lose track of time, and come out with all kinds of incredible vinyl.

The origin of Biffy’s curious name is the source of speculation and humor, with legions of fans known to chant the equally enigmatic, “Mon the Biff!” at their shows. Enter to win Biffy Clyro’s Opposites on vinyl with your best guess as to the band name’s origin. One creative entrant with a North American mailing address will win the LP and the autographed poster you see below—suitable for framing! We’ll choose said winner a week from today, 4/9.

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  • crowbarmark

    I believe they were named after someone who played for the team Ayr United

  • Sundrop3

    “Mon the Biff!”… I’m sure it is an acronym. These guys are talented, and glad to see thy’re getting US recognition.

  • agenthal

    There have been many legends… my favorite is the one about a wannabe Welsh astronaut named Biffy Clyro who failed to make it through training. Then there’s the good old Cliffy Byro story, where they named themselves after Cliff Richard’s biro pen. The world shall never know the truth.

  • Dana Stacy

    The band name actually came about after a game of late-night drunken Scrabble. There may have been a “dare” involved.

  • jezebelseven

    What most people don’t know, is that Biffy Clyro is actually just an anagram for Lob Cry Iffy– the band’s nicknames as boys. Lob was James, thanks to his amazing tennis career he eventually left behind to play bass to compete with his brother. Cry was bestowed upon Ben from when he was just a little child– he cried constantly out of jealousy for James’ tennis talent. He couldn’t hit a ball to save his life. Eventually, he moved onto drums– and James decided to pick up a bass to try to outdo Ben, but alas, they found they worked best together. Iffy, you all know as Simon. He was always just a big flake. You’d send him an invite to a party and it was always a big question mark if he’d show up or not. Unpredictable at best. Iffy, Lob, and Cry thankfully all merged together years later and found a way to bring out the best in each other, and becoming the best band we’ve seen in years, merging their names to “Biffy Clyro”.