TVD Vinyl Giveaway: Crystal Castles, (III)

After some delays, plenty of teasing European audiences with new tracks on tour, and the unveiling of select songs online for the rest of their fans, Canadian electronic ensamble, Crystal Castles finally released their third album, (III), in November of last year. The wait was well worth it—and we’ve got a copy on vinyl to award to one of you.

Already known for their ethereal, not-of-this-world sound, (III) did not disappoint those who enjoy Crystal Castles’ unique style. The album was recorded in Warsaw and Berlin, an aspect that clearly influenced the mood of various tracks such as “Plague,” a 5-minute pre-released song, or “Violent Youth,” which can only be described as surreal.

Structured around a theme of oppression, (III)’s lyrics are dark and moving. Producer Ethan Kath was inspired to create an album different from the band’s previous two, Crystal Castles and Crystal Castles (II), refusing to use computers for recording, tossing out the synthesizers and keyboards for a grittier quality and sound. The result is something raw and fresh, reflecting the development of the band as they’ve progressed onto their third album.

Throughout their existence, the band has shirked away from labels—as vocalist Alice Glass stated in an interview “I fucking hate the word ‘edgy’”—and (III) demonstrates why.

Their style is complex and layered, reflecting themes of both despair for humanity and a hope for change, while set to music to dance to, making it nearly impossible to formulate a singular label.

Regardless, their appeal has filled up festival stages and (III) provides an accurate summary of the band—a mix of seemingly random and various elements, but a mix that intrigues and compels people to listen.

Crystal Castles is currently touring in South America but will be making the trip up back to the U.S. at the end of April so make sure to check our their tour dates to see them live.

Enter to win in the comments below with an artist you believe to be un-label-able. One winner with a North American mailing address will be chosen a week from today, 4/8!

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    Boris because they jump from genre to genre… releasing a synth-pop album and a metal album at the same time!?!?!!!

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    Kitten great music just great B-)

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