A TVD / Biffy Clyro Special Vinyl Giveaway: Opposites and a Crosley turntable to spin it!

Biffy Clyro is the biggest band you’ve never heard of—if you live in the US, that is. In the UK and continental Europe, the Glaswegian power trio top charts and fill arenas. They win “Best New Band” awards from NME, “Best Music Video,” and “Best Live Band” honors, too.

But these accomplishments are just the start for brothers James and Ben Johnston (bass/ vocals and drums/ vocals, respectively) and frontman/ guitarist Simon Neil. Their brand-new album, Opposites, debuted at #1 on the UK charts, which is a first for the band.

Now, Biffy Clyro are set to introduce themselves to the good ol’ USofA by putting a copy of the brand new 180gram LP Opposites in the mail to one of you.

And if you think you may be shut out because you don’t happen to own a turntable, they’ve taken care of that too by adding a Crosley Cruiser portable turntable, the model displayed below, to our very special giveaway

That’s right, one winner will receive a copy of Biffy’s new LP Opposites and the Crosley turntable in the mail to him or her.

We chatted with Biffy bassist James Johnston last March on the eve of Opposite’s release:

Your new album, Opposites, is three years removed from your previous album, Only Revolutions. How has the band changed in that time, and how has the last three years informed the creation of this epic double album?

Hopefully the band keeps moving forward, and gets better at every aspect of what we do… we’ve been through lots of ups and downs, as most bands will go through at some point… And all of those challenges have totally informed the making of this record. Simon always writes from a personal point of view, so the things that go on in our lives are intrinsically linked to our music.

Why was it important to you guys to release Opposites on vinyl?

We grew up buying records and CDs, and we still believe in the physical format. We’d never want to deny anyone the opportunity to experience our records in the same way that we were able to experience our favourite records. We feel that the artwork is still a huge part of a record, and there’s no better way to display that than on vinyl!

Do you personally collect vinyl? Do you have any favorite record stores?

Yes, I do! Record stores are becoming fewer and further between, so finding a good one is an increasing challenge. We love it when we come to the US and get the chance to go to Amoeba Records… it’s the kind of place where you can lose track of time, and come out with all kinds of incredible vinyl.

Now, about that turntable:

The Crosley Cruiser portable turntable is a 3-speed turntable made from hardwood and bound in vinyl. The briefcase-style record player is lightweight and easily transported from place to place. It features built-in stereo speakers so you can listen to your records without having to connect it to a speaker system.

The spin: Plays 3 speeds: 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM; Belt-driven turntable mechanism; Built-in dynamic full-range stereo speakers; Manual return tone arm; Made from hardwood, with a vinyl cover; RCA audio output and headphone jack; AC power adapter. Measures 14 x 11 x 5″h., weighs 6 lbs. 120V.

Enter to win BOTH Biffy Clyro’s 2 LP opus, Opposites and the Crosley Cruiser portable turntable by telling us in the comments below what Biffy track you’re most excited to hear from Opposites on your new listening device. We’ll select one enthusiastic winner with a North American mailing address a week from today, May 15, 2013.

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  • BrandonWimmer

    Trumpet or Tap, hearing the clarity on that track would be ABSOLUTELY amazing.

  • SeanJanzer

    Modern Magic Formula 😀

  • lauricat

    “Sounds Like Balloons” for sure. I’ve been obsessed with “Opposites” ever since 89x started playing “Black Chandeliers” here in Detroit.

  • BrandiNicole

    Black Chandelier.  Such an amazing melody.

  • VeggieHotson

    “A Girl And His Cat” lots of different sounds to hear in the song

  • LadyDimeCFH

    Black Chandeliers for sure! Been obsessed with this album since the acoustic downloads became available.

  • lg33

    Not sure how you only pick song. I guess Stingin Belle would be sweet! The hopping main guitar line is fantastic

  • Nolan Syers

    I love the whole freaking album! I’ve played it all the way through dozens of times already. I’d have to say my favorite song right now is OPPOSITE. That song is so beautiful and the lyrics get to me every time! It’s the most relatable song on the album for me.
    I saw them at MSG with Muse, and I will see them every time they come around!

  • shepherdof1

    Spanish Radio amazing sound

  • Jrluzzi

    In all honesty how could you choose just one?  I was absolutely blown away when “Only Revolutions” was released, and “Opposites” went above and beyond anything I ever expected!  To be able to put the record on, and listen from the opening note of “Different People” to the last note of “Picture a Knife Fight” on vinyl would make an amazing work of art rise to a new level.
    I would love to choose just one song, but even if it means not winning the record player and album on vinyl, I can’t.   Opposites I feel is a record that takes you on a musical and emotional journey, and should be listened to from beginning to end, as a whole piece of music, which makes the whole record a song of sorts in it self, and that would be my choice.
    -John Luzzi
    [email protected]

  • DavidRavikoff

    “Sounds Like Balloons” IS THE JAM! I saw them open up for Muse at MSG in April and they absolutely DESTROYED THE ROOM … it was insane!!!! My favorite favorite favorite song on the record!

  • sydjeanne

    I would be most excited to hear Biblical. I saw them live at MSG and that song really stuck out in my mind. I can’t even imagine what that sexy Scottish accent is going to sound like on vinyl!

  • DanielZane

    Stingin’ Bell is one of those songs that gets me super pumped up.  Love it!

  • BillyFinnegan

    The ENTIRE album because it is one beautiful journey. Best album of the year, by far. You can’t go wrong with any of the tracks.

  • RobertRich

    I’d be so STOKED to hear “Different People.” That tune is a prog rock masterpiece, from slow buildup to big crescendo to amazing payoff! Biffy Clyro has quickly become one of my favorite bands and I can’t believe it took so long for me to discover them!! I’ve listened to “Only Revolutions” and “Opposites” about 345 times a day now since I’ve gotten the albums. Love you guys!

  • thevincat

    I would be so pumped to hear Stingin’ Bell because when their show opened up to it at MSG, the crowd went nuts and I’m sure it would be just as cool through a turntable!

  • shetlandshaun1

    Its hard to whittle it down to just 1 so seeing as its a double album ill pick 2 that i reckon will be perfect for vinyl!
    1. Biblical
    2. Stingin Belle (the bagpipes will sound great coming out of  arecord player!)

    thanks TVD!

  • iglooinatree

    Modern Magic Formula. It’s got some of the nonsensical erratic nature of old Biffy but is a highly structured piece that reminds me of their newer stuff. It packs a solid punch and ends so incredibly that you want to play it over and over again. The way that Simon wails the verses and belts the choruses is truly spectacular  and Ben’s drumming is astounding. Not to mention James’ bass riffs. But The Joke’s On Us really gets me going. Any song that uses the term  “juggernaut” well is great. Biffy’s lyrics are the best

  • AdelSaafan

    A Girl and His Cat. That song is just amazing. I saw Biffy Clyro open for Muse and they were amazing live. I’ve hooked listening to them ever since then! They’re one of those very few bands out there who put thought into their music!

  • DaneWhite

    Stingin’ Bell! But honestly, this entire album sounds pretty great! I’ve been hooked on these guys since I first heard “Saturday Superhouse”, and they’ve consistently put out fantastic records since then. I’ll be so excited if this band gives me my first opportunity to listen to vinyls that I’ll probably never go back to CDs again.

  • joshkayne

    My favorite song is Biblical!!

  • ycpspider

    Victory Over the Sun is mg absolute favorite song on the albums. It has so much emotion and its just over all so good. I can’t help but groove to it and turn it up loud when it comes on

  • RobRosenblatt

    While not my favorite track from the collection, I bet the horns on “Spanish Radio” would sound awesome coming from the vinyl

  • BenWerneke

    Little Hospitals. It’ll turn your baby into lemonade!!

  • http://facebook.com/corinneryanphotography RinRyan

    Little Hospitals is so epic! I can wait to throw the record on a turn it allll the way up!
    This album is the greatest thing to ever reach my ears. Mon the biff!

  • bonjour_carson

    If I could chose one song to be excited for (which is hard), I’d chose Black Chandelier.  They changed the way I listen to music.  I saw them in concert 2 years ago and just watching the way they played their guitars made me realize that I shouldn’t just be listening to their voices- I should be listening to the art they make with their music.  Besides, everything sounds better on vinyl, and listening to them on vinyl will most definitely be like listening to angels.

  • ChristopherJordahl

    Vinyl is my favorite thing ever! There is no other way to listen to music, presence of music is everything! I can’t just listen in earbuds, thats awful. People need to listen to Biffy Clyro in a wide open room because their music is so big. I can’t wait to hear Accident Without Emergency on vinyl, the harmonies kick ass even though I only have it on cd. The fullness of vinyl will blow the top off of my brain.

  • KathrynHurst

    Biblical….ENOUGH SAID!!

  • Michell Craig

    The whole freaking album is what I am excited to listen to. Love love love it!

  • Jess Kessler

    Stingin’ Belle. I absolutely fell in love when they played that insanely small, one-off show in NYC in December. Every time I hear it now, it reminds me of that experience. Was one of the best nights of my life, and it began with that track.

  • elasticaman

    from the 2 records theres a good 13 tracks that would sound amazing blasting out . Pocket, Black Chandelier, Different People, Jokes On Us, Little Hospitals, Biblical, Stinging Belle, Modern Magic Formula, Victory Over The Sun, Pocket, WooWoo & Picture a Knife fight would all be fantastic…
    However for me the winner has to be Sounds Like Balloons. Not only is it a MONSTER of a tune, but also lends its lyrics to the titles of the 2 albums! essential!!!!

  • asimoneau23

    When I first heard the song Biblical, I absolutely fell in love. The song sounds beautiful coming from my car stereo, but I can only imagine what it would sound like on the Crosley Cruiser portable turntable! I’d be so pumped to hear it! 😀

  • JerryBurt

    You Fellas Rock! The song Black Chandelier has touched me since I first heard it on a the Biffy Clyro website. (So please let me in on the contest). I relate to some of the emotion so well with one of my Best friends Cassie. I took her to see Biffy in concert here in Tulsa, Oklahoma U.S.A. back on April 10th, 2011 at The Cains Ballroom. The show was incredible and we are both HUGE American Biffy Clyro fans so do not feel you gentleman are unknown in the states. God and Satan would like to see me win this item! I patiently await your return to Oklahoma where we know Great Rock.

  • johnycanc

    Biffy Clyro has been around longer than most people realize.  This band started in the 90s and has never given up since.  It took them a while to get where they are today.  I can only imagine how they feel now, looking back on all the struggles, hardships, and disappointments they went through.  As a result of those hardships and struggles, they were able to make the massive and explosive yet heartwarming and relaxing album that is “Opposites.”  Whether it is a song like “Biblical” that inspires you to get up and ignore the people who tell you cannot make it in life, or it is a song like “Stingin Belle” that gives you the greatest adrenaline rush you will ever fell, Biffy Clyro is band that inspires all of the emotions inside people.  This band knows how to create an album that is filled with genuine, and heartfelt rock and roll music.  And because of that, thank you Biffy Clyro

  • Destiny Lock

    Oh Man, all vinyl I have is amazing.. and Biffy Clyro on vinyl would be such an amazing honor… 
    The track I’m most excited for would probably be Black Chandelier. I heard it on Alt Nation and it made me absolutely stop and listen, it caught me with such lovely lyrics and sound. The way I hear the song and how it touches me, how all the songs I have heard thus far from Biffy Clyro have touched me, has all around made me feel far better in my own life.

  • Jon

    Definitely “Biblical”! I’ve been a huge Biffy fan for years, was lucky enough to see them in Ireland in 2010, but Biblical is one of the greatest rock tracks of recent years.

  • btbr

    The actual track Opposite is just flat-out perfect, musically and lyrically.  It’s my first pick!

  • EmiliaDAlbero

    I would have to say that I’m most excited to hear “Spanish Radio” on vinyl. It’s so unlike anything they’ve ever done and somehow they’ve managed to create this fun, unique and exciting track while still giving it that rock-n-roll Biffy sound that they’re so well known for. I love the fact that they’re moving in new directions musically without losing who they are “at the core of their bones” (Wow, that was a terrible joke. I’m sorry you had to read that.) “Spanish Radio” is just a really fun, great song and I’d love to listen to it on a record player, the way it’s supposed to be heard.

  • Justin Maher

    SPANISH RADIO.  Such an amazing sing-a-long chorus.  Flawless.

  • KRErickson

    I want to hear Different People on vinyl because the sustained notes just beg to be heard in analog.  I just know that if I have that super cool turntable and Opposites I’ll be able to convert all my friends and neighbors to Biffy fans!

  • http://www.localmusicnation.net/ KristenLMN

    I’ve never had a proper record player, but I’m told it changes everything sound-wise, so I’d be curious to hear the entire album (one of my favorites) and see if my song preferences change. Opposites has a bit of sonic variability so I wonder will vinyl bring out subtleties like the horns in “Spanish Radio” or perhaps it will augment the fullness of songs like “Victory Over the Sun” or “Biblical”. Or maybe I won’t be able to tell the difference and I’ll just put on “Black Chandelier” over and over again. I’ve always wanted to conduct the mp3 vs vinyl experiment and I couldn’t imagine a better vehicle or test subject (my favorite band, Biffy Clyro).






    Stingin’ Belle for me! Song absolutely rips and has an epic chorus (like all of Biffy’s tunes) — perfect for keeping my neighbors up all night.

  • Half Pint Honey

    Spanish Radio!

  • MonTheBiff

    First off, I saw this thing coming to my door, I’d instantly order the Blackened Sky vinyl because that is simply beautiful. However my girlfriend and I listen to this album the whole way through at least once a week, and honestly I’d be most excited to start it right from the beginning all the way to the end. Then I’d collect them all.

  • MichaelCJ5

    I really love “Spanish Radio,” I’m a total sucker for the brass instruments. It makes a great ringtone, too! Also, “Sounds like Balloons” is a great anthem.

  • Michelle Ernst

    I haven’t had a record player since I was a kid.  I have a few records that I’ve picked up (although my husband is completely baffled – “why do you buy a record when you have nothing to play it on?”).  It’s very hard to pick just one song off of Opposites.  Probably Trumpet or Tap, The Joke’s On Us, Different People or Opposite.  Biblical is a favorite too.  It’s too hard to pick one song, like asking a mom which child is her favorite 😉  Can’t be done.

  • RichardStott

    I’d love to hear Biffy bash out “Black Chandelier” on that fab Crosley! 🙂  I was probably one of the first on the Biffy bandwagon here in the US as I’ve been into them since Vertigo of Bliss came out!  I’ve traveled to the UK to see them at Reading and in Cambridge as well as having seen them quite a few times here in the US, too!  Mon the BIFF!!!

  • jscharenbroch

    My record player went belly up about 2 weeks after Opposites was released, so I haven’t been able to enjoy it via vinyl.  I can only guess that Black Chandelier will BLOW MY FREAKING MIND on vinyl.  Plus I haven’t been able to listen to my Record Store Day release from Biffy!  I want to hear both studio AND live version of Black Chandelier!  Plus I love PINK! 


  • Gepetto36

    I would spin “Sounds Like Balloons” over and over again.  That track is brilliant.  But I would also have to spend some time with “Black Chandelier” and “Biblical”.  Actually I would just spin the whole thing many many times, especially the first disc which is my fave of the two, and each time I would turn it up a bit louder.

  • katefifo

    I have always wanted a record player! Seriously, it would be a dream come true for me. Also, owning Opposites on Vinyl would be siiiick! I’d LOVE to hear Skylight on that sweet Crosley turntable. Pleaseeee!

  • emilygraves

    I am most excited to hear Biblical. It is such a great song. It starts off so calm and just bursts into a great chorus that would sound FANTASTIC on vinyl. I would love to get this because I have been mooching off friend’s and family’s record players for years and it would be nice to have one of my own and blast this album all day long.

  • Iamcentralpark

    I’m most excited to hear Sounds like Balloons or Modern Magic Formula! They’re both such beefy songs, especially the end of MMF, and would sound even more amazing on vinyl! If been wanting to collect vinyls but since I do not have a record player, I’ve been holding off on getting one. This is the perfect opportunity for me to start my collection, and with none other than my favorite band Biffy Clyro! Please consider me, I’ve been following these Scots forever!

  • Amart

    I have been a Biffy fan ever since I first saw them on a televised Isle Of Wight festival. Since Opposites came out it has been my mission to memorize every song. It is an amazing work, that only gets better every time I listen. The song I am most excited to hear is The Fog, it gives me chills how beautiful it is. A Girl And His Cat is one that I must know what it means! I have every one is my family listen and give their opinion on what it’s all about:) Can’t wait to see them live over here in the USA! MON THE BIFF!

  • chayes09

    I’ve anticipated this album from the beginning of its announcement! I cried when I found out it wasn’t going to be released in North America until March. Until then, I spent my time anticipating and building up much hype, and I was not disappointed! It’s certainly a beautiful album. I’m looking forward to hearing Biblical, Different People and Pocket. I also look forward to jamming along on my bass! I’ve been a fan of Biffy since a Welsh friend introduced me to them on MySpace in 2007, and I’ve been in love since. At least that site was good for something! Haha. Love them, and I hope to see them live over here someday! Until then, I’ll be enjoying Opposites on that sweet turntable (fingers crossed) 🙂

  • AdKenny22

    Dear TVD,
    Let me start by saying thank you for even making the competition a possibility. I’ve been a Biffy a few years now and it would be an absolutely honor to win these prizes. I recently started collecting vinyl but unfortunately i dont own a record player. Winning this comp would mean the world to me, on account I haven’t even listened to the album yet! (singles being the only exceptions). I’ve recently run in to some money issues trying to pay for school and even though I could of easily downloaded the album off the Internet. It felt wrong not giving anything at all to one of my favorite bands. Besides missing out on the Black Chandelier 7″ on RSD (sold out in 10 mins everywhere near me) I also had to pass up on seeing Biff with Muse when they came to Boston because tickets were to expensive. I can’t think of a more prefect way to listen to Opposites for the first then on Vinyl on a record player provided by TVD. I would forever be grateful If I am selected as a winner.
    Please consider me! I will love you for ever…

  • Keishla

    I first saw Biffy when there were opening for a band in Norfolk, VA at the Norva, and ever since that day I have been in love with their music and have been to every show within the VA and DC area. Since the release of opposites, it has been on a constant loop and I love every song. For me in a time where I am reevaluating a serious relationship, its as if this album and its songs relate perfectly to my life, which makes the album that much more special to me. So while I would be excited to hear every song on vinyl, If i had to choose just one that I would be most excited about, it would have to be opposites because its has a sweet sadness to it, its beautiful melodies and lyrics evoke so much emotion, which would only be enhanced by the warmth and depth that vinyl gives. I hoping that you consider me and I cant describe how esthetic I would be if I were chosen : )

  • sophiekowalsky

    Victory Over The Sun!!! Because the line “you stay special brother, you stay true” is perfect. The whole song, really, is wonderful. You can’t get that kind of sound or passion anywhere else.

  • cassluvsmusic

    I was only introduced to Biffy Clyro about two months ago by a good friend who has seen them in concert almost 50 times. The first song I ever heard was Mountains and within the week I had posted a cover of it on my tumblr and added it to my favourites playlist. Off of Opposites I adore Victory Over the Sun or Biblical the most! Both are such wonderful songs and are the first tracks I go to when listening to the album on spotify. I’ve got a bunch of friends who collect vinyls and I’ve been thinking about getting into collecting them too, my only caveat was that I didn’t have a record player!

  • Old_Davy

    I’ve been a BC fan since I heard Puzzle back in ’07.  I’d most like to hear Black Chandelier on vinyl, but really the entire album is great.  I was lucky enough to get the ultra cool black and clear 7″ on RSD so having the entire album on vinyl would be fantastic.  In the past 5 years, I’ve played your music for about a dozen friends of mine, and they all have become fans.

  • BradleyDavidson

    Spanish Radio is a fun tune with an unusual beat and diverse sound that the band haven’t had before.  The step away from the “normal” Biffy tunes shows how the band continue to grow and always have something new for fans to listen to.

  • KendraMich

    I am totally ecstatic about this giveaway!! 😀 I was introduced to Biffy about 6 months ago by my best friend who lives in Wales. He was so shocked that I’d never heard about this unbelievable band. I didn’t understand his enthusiasm until I had a listen; I’ve been hooked ever since!! Been listening to Opposites online almost daily since it’s release, and I was supposed to see them live with Muse a month ago, but my busy college schedule wouldn’t allow it. Was totally gutted. If I win this amazing prize, I’ll definitely be blasting “Biblical” first. It is such a powerful track, and the lyrics are just stunning. Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  • Celekst

    I saw this on my newsfeed and I got beyond stoked! My boyfriend showed me Biffy about five months ago, and Only Revolutions rocked my face off. I had only heard one other Scottish artist in my entire life, which is ridiculous considering I’m a large percentage Scottish myself. Got the pasty skin and unearthly amount of freckles to prove it. Then I heard The Captain acoustic and it blew my mind. Not to mention the way Simon Neil says Biffy Clyro is seriously the greatest thing ever. I then listened to Black Chandelier with the music video and grew a whole new love for Biffy. Everything about it was perfection. Which is probably why it’d be so cool to listen to it on vinyl, because records make music seem so much more real. I don’t even have a turntable, I’ve gotten three, all not working. It’d be stellar to get the Opposites record alone, but with the Crosley Cruiser too, it’d make my life . Whether I do or not though, I have mad respect for you guys. Keep up all the amazing work, I’m a huge fan! xo

  • AdamThomasBackus

    There is no doubt about it, I will be most excited to listen to “The Thaw” on the new record player. It is the best song Biffy Clyro has ever written. There is so much emotion in the song, and the clean guitar parts in the verses will sound so great on the record player. I will be so glad to hear all of the minor details that are always missed when listening to albums from iTunes or on CD. Listening to an album, will always be better. Mon the Biff!!!

  • dkritz0207

    I was introduced to Biffy Clyro on Radio 104.5 a few years back with the song Many of Horrors and have love them ever since! I am most excited to listen to Biblical on vinyl. I started out getting really excited about the new hit on Radio 104.5, Black Chandelier, so i looked up the rest of the album and legitimately listened to Biblical on repeat for like a week and still continue to listen to the whole album! The lyrics are so powerful and I relate so much to them! And then the music itself just leaves me speechless, yet at the same time it’s so easily to sing along. I found myself writing the lyrics everywhere! I’m also one of those people who buys the physical album of their favorite artists because I can’t justify simply buying it online. Being able to hold it it like holding a piece of someone’s own soul. It’s magic! And the vinyl is even more so! So the combination of Biffy Clyro’s amazing music and the pure sound of it on vinyl makes a dream team and is just awesome!

  • Mjcarrizales

    I can’t wait to hear Biblical. Not only does it remind me of a certain someone but in a year’s time when I’m listening to it on my portable turntable I will have had a pretty good year 🙂

  • Kate90

    ‘SOUNDS LIKE BALLOONS’ all the way! Ever sense seeings ‘Biffy Clyro’ in concert for the first time I haven’t been able to stop listening to their musical art!! I’m so excited to hear all their new tracks!!

  • kingsakoil

    Biff Clyro is THE best band out right now…I have been a fan since 2006…I even have a Biffy vanity license plate the says “BIFFY57″…America needs to recogniz this band NOW…Not only is it GREAT music…I have met the guys several times..and they are THE nicest people…My favorite track on Opposites is “The Jokes On Us”….MON THE BIFF!!!!!!!

  • http://www.juliagrayphoto.com/ JuliaGrayPhoto

    Took my 71 year old mother (who made it to the second row!) and my two sons to there first concert – Biffy of corse.  Been a fan for years – saw them first in Rochester NY.  Really love the new double album and I can say its a real album – hard to pick just one but I would say – Sounds Like Ballons.  Thanks for spreading the love in the US about Biffy Clyro…Mon The Biff!

  • ChrisRichburg

    I dig the first track. I’m a gear nerd, the ambient shimmer reverb is sweet. Victory Over The Sun is a really great track too! I haven’t ever listened to Biffy Clyro before. I was pleasantly surprised!!

  • RocknRollDad

    Biffy are simply a massive power ‘whorse’ of pure adrenalized rock. Their music comes from deep within their soul and drives you in a haze and blur of melody and wall of sound. But when you add in Simon’s lyrics and his delivery you break into a whole new ethereal world of heartbreak, poetry and real life decisions and choices. Listening to Opposites for the first time, I had tears in my eyes as Simon’s heartfelt lyrics “Baby I’m leaving here, You need to be with somebody else, I can’t stop bleeding here, Can you suture my wounds?” Powerful, poignant and personal – but if you’ve ever felt like this before – you can relate to Simon’s words and with it, the tears flow liek rain!

  • MandyM

    Biffy Clyro is an absolute amazing band! I just happened to see them on a TV because my Mom was watching a musical festival in England featuring Paul McCartney. I can say for a fact that they are my new favorite bands and Opposites is their best album yet! I love Opposite and Biblical especially, the lyrics Simon comes up with just touch my heart. Opposite has actually made me cry quite a few times. I am determined to get them to play in the US more so I have shown all my friends them and even got my tattoo artist into them. It would be amazing if I could win the turntable and album, I do have a turntable but it is from the 70’s and an upgrade would be greatly appreciated. And it would be so amazing to have an album version of Opposites!

  • zinzarin

    I got interested in Biffy Clyro because of the beautiful Record Store Day single for Black Chandeliers, so I’m super-psyched to hear the studio recording of that song on Opposites.  This, btw, is a great argument for pressing beautiful vinyl; I only bought the single because it looked gorgeous: clear with black streaks.  If not for that, I’d have never fallen in love with Biffy Clyro!

  • sonofawho

    Skylight is gonna be great!…..

  • sunsmellsloud

    Black Chandelier! And that Crosley would be perfect for my future daughter’s room. Like father like daughter!

  • CaseyHicks

    So many choices, but I’m going to have to go with Biblical! Having heard it digitally so many times, it’d be brilliant on vinyl.

  • Rachel Costa

    Different people, no doubt about it. It was amazing when I hear it and I can only imagine how mind blowing it’ll be on vinyl!! Ugh, the intro alone will be amazing! Mon the biff!!

  • DdaveBb



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