TVD Celebrates
the Paul McCartney Archive Collection:
Wings Over America

Last December we were delighted to have been selected by the team behind the Paul McCartney Archive Collection to exclusively spotlight the meticulous work Paul has personally supervised with the reissue series from his back catalog—all newly remastered at Abbey Road Studios.

In the spirit of the last year’s holiday season, the entire Paul McCartney Archive Collection to date, as well as 2012′s Kisses on the Bottom was made available to TVD readers through a series of special giveaways during the month of December, courtesy of Sir Paul and his team.

Arriving a week ago on store shelves is a new addition to The Paul McCartney Archive Collection—the 2013 remastered version of Wings Over America, the truly “monumental live album by Paul McCartney and Wings, originally released in December of 1976. Recorded throughout the band’s Wings Over America U.S. tour dates earlier that Spring, the album reached #1 in the US in early 1977.”

Paul’s team has once more supplied us with 3 copies of the newly remastered, 3-LP, 180 gram, 2013 edition to award to 3 of you—and in addition have provided us with a unique and exclusive side by side comparison as to the sonic enhancements from the previous CD release in 1987 to contrast what has been achieved in 2013 for the Archive Collection. Stunning:

“Containing almost two full hours of music, Wings Over America offers a stunning rendition of “Maybe I’m Amazed,” plus Wings classics such as ‘Live and Let Die,’ ‘My Love,’ and ‘Let Em In.’”

“McCartney also included some Beatles classics into the set list, including ‘Yesterday,’ ‘The Long and Winding Road,’ and more for the first time since the Beatles had broken up six years earlier.”

• Three disc 180 gram audiophile vinyl edition remastered at Abbey Road Studios
• Downloadable audio of the original album
• Collector’s poster included

Remastered Album:
LP 1:
1. Venus And Mars/Rock Show/Jet
2. Let Me Roll It
3. Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
4. Medicine Jar
5. Maybe I’m Amazed
6. Call Me Back Again
7. Lady Madonna
8. The Long And Winding Road
9. Live And Let Die

LP 2:
1. Picasso’s Last Words
2. Richard Cory
3. Bluebird
4. I’ve Just Seen A Face
5. Blackbird
6. Yesterday
7. You Gave Me The Answer
8. Magneto And Titanium Man
9. Go Now
10. My Love
11. Listen To What The Man Said

LP 3:
1. Let ‘Em In
2. Time To Hide
3. Silly Love Songs
4. Beware My Love
5. Letting Go
6. Band on the Run
7. Hi Hi Hi
8. Soily

Enter to win Wings Over America from the Paul McCartney Archive Collection by telling us in the comments below what this LP has meant to you over the years—briefly!—and why perhaps your well-worn LP could use a remastered upgrade.

Three entrants with a North American mailing address will be selected on 06/11.

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  • ThomasCasetta

    I played this record over and over again when I got it on my 12th birthday and have  probably worn out many copies (all of which I have kept as reminders).  I could use an upgrade. This album and all things McCartney mean things to me that words can’t express.

  • Kelly C

    My vinyl love began with The Beatles (both together and apart). My copy of this isn’t mine – it belongs to my family and is in another state. I would love to have it as my own. (P.S. Seeing Paul for the first time ever this summer! I almost can’t believe it.)

  • KimReed

    I actually saw Wings in Sydney, Australia in November 1975 at the Hordern Pavilion. The set list was lengthy and the band was in fine form. I did purchase the LP upon its release, but somehow lost it on the move back to the States. Would love to relive the show via the remastered release.

  • crowbarmark

    I still throw my old Wings vinyls up on every once awhile but have stopped lately because they are in such bad shape.

  • Charles

    One of my favorite Paul McCartney records because of the time period which it represents.  The Wings were flying high and Paul sounded great.  The vinyl copy I have looks like it was used as part of the set back in 1976.  It’s in really worn shape, but that’s how I received it from my uncle back in the early eighties.  A new copy would be great, maybe I could invite my uncle over for a listen.

  • Michael Little

    Wings’ “Wings Over America” represents something very special to me. I was born with lobster claws instead of hands, and the mocking I received from my schoolmates was never ending. Then one day Paul and Linda McCartney showed up at my school with a copy of “Wings Over America” just for me! You didn’t hear my schoolmates laughing then, although I did manage to crush the album with my superstrong lobster claw hand. No matter; they sent me another one, which I have cherished to this very day. Long live Paul McCartney and Wings!

  • SimonSoesan

    I do not need a prize.
    “Maybe I’m amazed” is the soundtrack of my 35 year marriage to the most amazing woman in the world.

  • James W Wall

    I was at the concert in Boston where the band payed tribute to the bi-centennial!!!!  It was awesome.  My record is so old the sleeves are worn out!

  • mesa13

    My heart on vinyl. I relive my youth each time I hear the songs. They sing from my soul.

  • JohnNoyd

    Wings Over America has a special place in my life because it was the first time solo Paul looked back at being a Beatle while at the same time showed off his post-Beatles triumphs. While I was just a teen and couldn’t get a ticket to see Paul and Wings perform, “Wings Over America,” cemented the idea in my head that I’d never let another opportunity slip past me to see Paul on stage and I never have, having seen every tour since then he brought to the States.

  • Justin B

    I was in grade school when I first heard/got this record, and at the time, the only McCartney post-Beatles album I’d heard was Ram, so almost all the songs (except the Beatles songs) were completely new to me. These ended up being the versions I grew up with, so it was interesting to hear the studio versions in later years when I finally rounded out my collection. I got to see Paul live for the first time in 1990 when I was 12 years old, on the Flowers In The Dirt tour. 🙂

  • MarkDelCogliano

    I bought a used copy of the vinyl in the mid-1980s when I first became of fan of The Beatles and Paul McCartney/Wings. It was not in good shape when I bought it, and it worse now, having followed me around the country. This is one of the few live albums that I really love, and it showcases just how good Wings was at this period. I would love to have the remastered vinyl so that I can introduce Wings in the proper way to my nearly two-year old daughter! (While she is too young to take her to the McCartney concert I am going to this summer, I hope he keeps touring so that she can come eventually!)

  • mesa13

    I’ve seen him twice so far and I’d go again! Once in 2009, Dallas and just the other night, Austin TEXAS!! The Austin fans blew that Dallas crowd away! Austin loves Paul!

  • bansley

    I was a freshman in college and convinced my dad to wire me money to buy 4 tickets to see Paul McCartney’s first concert appearance in America  in a decade since The Beatles performed their final show at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, CA, on August 29, 1966. I will always remember the fantastic show at the sold-out Tarrant County Convention Hall in Ft. Worth, TX, on May 3, 1976.

  • Leonardo Lotti Marques

    I can remember quite clearly, back in 2010, when I bought ‘Band On The Run’ remastered, seeing the cards saying: Coming soon to the Paul McCartney… and there was Wings Over America. I couldn’t contain the excitment that finally, one of the best live albums of all time would finally get the treatmente it deserved. These songs always take me to a peaceful place. They always remind me that the world IS a beautiful place, no matter what. Can you imagine being alive and having the opportunity of seeing Wings back in 76? Or going to a record store and buying this record for the first time? It’s something that I’d give everything to have… So let’s rejoice The Archive Collection. Cheers

  • RobertGerardHunt

    Owned this album as a teenager and spent many hours with it spinning on my turntable. Loved some of the cuts from “Venus and Mars” as much as the Beatle tunes. Lost the vinyl many years ago, unfortunately, but was thrilled to buy the recording it again when it was released on iTunes.

  • bx6095

    I bought it on 3 LP when I was a child in the ’80s and grew up on Broad Street/Press to Play/Flowers era. I started hunting for earlier Paul records and read that WOA is a 3 LP set – must be very serious – I never hear of a 3 LP set before. I had to save some money to buy a 2nd hand copy and I loved it. Poster, nice labels, foldout etc. I played the 2nd side of LP3 on maximum volume, Letting Go is very rocky, and then all the rest is there is best. I was so young then that I didn’t know all the Beatles albums, and I heard I’ve just seen a face from the Wings first, and I surprised to hear it from the Beatles later when I got Help 🙂

  • Lucy Inda Sky

    I am a child of the1960’s. 1970’s brought me to Paul McCartney.  Living summers at a cabin, that back then, had no cable or phone. My only entertainment came from listening to the radio. I found myself asking my mom, ” I love this song..who sings it”? My mother replied,”It’s Paul McCartney. When the 1976 tour happened, Rockshow played on Public Broadcasting at 11Pm. I BEGGED my mom to see it. She gave in and said, “I will wake you at 11 to see the show”. From that day on I became the biggest MACCA fan at the age of 8. Almost 40years later I try to go to all McCartney concerts in my area. I have logged 11 shows and my 12 year old has 7 under his belt. My Vinyl copy of Wings Over America is retired..and worn. My CD has scratches. I am so excited to know that it is being reissued. I cannot WAIT to watch the DVD with my son. We are McCartney family! Thank you, Paul, for entertaining us and allowing us to grow old with your music.

  • Barb Curtis

    While I had always loved listening to the Beatles as a young child, it was in the mid-70s that my appreciation for Paul McCartney really took hold.  I was 12 and my parents felt I was too young to see McCartney in the Wings Over America tour in the Kingdome in Seattle in ’76… so when this album came out, I treasured it.  Played it over and over, and to this day I still treasure it, put it on the turntable from time to time, and appreciate the talent, the energy, and the timelessness of this music.  My records are worn, the poster (still folded in the case) has brown tape marks from all those years ago when it was hanging on my wall, and I’d love to have a copy of the remastered vinyl so that I and my kids can experience how amazing this music can sound on vinyl.  I’m so excited to be taking my kids to see Paul McCartney in concert this summer!  And I love that my daughter is now the same age as I was in 1976…

  • mariammmt

    I´m just 21 years old. Wings over America has meant the way i understand how music was great and wonderwall years ago. I would like to earn it, sense it.

  • SteveBuchner

    I bought WOA LP and the accompanying music book in 1979.  I practically learned how to play guitar with this album – I’d play it from beginning to end.  The guitar solo from Maybe I’m Amazed was the first solo I ever picked out and learned.

  • xtianDC

    I can’t say I’ve ever owned this one personally…but the sight of the cover brings me back to the memory of staring a hole through my dad’s copy! That and Songs in the Key of Life were big one’s in our house growing up. Would love to finally have my own copy to entrance my own kids!

  • stevenmatarazzo

    I picked up the original at a record shop. Thankfully it was in great condition, but this new version looks great! Would be nice to have a digital version to listen to on-the-go! 🙂

  • Dan

    I only have a digital copy, but I love the album and I’ve been waiting for thi remaster to get it on vinyl.  My turntable is hungry for more Sir Paul!

  • catballou944

    My beloved albums from the ’60s and ’70s eventually were put in storage
    along with everything else I owned when I found myself jobless and
    homeless.  I had loaned Band on the Run, along with Buckingham/Nicks to a
    friend of mine, but had forgotten those two albums were not in
    storage.  When I got my albums back, they were in great condition, but
    not the two I had loaned out.  My friend had let them lie in the sun and
    they were warped beyond repair.  I would LOVE a new copy!!  I did get to see Psul a few years ago in Oakland, CA, so that memory has helped over the years!

  • Robert Ciccone

    When I first got a copy of “Wings Over America” in the late ’70s, it was such a great live album that showed Paul McCartney in fine form, playing in a band that proved to fans that there was life after the Beatles.  As a pre-teen at the time, who was a big fan of the Beatles, I very much enjoyed the then-recent Wings material that was all over the radio at the time – so that the album contained mostly Wings songs (and one, and to become very iconic, solo song “Maybe I’m Amazed”, the single, and arguably high point of the album) was OK with me.  Five Beatles songs that McCartney did for WOA were good choices and well-placed on the album.  Giving Denny Laine the spotlight to perform his former band’s (the Moody Blues) hit “Go Now” was another highlight for me from WOA – giving Wings more of a collective band feel, vs. just being Paul McCartney’s back-up musicians.  I hung the poster that came with WOA on my wall next to the Beatles White Album poster.  Of all the live albums that came out at the time … Frampton Comes Alive, Lynyrd Skynryd “One More From the Road”, and even Led Zeppelin “The Song Remains the Same” .. Wings Over America was, and is, a favorite of mine over all the others – still a great live album from the golden age of the mid 1970s.

  • PaulTrate

    I literally wore my vinyl copies (yes! plural! lol) out from playing them so much! A friend graciously let me upload the copy of his cd to my iTunes, but would love a new, official copy of this landmark album again! Especially on vinyl since we know it sounds the best (and my eyes struggle to read cd liner notes lol)! I’ve seen copies in used shops over the years but always passed them up as there was always some issues with them. Would be great to have a fresh, brand new copy that’s all mine!!!

  • Shaaron

    In 1976 I bought the album at the local record shop. I was excited to see what was next in a line of Beatles and post Beatles releases I had purchased from the very beginning in 1964. I was lucky enough to be 16 in’64, always been grateful for that! I went home and immersed myself in the music. Song after song a new rush washed over me! “Let Me Roll It,” Picasso’s Last Words” all the way through to “Band on the Run.” I was a single mom by now with little extra cash in pocket so no way could I have gone to the concert, this however brought me into the arena and I was thrilled! I still love vinyl, no better way to fall into to music. Thank you Paul for everything, really, everything!

  • thatwasmejpm

    I love WOA!  Played and played my copy and there aren’t many plays left in it–not to mention that it’s been through a flooded basement and I can’t bring myself to toss it.  I missed seeing Wings live in 76 because I was a poor grad school student. Seeing Rockshow at the theatre in May brought that period all back to me. Paul at his best.

  • Caroline07

    I have loved Macca since I was 16 and I am now 65 and widowed. His music has always taken me away from life’s difficulties and I have had my share. I have the Beatles and Wings in my car and it is played as soon as the car is started for a short trip or long. I play his tunes to clean my house, and he is played at every get together. I will never ever get a chance to see him live as I live in Northern Ontario Canada but I simply love his music so very much so getting this collection would mean the world to me. I am always introducing new kids to his music and explaining why I think he is the best and to have them give a listen so this would be another learning tool for our next generation in our almost isolated community. He really is the best and you never have too much Paul McCartney music, stories or videos.  Please pick me!!! I love Macca xo This would be something else that would fill my day and fill my heart. PICK ME  🙂   BTW  my cd’s really are wearing thin and I could use this.

  • Jeff

    The Beatles broke up just as I reached my teens. During the ’70s, I often struggled to make some sense of their solo efforts. But in late 1976, George Harrison released a greatest hits compilation. A month later, “Wings Over America” came out. They were, and are, two of my favorite records, gracefully and successfully bridging and reconciling their Beatles past and their solo present.

  • Rick

    I still have my original 3 disc/vinyl album from 1977.
    I loved the Beatles music so much and was just getting to really collect all of their vinyl when they broke up.
    Paul was always my favorite. I really remember all of the negative hype that was going around after the breakup. Stuff like Paul being nothing without John. Stuff like George Harrison was more pleasing musically than Paul. The digs Paul got for singles like, ANOTHER DAY, MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB, etc. Band on the Run showed that McCartney was every bit as talented as he was with the Beatles.
    However, what WOA means to me is the almost total vendicaton of Paul and his talents and abilities as a musical talent. His concerts during WOA were record setters and the 3disc vinyl release was probably the most daring release to date by anybody – and it paid off big time. This collection shows just was a genius he was and still is.
    Rick-Elk Grove

  • BruceRKilgour

    Still have the original purchase at 17 in 1976. I’d be honored to display a shiny new copy on the shelf! Paul ROCKS!

  • billstry

    Wings over America was my second Album I purchased.  I had Beatle’s Rock and Roll and numerous singles.  I was 11.  I am 48 and I have over 7,000 albums and Cds.  My musical tastes have changed over the years but my musical DNA was formed based on these songs.  I’m excited to hear this set.

  • Recordmike

    I saw Rockshow at the theater when it came out and bought the 3 LP set as well when I was young.  I would love a upgrade of this album.

  • musicmoon1

    Linda McCartney has oft been given short shrift for her vocals, but mention must be made that her work with Wings on that tour was an integral element. In concert Paul beamed with pride on having her in the band and this cohesive factor was key to Wings’ success, at least on stage. Linda McCartney believed in her husband and Wings as much as she did about vegetarianism and other causes she felt strongly about. Instead of riding on his coattails, Linda wanted to give it her all on stage and in the studio. A reissue of Wings Over America would be a welcome addition to my collection.

  • meldridge18

    I’m only 15 years old and am a true die-hard Wings fan! I
    got my love for Wings from my dad, who got to see WOA when he was 18. Because I
    was born quite a few years after WOA, I never got to have that awesome
    experience. I started collecting Wings record at a young age, and am proud to
    say I own every one of their records except WOA…. Like I said, my dad and I
    both love Wings and were determined to find the missing record so I could hear
    what he got to hear live. I have not managed to find the WOA record in decent
    condition anywhere and it had devastated my dad and I. I am hoping that I will
    win a record so that I can complete my collection and share a bonding moment
    with my dad while we listen to the record together. It would mean the world to my dad and I if I

  • valerierae15

    My sister is a HUGE Wings fan, and would love to have this
    record!! She has a collection of every Wings record but is missing WOA. I’m
    hoping to win the record so that I could give it to her as a special birthday
    surprise. It would mean SO MUCH to my sister and I if I won this new vinyl and
    completed her collection. (:

  • ppbkwrtr

    After my Dad died, I found Wings Over America in his collection. He introduced me to the Beatles and Paul’s Band on the Run album, but never got a chance to share Wings Over America. I’d love to win a copy of the new remastered version to share and pass on like I know my Dad would have!

  • The Vinyl District

    Winners have been notified – please check your email – thanks!


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