Treetop Flyers:
The TVD First Date

“Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I was lucky enough to be raised on some of the best music ever made which made me into the musician I am today. My first date with each of these records was pretty special, and although I’m now probably on my thousandth date with each of them, they’re still just as special to me.”

Revolver by the Beatles. It’s a record that just keeps on giving! Klaus Voorman’s artwork is a masterpiece in itself. I have it framed next to my bed! What I love so much about this record is everything about it is so perfect. The playing, the songs, the production, everything! A real stand out gem is “And Your Bird Can Sing.” The bass playing is awesome, just one example of how underrated Paul McCartney is as a bass player.

Fire and Water by Free. A criminally under rated band—this was a really important record for me when I was starting to play in bands and write songs. Free were like no other band. They had it all, soul, blues, funk, raw, and rocking. I’m gunna mention the bass playing again, as Andy Fraser for me is the best bass player of all time. He was about 16 when they made this record and he’s doing things no one has been able to imitate since. Check out the bass solo on “Mr. Big.” Phwoar!

Sweet Baby James by James Taylor. Another record I have hung on the wall. I go way back with James Taylor. I remember hearing him as a kid and just feeling safe and happy when I heard it, something I still feel today. There’s some great tracks on this record as well as some great words. My favourite has to be “Sweet Baby James.”

Overnite Sensation by Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention. This for me is Frank’s pièce de résistance. The playing is mind blowing, the humour spot on, and great songs too. It’s still ahead of its time.”
Matthew Starritt, bass/vocals

Treetop Flyers’ debut record, The Mountain Moves is on store shelves now via Partisan Records.

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