TVD Premiere:
The Bynars,
“Never Gonna Die”

“We love vinyl! We love listening, collecting, the big artwork… all of it! If it were cost-effective, we would put all of our releases out on vinyl… maybe even on vinyl only and not even offer them as downloads or on CD.”

“I think people who listen to vinyl are the exact types of people you would want as fans of your band. People who buy vinyl tend to appreciate the artwork more, the look and feel of the record itself, and most importantly, they tend to listen to your record in its entirety, from start to finish, without skipping tracks… they really invest in your music. As a band and fellow music lovers, we really appreciate that.

We haven’t done a vinyl release yet. In fact, with every release we do, we have a big “should we put this out on vinyl?” discussion. We may still do a short run with our new album, X vs. X, and it is our dream to release all of the singles (including “Never Gonna Die”) as a 7 inch series with exclusive B-sides.

There are only two reasons we haven’t done that yet. One is because vinyl isn’t super-cheap to press, although by getting more popular each year, the costs are becoming more affordable and more bands are doing it.

The other reason is because it’s so incredibly easy to put things out digitally… plus it’s free and immediate, which is very cool in its own way.

Regardless, I know we will have a release soon on vinyl. For now you’ll just have to imagine the pops and scratches!”
Matt Jatkola, The Bynars

The Bynars’ new single, “Never Gonna Die” is taken from their second album X vs. X which lands in stores on September 17.

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