TVD Video Premiere: Neil Nathan Inc.,
“There Is No Time”

Neil Nathan Inc. pays homage to Lou Reed and Andy Warhol in his latest video for his cover of “There Is No Time” from Lou’s classic New York LP.

“I love reinterpreting classic songs,” says the artist who stripped down ELO and The Move’s “Do Ya” to its barest essence and got Jeff Lynne’s blessing for it to appear on the Californication soundtrack. Neil brings the rock on this one with a vitriolic lead vocal that lends itself well to Lou’s scathing socio-political critique.”I’ve always loved Lou Reed’s New York LP and “There Is No Time,” “Dirty Blvd.,” and “Strawman” are just timeless songs. Those lyrics are even more relevant today. “There Is No Time” is obviously a very welcome addition to the rest of the tunes on my power to the people concept record.”

“I was in pre-production on a few different ideas for the video when Lou sadly passed, so I started thinking more about the lyrics in terms of Lou Reed as a songwriter, performer, and artist, which brought me back to The Velvet Underground and Andy Warhol. When I began revisiting Andy’s pop art, I was shocked at how much of it thematically linked up with the lyrics to the song. And the concept was born.”

In the video, Nathan and British animator Tom Floyd, paint a touching picture that captures the indomitable artistic spirit of these two American Originals while getting to the heart of the song’s call for urgent action if we are to steer this dysfunctional ship that is the American government back on course. And because of Lou’s recent passing, it also serves as a sad reminder of our mortality and memorial to one of our greatest songwriters.

Neil Nathan Inc.’s new power to the people concept LP, Sweep The Nation, was debuted on Seattle’s KEXP. It’s been called a “scintillating master work” and a “crunchy hard rocking masterpiece.” It’s garnered features in Magnet magazine and yes, us—The Vinyl District, who both called the record “Impressive.” Neil’s Jumpstart Claymation Video off the record was called “A bizarre good time” by Huffington Post.

“There Is No Time” is the third video to be released off the LP.

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