TVD Vinyl Giveaway: Simone Felice, Strangers

For the past 5 years Simone Felice has labored beneath the shadow of his siblings in The Felice Brothers, the great, raw-boned folk-rock band from the Catskill Mountains.

The singer-songwriter and author was originally a member, but departed in 2009 to pursue a separate career, both as a member of The Duke & The King and as a solo artist. Simone Felice has just released his excellent sophomore solo LP, Strangers, and it looks as if he’s slated to move into the limelight at last.

Felice is a true romantic and a sensitive soul, and boasts a sweeter voice and a smoother, prettier sound than his rougher-edged siblings. His are lovely and beguiling songs in the classic singer-songwriter mode—less suited for the honky-tonk than twilight in a darkening room with that special somebody, a warm spring rain beating against the window panes.

Strangers—which was recorded in the Catskills with guests The Felice Brothers, Leah Siegel, and Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites of The Lumineers—boasts delicate and haunting melodies, poetic lyrics, and lots of big, ecstatic song endings—check out “Molly-O” and “Running Through My Head”—but Felice’s heartfelt quaver is always front and center.

To win a copy of Strangers—which officially lands on store shelves today (3/25)—leave a comment below naming your favorite singer-songwriter. I would have to go with Gordon Lightfoot who gave us “Carefree Highway” and that great Irwin Allen disaster flick of a song, “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.”

A winner with a North American mailing address will be chosen a week from today, Tuesday, April 1. So go for it! Strangers even includes a song called “Gettysburg,” where I spent my formative years smoking pot with pig farmers!

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  • Mario1284

    Jim Croce is my favorite singer/songwriter of all time.

  • C. Scott

    Bill Callahan is tip-top for me.

  • poopyjeff

    Nick Drake

  • peterspencer10

    Neil Young,

  • Martijn

    It’s ironic that a true stranger as I am, living in that strangest of strange countries, The Netherlands, which isn’t even a country but a pirate’s nest and a flat muddy plane with a few erect easels with painters behind them… I said that a true stranger can’t win said copy of “Strangers”. But that’s okay… I like irony and I don’t like to win. In loosing you see a kingdom. Loosing holds more grace than a ballerina on a polished old oak floor…
    So, chanceless as I am, I can still say I liked this post and name a favorite singer-songwriter… so many to choose from. A.A. Bondy, Guido Belcampo, Dylan himself… no… of course: Ewan MacColl.

  • Martijn

    “Guido Belcanto” (not Belcampo) was intended…

  • Martijn

    @Martijn Complete bollocks… Jacques Brel is the man.

  • HotButteredSoul

    While full credit must be given to giants like Dylan, Young, Lightfoot etc., The singer/songwriter albums that I go back to most frequently over the years are those by the great Bill Withers.

  • popa2unes

    Shayfer James gets a tip o the hat from me as favorite singer-songwriter

  • Michelle

    Woody Guthrie: back to Americana roots and folk, you can’t get any more classic and down-home than that.

  • JasonDNickolay

    I am going with Neil Young!  Best Ever!

  • liddokun

    Leslie Feist!

  • rilzbaybuh

    Bob dylan