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“The first record I can remember getting as a Christmas present was Kiss, Double Platinum. It was a slick double record with a silver cover. Pretty freaking cool. I think I wore it out between the ages 8-10.”

“My Mother had a small but unbelievably influential record collection which I discovered in the basement as a kid and promptly brought to my room. The Beatles’ White Album, Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits Volume 1, Bob Marley’s Rastaman Vibrations, Donovan’s Greatest Hits, Dr. John’s Right Place. These are a few that really impacted my life and still do.

I think listening to the White Album and Dylan’s Greatest Hits as a young teen really subconsciously brainwashed me into writing songs. Listening to those records gave me expression. Then connecting with Donovan, Dr. John, and Bob Marley gave me vocal craft and style. But it was the joyful trippy sound of the Beatles and the presence and words of Bob Dylan that changed my life…and that’s why I’m here.”
G. Love

And here he is indeed—20 years on—with a new release entitled Sugar that landed on store shelves just yesterday (4/22), G. Love & Special Sauce are back—and in a big way. And that includes on vinyl—and even more special, we have 1 of just 2 test pressings to give away and put in the hands of 1 of you.

“Twenty years after the release of their self-titled debut and eight years since their last live performance together, the original lineup of G. Love & Special Sauce return with their first album in nearly a decade. Built on the trio’s signature hip-hop blues sound, Sugar finds vocalist/guitarist/harmonica player G. Love (aka Garrett Dutton), upright bassist James “Jimi Jazz” Prescott, and drummer Jeffrey “The Houseman” Clemens breathing new life into their groove-heavy, Chicago-blues-infused brand of stripped-down rock & roll.

“The goal for the album was to make it really raw and immediate, with live takes and live vocals and everybody playing so that it all comes together in that intangible way,” says G. Love. ‘That’s what our music is all about.’”

Now, admittedly, this is a pretty cool artifact to award one of you, so we’d like to be certain it lands in the mailbox of a fan. In the comments below, share with us a G. Love and Special Sauce memory from any point in G’s or the band’s history to make it count, and the headiest one wins our sweet Sugar test pressing.

We’ll choose one winner a week from today (4/30) with a North American mailing address!

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  • btw

    When I was in high school the boy I had a huge crush on was a big G. Love and the Special Sauce fan.  We spent many a time fooling around in his car while The Best of G. Love and Special Sauce played in the background.  I don’t talk to him anymore, but the music stuck, and I’ve been fan ever since.

  • JChaps

    Two things immediately come to mind…

    First is a memory of visiting my brother while he was working at  They do advertising jingles and sound design, and were working on a spot for Coke, a remake of “Teach the World to Sing” done in the  The ad agency was trying different versions out, so the guys at Beacon Street were working on recording their version.  I was asked to weigh in on the feel of the sound, being the resident “expert” on G. Love.  They had to add a steel guitar, and pull the baffle out of the bass drum so it could get a boomier kick.  They then they asked me to lay down some additional drum tracks to add to the mix since the studio drummer had left for the day.  Brian is ten years older, so we were never close growing up, but we share a passion for music and it was so great getting to work together in the studio.

    And second, is “Cold Beverage” remaining a theme repeated often in my home.  Since 1997, we’ve been telling each other to clean up the leftovers (or new groceries, extra Coke from the pantry, etc.) and “stick it in the fridge, stick it in the fridge, stick it in the fridge”.  My wife doesn’t much appreciate when I tell her to “Go, girl, work the cold one”, but she’ll never escape it.

  • MsScranton077

    In the spring of ’94, I was a junior in high school.  I had just met my future husband (although we
    didn’t know that at the time), and the first G Love and Special Sauce album was
    We spent countless hours listening to that album, and
    falling in love.  It was such an awesome
    time in both our lives.  Anytime I listen
    to it, I am shot back in time to the glory days of that time.  “Baby Got Sauce” was one of our wedding
    dances.  Anyone who knew us was not
    surprised.  We have everything that was
    put out by G Love, and G Love and Special Sauce.
    A friend of ours had shown it to us, and we were
    hooked.  There is quite a group of us
    that have been devoted fans since day one, and we have attended shows together
    having a blast at every single one. Once, my husband and I traveled 8 hours to
    Ohio to see a show with my brother!  It
    was the only reason we were going.  We
    drove 8 hours one day, saw the show the next, and drove home the following
    Seeing the show at the Metro in Chicago last Friday was so much
    fun that I have a hard time putting into words. 
    To hear that first album played live from start to finish was a dream
    come true. 20 years of being in love with my husband, and this awesome band. It
    was such a great night!
    I have to say that one of my favorites was when “Lemonade”
    came out.  They played a small venue in
    our little nook of the Midwest.  It was
    very intimate, and one of the best times any of us had at a show.  ANY show. 

    It was an all ages show, and a couple (also HUGE G Love
    fans) we are friends with brought their 10 year old son and his friend.  The kids were allowed to get in front of the
    rope and hang out right there next to the small stage (they were the only 2
    kids there).  It was so small that they
    had their elbows on it while they were on their knees. For the record, these
    kids were already fans and they knew that music before the show.
    G Love was so cool! 
    He put the mic to these kids to sing the “ain’t goin’ back” part of “Can’t
    go Back to Jersey”.  They were in heaven,
    and so were we! 
    After it was over, he gave both those kids a harmonica.  Some chick tried to grab one, and G Love
    mean-mugged her and was sure the kids got them. 
    It was awesome!
    The next time he played there, we got to meet him, and I
    thought I was going to die.  I have a
    picture with him, and I have the dumbest look on my face because I was star
    struck and stupid-excited.  Since the
    kids didn’t get to go to that show, we all smoked a joint with him in the alley
    and I just stood next to him with a stupid look on my face loving every minute
    of it.

  • Brett Nelson

    I will never forget the first time I heard G Love and the Special Sauce. I was in 8th grade at basketball practice and one of my friend’s older brothers was helping with practice. He put a tape in the boombox we had for music during practice. Cold Beverages started playing and I was hooked! Now, twenty years later, I am still in love with G Love and Special Sauce! I just went to 3 of their concerts and make it a point to see G Love at least once a year! Best part this year, I got not one, but two setlist from G Love! AMAZING! Oh, and I may have introduced many of my friends throughout my life to them!

  • Tasha T

    One of the highlights in my life was meeting G Love at Jannus Live in St. Petersburg, FL!  Such a refreshing change from the main stream on our local radio stations. People who do not know of him are missing out. I have every one of his albums and am purchasing Sugar from I Tunes when I am done with this post.

  • jonbbrad

    The first time I saw G Love live was at 9:30 club with Special Sauce. I had to convince a head banger friend of mine to check out the show with me since I needed a ride and I live about 1.5 hours away from 9:30… though hesitate at first by the end of the night my buddy was converted! Now, whenever I hear G Love I remember that night and the great time we had… my buddy left us about 3 years ago, so I’m glad I have that memory to look back on and make me smile.

  • JenSteffen

    The first time I heard G Love, my roommate and best friend was playing Cold Beverages. I was floored. She danced around the apartment and when she saw me, she smiled and took my hands and danced with me. We listened to the entire album all afternoon. We went out separate ways after a time and I hadn’t gotten a copy of the album of my own. I was pleasantly surprised to find out my brother had the album. I am only minorly ashamed to admit that I copied his album for my car with full intention to get that and the rest for my own collection. Just hasn’t happened yet. I could have died knowing I was outside First Avenue while they played inside, just last week. Student status had taken its toll on my finances. Love the Sauce!

  • RobGriffin

    Garrett, Jeffrey, and Jim have always had a special place in my heart. I remember the first time I heard the self-titled, on the way home from a hiking trip, I was way into it from the first couple bars of “Things That I Used To Do.”  The upright bass coupled with the skinny kid with the Philly accent laying down rhymes over a dobro with a solid, hollow snare beat was something totally new to me.  When I first heard the album, at the ripe old age of 18 or 19, it was a pretty formative time in my life for musical appreciation, I was immersed in jazz and blues; Miles Davis, Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Elmore James, Howlin Wolf, and BB King.  I felt like I got turned onto their sound at just the right time, and for a reason.  I was living and growing up in south central Pennsylvania, and started making weekend trips to Philly to visit friends in college, being a kid from a small town, I received my urban education from these trips and learned a lot about where Garrett got his sound and how he developed it.  

    I started doing promo work for the band in 1999 when they released Philadelphonic, hanging flyers, passing out stickers, spreading the word and in return, I would get into shows of theirs for free.  Not a bad deal for a broke kid like me who loved music and was scraping to pay rent at his first apartment.

    There was one show in particular that made me a lifelong fan of Garrett and company.   They were doing a show at the Recher Theater in Towson, MD, and I was on the guest list, but was broke as hell and lived about an hour and a half away from the venue.  I decided to spend my last 20 bucks in gas and head to the show.  No money for beer, cd’s, just enough to get there, harass the bartender for water, and head back home.  Because of Garrett and his boys on his management team, I wound up on the bus after the show, hanging out with everybody.  They gave me a few beers, burned one with me, and let me hang out and be a part of.  One of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had, especially for a young music lover.  I’ve seen them a bunch of times since, bought album after album, and will continue to support them until they call it a career, not only is their music solid and honest, but they let this guy be one of the cool kids for night, and come away with a great story to tell.

  • Brendon

    I’ve been a huge fan of G. Love and Special Sauce ever since I heard ‘Cold Beverage” off of his ’94 release and I’ve loved every album all the way to his newest once. My favorite being Philadelphonic, Lemonade, and Superhero Brother. The defining moment for me was when I saw G. Love perform at Lollaplooza 2007. He used the microphone as slide on his guitar and his entire crew performed so well on stage! The whole set was one of the most entertaining and enjoyable of the whole weekend. I will always throw G. Love on, no matter what time of day or season, it fits in life no matter what!!

  • Shaun Mooney

    I have been to a lot of G.Love and Special sauce shows. They are always a good time. The most memorable to me, was a show in Kansas City at the River Market. Shows are prohibited there now. Which is to bad because it was great venue. I remember the weather was perfect. I was with the best of friends, and G.Love come out on stage wearing a Kansas City Royals Jersey. He sat down in a chair and started play. I was entranced with his guitar play, His knees moving in and out as his right shoulder moving up and down. I remember one song more than other, Stepping Stones. Stepping Stones may not be my favorite song of his, but it was my favorite song of the night.

  • Keith Oliver

    First G. Love show I attended I had to leave unexpectedly after the second song. Second show was cut short by G. Love himself having to rush and fly back home for a family emergency. Finally the third time around I got to see the complete show and meet and greet afterwards. He autographed two of my LP’s also!

  • Frank Bard

    It ain’t easy to come up with a single best memory of GLASS, there’s a lot to choose from. They always bring the funk live, they have for twenty years. Off the top of my head, I’m thinkin’ of just last year at the House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard. It was a packed house, crowd got their mad buzz on, sweat and beer and weed in the air, adrenalized harmonies pumpin’ up both the band and the fans, G was on fire with his axe n’ harp tearin’ through a beefy set with the likes of Peace Love and Happiness, Garbage Man, I-76, Sauce, and even a few tasty deep cuts. At the end of a powerhouse version of Jersey, G made a seamless transition into a stream-of-consciousness freestyle rap egging the crowd on for off-the-top-of-their-head subjects he’d rhyme right there on the spot. The crowd tried to throw him with suggestions like ‘lesbians,’ ‘scuba gear,’ and the most memorable topic, “Motherfuckin’ bunny rabbits?!! Aww shit, where do ya think we are, man?” G said, before launching into a hilarious improv spit on just that, bunny rabbits. It was epically boisterous, the crowd loved it, capping off a stellar performance before the encore. SoCal doesn’t get much top end blues-hip hop fusion, but when GLASS is in town, we do it up right with the man in charge.

  • CourtneyJ

    What’s your favorite G. Love and Special Sauce moment? How can I choose just one? I have been to over 25 G. Love shows and every one has been amazing. These boys light up the stage when they are together. I have NEVER seen a bad show! NEVER! I do have a few moments that stick out!
    I have seen GLASS all over the state of MD, DC, and VA. But I traveled to Philly one summer to see him. It was a defining moment for me; seeing G in his home town with a group of people who knew all songs, old and new, and were true fans like me! The whole crowd singing along to all songs. It was probably the best show I have seen because of the enthusiasm from the crowd. (Because GLASS lights up the stage everywhere, every time)!
    In August 2013, I saw GLASS in OC, MD and G. Handed me the set list. This WAS the most memorable moment for me. I was on cloud 9! I felt like there was a slight chance that G recognized me from all the shows I had attended. (A girl can dream). Then, I went to see the Sugar Tour in Feb. First of all, having Jimi Jazz back was phenomenal. Incredible. Seeing the original trio, play two whole sets, and being on “my” front row post. It was another incredible show! But then it happened. The show was over and G handed me the set list. AGAIN. Now this sent my mind in overdrive. He MUST recognize me!
    So, maybe I do have a favorite moment. Truthfully, I have so many moments that I have loved at their shows. I believe that they all add up to make the moments I have specified above mean so much more.

  • ScottCampbell3

    This isn’t so much a testament to what a fan we are (although we all G heads) but to how music becomes a soundtrack to life. Wether it’s “Shooting Hoops” in the early days. Parting with “Baby’s Got Sauce” or the big breakup with “Love” Philadelphonic version, which I personaly wore out. Dusting yourself off and loving again years later with the Hustles “Love” turning into “Beautiful”. That first sunny day of a Canadian summer which is rare with “Let the Music Play”. Slightly Stupid collaborations like “Mellow Mood” which scratches that itch and slows you down when life’s speeding to get there… Kickin’ Back Kickin’ Back…  Some “Hobo Blues” when you just don’t know what sound your looking for today. I could go on and on like my Engagement at an Arizona show during “Miss Kate” or the many years that have followed right up to “One Night Romance”, which feels like it’s always existed. No these days, 2 kids later, I don’t get to the record store like I used to but we spin the black circle daily. There is only one thing like it and they got together great. I have yet to pick up this record but will one way or another. 
    “Thanks and Praise”

  • Mike Cameron

    Here is the thing…some of these posts and memories from fans are great to read and you can feel how much love the fans have for GLASS.  I’ve seen GLASS perform live more than any other band in my life, so it’s hard to pick a moment, more like “moments over the last two decades”.  A few memories come to mind, like back in 1994 on their first tour.  The band played The Crocodile Café in Seattle.  Back then, they booked two shows in one night and the place only holds a few hundred.  Crazy, huh?  Who does that anymore?  Two shows in one night!  I remember forcing a few friends to come and we all just had the time of our lives.  We had tickets for the first show at 7:30, but our asses didn’t leave the venue until after the second show. You know when someone asks what your favorite concert is that you ever attended? Well that is the one, because I saw something that very few people see, the beginning of a band that everyone in that audience new would become something important, something with staying power, something unique and with a style that nobody else will ever have.  And they brought it twice in one night!  Move over James Brown, the hardest working band in history had just taken over. 

    Since then, I’ve seen Garret and Co play countless shows to any size audience and they always bring it.  Another sweet memory I have was when I saw them play live at The Gorge in Washington in front of 25,000 people (opening for Jack)….there was a moment when the audience was cheering so loud in between songs, you could see the band was just shell shocked, at a loss for words, completely taken by surprise by the audience reaction.  Maybe you had to be there, but that same friend that was with me at The Crocodile Café show in 1996 was standing next to me at The Gorge show and we were grinning from ear to ear like high school kids, just so proud to see the band getting all that love back from the audience and you could tell Garret was stunned by it all. 

    Hell, seeing Jeff play with Chuck (2 drummers at once…who does that?) was a sweet show to see…probably 8 or 9 years ago.  Seeing them tour for Yeah It’s That Easy and having Brodeeva with them…anyone remember the backup singers?  That was off the hook.  I saw Garret play a solo show in Paris in front of a few hundred about two years ago and it was off the hook. His guitar style has evolved and he’s become such a better performer and musician, it’s rewarding as a fan.

    I think the best memories also come from sharing their music and turning people into fans.  I don’t know how many people I’ve literally forced to listen to their music over the years, but the number is staggering.  In fact, before Napster and the ease of downloading, I used to trade live GLASS sets with other fans. We seriously would post that we had a show (Chris D Soundboard recording…you bet) and send CDs of the live sets to each other.  I’d take those live sets and pass them out to anyone that would listen. At one point, I had created a 7 cd set of live, unreleased, covers, new songs, etc of GLASS that I started to trade.  Some guy I traded with posted it on Audio Archive in 2004 and that 7 cd set has been listened to over 90,000 times in the last 10 years (so says the site  Since then, I’ve created a bunch of other GLASS compilations, because these guys have a wealth of music and a big old catalogue that you might have missed!

    In my 20 years of following GLASS there are three things that are fact: 1) GLASS will play a venue close to you at least twice every year and 2) You will never find a person that has a bad time at G Love and Special Sauce concert and 3) I’m the biggest Glass fan of all of them.

    So…yeah…I want this test press!  After all, I’d bet my left nut that I’m the only person that has a copy of Grey Whale Sessions on vinyl (for those that don’t know, that was a extremely limited pressing of Garret’s songs for the movie).  I’m probably the only person that remembers that “Fresh Lila” is one of the best B Side songs they released on vinyl…Probably the only guy that still spins the Hot Cooking 7 inch, because the song “Party” is an awesome track that should have been on Lemonade.  Hell…I remember when I “snail mail” ordered to buy the VCR Tape for Eyes Have Miles…anybody still own that gem?  I still have G Love In The Kings Court on Tape…anybody else have that?

    My point in all of this rambling is that I actually believe that my vinyl collection will never ever be complete until I get this test press.  Crazy ass GLASS fan to the core!
    Mike Cameron

  • Scott

    G Love’s music has a special place with me.

    The first album I was aware of was special sauce. It hit at a great time in my life. Young, carefree and partying at the beach all summer long. G love was the perfect soundtrack.

    His music stayed with me and always brings me back to that place…

    Fast forward about 15 years. A recent divorce and major changes in my life. Lots of chaos and sadness. Moved to the NJ shore and unbelievable g love is playing in town that week.

    2010 Algonquin Manasquan. It was the first and only time I’ve seen him live. The music took me exactly where I’d hoped it would. Medicine for the soul.

    Things happen for a reason. Music is always there.

  • bryanbarc

    As a young buck out to explore the world I joined the Navy and got stationed on the USS Seattle AOE-3 out of Leonardo, NJ back in ’97-’99. The home port in Jersey was nothing to write home about and nothing to go back too, but the boat soon had an extended stay at the Philly Navy Yard. OK, so, not the exotic destination I had imagined, but as luck would have it a cassette of “Yeah, It’s That Easy” flipped the script and became the soundtrack for one of the greatest times of my Life. It marked the beginning of an appreciation for real music and I hit the South Philly streets running. Cruising down 76, chilling at FDR, chasing girls, and getting some ink off Passyunk Ave certainly left a mark, but nothing comes close to that everlasting Philadelphonic sound. Flash forward 17 years and I’m back home with a family of my own. My oldest boy has a harmonica and a fedora, he’s 4. My twin bro has a reunion tour setlist and some Sambal sauce. My wife, well, she got that sauce too and a little crush on G and that’s alright. Nothing else quite like home enjoying the music you love with the people you love. Countless jams later, live shows and meet and greets with signed swag and photo ops have us plotting the next road trip to get our hip hop blues fix. Family for life, fans for Life. So, a big congrats and much love to G. Love & Special Sauce on the release of Sugar, 20 years of making such great music, and impacting lives like mine along the way. Thank you!!!!

  • Arnie Tango

    G.Love & Special Sauce 20 years ago in Rennes (France) and meet coming out of the tour bus and he just gave me a 45 rpm vinyl of
    the band FIRST BORN, as simply as saying “hello”. That was my story
    about G. Love and vinyl!!!

  • Allie

    As any self-respecting G. Love & Special Sauce fan
    knows, their albums work better in the bedroom than a bottle of really good
    cabernet and Pfizer’s little blue pills.  My man leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Can
    I get you another glass of wine and maybe turn on some G. Love for you?” (Clearly,
    he has great taste in both music and women.)

    Somewhere after the beginning of Lemonade’s “Hot Cookin’”
    things got warm and I’m pretty sure I was knocked up by the end of The Hustle’s
    “Give it to you.”

    Fast forward a couple years later and the world has an
    ass-kickin’ hellion toddler who rocks out to deep tracks and old funk. (Her
    favorite songs include G. Love’s “Holla!”, Cypress Hill’s “Insane in the Brain”,
    and Charlie Hope’s “Wheels on the Bus.”)

    If a little aphrodisiac playlist on an iPod could do all
    that— what could “Sugar” on vinyl trigger? Twins?

    PSA: Kids, please use G. Love & Special Sauce
    responsibly… Now I need a remix of “Wheels on the Bus” mixed with “Back of the
    Bus” on G.L.A.S.S. the Kids’ Album.

  • MsScranton077

    Here’s the picture….

  • MsScranton077

    I still have the shirt I am clutching. Bought it at the show and had it signed 🙂

  • Monica

    G. Love memory – watching you open with “Rainbow” as the rain cleared at the Gorge and a double rainbow emerged…rockin’.  I wasn’t there for Dave Matthews, I was there to see G. Love!

  • Katrinapeterman

    First live G love and special sauce show for me was back in 99 in Rome New York on the north stage right after jamiriquoi and just before Erika badu and the legendary roots group. Sunburned and stoked!

  • Miss pootie

    One of my favorite concert memories was hanging with the boys after a show until the wee hours. It was an amazing night full of laughter, serious talks, food, cold beverages, and music. Such. A down to earth group of people. Best night ever!

  • AMandolin

    I can still remember the day my buddy brought me my first G Love & Special sauce cd… I’ve been a fan since the late 90’s… Be it fishing, lawn work, a romantic evening in… GL & SS has been there… I cannot even count the friends I’ve turned on to their music. Amazing live! Loved seeing you at Alpine Valley in 2010 with Jack Johnson. Love JJ. But my sole reason for going was for GL!!! Gimme some sugar!

  • Beckie Grant

    I have been following G for years now. I would have to say the coolest thing for me is during this last tour was following G around to 4 shows, Charleston SC, Greenville SC, Roanoke VA and Charlotte. g have me the setlist in Greenville and again in again in Charlotte. When he have it to me in Charlotte I was shocked. When I met him after he walked up to me and said “Hey Beckie.” When I made a comment about being at so many shows he said that was why he gave me the setlist. That same day before the show I was taking pics of Houseman & Jimi Jazz on stage- houseman said he would come down and take a picture- which he and Jimi Jazz both did. Really cool to meet the whole band.

  • thevinyldistrict

    You guys made it difficult, but a winner has been awarded – please check your email. Thanks!

  • Tasha T

    thevinyldistrict Boo I did not get an email. 🙂
    Who won??????????????

  • Mike Cameron

    Tasha T thevinyldistrict It wasn’t me…BOOOOHHHHH

  • MsScranton077

    Mike Cameron Tasha T thevinyldistrict  🙂


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