TVD Vinyl Giveaway: Semi Precious Weapons, Aviation

Just when you thought another Record Store Day had come and gone and you’d need to wait another calendar year for a bunch of records high-flying into stores, along comes Semi Precious Weapons’ brand new LP, Aviation which is officially released today (4/22) but at a pressing of just 500 was offered as a 180gram, RSD2014 exclusive last weekend, bundled with a CD of the complete LP as well.

Well, actually…let us amend that a bit. 498 copies of Aviation made their way onto store shelves last weekend because our friends from LA in SPW set aside 2 copies for TVD to put in the hands of TWO of you. (And no line to wait in—imagine!)

“As a kid our entire basement was filled with nothing but a model train and probably 400 records. My dad had a jukebox upstairs that played nothing but 45s. When I was really young, I listened to a Tommy James and the Shondells record on repeat until I discovered my dad’s copy of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours—both albums still really inspire me.

We have a pretty awesome vinyl collection at our band house that includes everything from 60’s surf, noise records like Red Horse, Judy Garland Live From Carnegie Hall, and a ton of ’70s rock records that I stole from my dad.

[We will] release our new album on vinyl, not only because it sounds so beautiful but because of the iconic visual aspect. It just feels more important somehow.”
Justin Tranter, vocals

Enter to win Semi Precious Weapons’ quite important new release, Aviation by telling us in the comments below the most visually iconic LP or single you have in your collection, and briefly, why.

We’ll choose 2 winners with a North American mailing address one week from today, 4/29!

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  • Doug K

    I’d have to say the most visually iconic LP I have in my collection would be “Rumors” by Fleetwood Mac. It was passed down to me from my parents, and it’s one that I cherish the most. Not only is it one of the best albums ever – in my opinion – but it’s also pretty iconic. The cover image is one of those albums that everybody recognizes. You see it and you know before you have to read the title “Oh, that’s Rumors.” It’s one that I’ll hold onto forever.

  • Michelle Brewington

    In addition to SPW, my collection includes things like Nirvana, Thirty Seconds to Mars, P!nk and a wide rage of Alt Rock, Punk and other genres. But for me, the most visually iconic single I own is “Make Yourself” by incubus. The reason for this is because of the extremely deep, philosophical lyrics and the fact that I fell in love with this at a time in my life when I felt very lost. Listening to this and feeling it, I learned how to ‘Make Myself’ and move on with my life to become a stronger person.


    For me the most visually iconic record in my collection would actually be my dads copy of A Night At The Opera. I used to love thumbing through his collection as a kid and that cover always struck me. One time he caught me looking at it and offered to play the album for me. That was when I fell in love with Queen. Arguably one of their best albums and the beginning of my obsession with Freddie Mercury and Bohemian Rhapsody

  • elibats

    I have a really cool picture disc of Lady Gaga’s song “The Edge Of Glory”. It’s a great song with the single artwork on the front side, but what makes it stand out is the back. There’s no B-Side track, so the backside has the “Lady Gaga Skull” logo that was used during the Born This Way era etched into the vinyl itself. Easily the most iconic looking record in my vinyl collection.

  • jackmichaelmyers

    My most prized piece of vinyl is The Beatles – I Wanna Hold Your Hand 7′ because my father gave it to me when I was the age that he had first gotten it. Ever since then, I have been collecting vinyl footprints of artists who speak to me, and bring us all the incredible gift of music! Would love to add Aviation to that collection!

  • StoneNelson

    Any record from my Grace Jones collection would qualify as visually iconic, but Nightclubbing is probably the most universally known of all her albums. It perfectly represents the seductive masculine image that surrounded her music at the time.  Pretty much everyone knows it’s a Grace Jones record the instant they see it.

  • kidshane

    I have a Nirvanas “Nevermind” LP still unopened sitting on my bookcase. This was a coming of age album for many, me especially in my angsty high school years! Everyone, fan or not knows what the swimming baby is representing. I was 18 at the time and skipped school to catch Nirvanas last ever U.S. show. Not since Nirvana have I ever traveled or waited in line to see a show more than Semi Precious Weapons, 57 shows and counting! Aviation will no doubt fall into an iconic status of its own some day!

  • Donica

    the disc in my collection that gets the most people taking it down just to look at it would be hairdresser blues from hunx & his punx. It’s a very simple cover but it looks like an old hairdresser ad and it’s just as fun and cheeky as the itself album is. there are probably things in my collection that are worth more but there isn’t a single one that I love more

  • cisco1994

    First I would like to say thank you for this opportunity, I want this vinyl SO bad because I love Semi Precious Weapons with all my heart. This is hard to answer because my collection consists of many great records from The Beatles: Abbey Road to Pink Floyd: Dark of the Moon to Lady Gaga: ARTPOP. I guess I would have to say the most visually iconic LP would be Metallica: Master of Puppets. I chose this one because this was the first record my mom gave me. It was her favorite band when she was a teen and I felt so cool that my mom gave it to me to treasure and take care of. Thanks to that record I started to listen to so many different kinds of music!  I hope you guys pick me! Thanks again.

  • RodneyNew1

    I would venture to guess that the most visually iconic LP in my collection at the moment would have to be my Olivia Newton-John: Physical album that is hand signed and personalized to me. Olivia is an Icon in her own right. Semi Precious Weapons is hands down my FAVORITE BAND- I have seen them live many times and met them once. I am seeing them again at the House Of Blues in Chicago, May 27th! Waking up to an autographed Semi Precious Weapons: Aviation LP would be take me Aviation High.

  • Zachary Zeller

    Visually iconic would be one of my Record Store Day buys! The new Paramore record that looks like it is broken in half. It’s unique to say the least!

  • liddokun

    Most visually iconic LP or single?  I would have to say The Clash’s London Calling.  Why? Well first off, they’re the only band that matters!  Second, that cover, with Paul Simonon is SOOOOOO iconic.  Pennie Smith’s picture of Paul smashing his bass is probably one of THE most iconic images of the punk era, and also widely recognizable in general.  And though it has no bearing on how visually iconic the LP is….London Calling is in my top 5 LPs of all time, and definitely one that changed my life.

  • bansheebeat11

    When you think of visually iconic albums, there are endless possibilities with the history of music. However, one specific album triumphs all… None other than the Funny Girl soundtrack featuring the one and only Barbra Streisand! An iconic actress, singer and performer in an iconic film adapted by the original broadway show. The mere thought of the words “Funny Girl” brings you the dazzling cover artwork jazzed out with classic broadway script and a whisper of “hello, gorgeous” in your ear. Barbra as a broadway-bound ingenue is purely inspiring to not only to myself but millions of other artists worldwide. This album has influenced me as an artist and musician for almost all my life, and now I get the opportunity to share that inspiration with my six month old daughter, Edie. Many artists have produced thousands of iconic LP’s for decades but this in my eyes, spinning on my record player, is nothing but 110% iconic perfection!

  • bansheebeat11

    Out of my 300 or so records I have my most visually iconic LP would hands down be Radiohead’s ground breaking “OK Computer” from 1997. Radiohead displayed their views on rampant consumerism, social alienation, emotional isolation, and political fascism (with artwork to interpret those views even more) while the world was on the verge of a new millennium is nothing BUT iconic. It hails as one of the greatest rock albums from the 1990’s and I believe that everyone can find Radiohead inspiring and iconic. 🙂

  • losaolli

    Out of my 300 or so records I have my most visually iconic LP would hands down be Radiohead’s ground breaking “OK Computer” from 1997. Radiohead displayed their views on rampant consumerism, social alienation, emotional isolation, and political fascism (with artwork to interpret those views even more) while the world was on the verge of a new millennium is nothing BUT iconic. It hails as one of the greatest rock albums from the 1990’s and I believe that everyone can find Radiohead inspiring and iconic. 🙂

  • gypsynoize

    Piece of cake! “Thriller” by Michael Jackson is not only iconic in its own right, but it defined a generation of music and declared him the King of Pop!!! I personally own an original pressing as well as the 25th anniversary picture disc and both are beautiful!!!! Only someone who can bring millions of people together through every track on a single album is iconic visually and mentally!!! Rock on!!! Love love love SPW!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • MonsterLife

    DESTROYER!!!! KISS is what bonded me to my step father when I was a stubborn child dealing with personal issues. Not only is the album suburb but the artwork is thrashing in iconic style. KISS helped inspire glam rock to become what it is today and I believe SPW is going to end up just the same! It takes a real bunch of musicians to deal with the struggles of their careers and personal lives to triumph and reach the top. Aviation on vinyl is an amazing start for those who aren’t familiar with their music and for those who’ve known them, enjoy them because baby they’re on top right now!

  • danubs

    I’m going with Abby Road I mean, the shot of the band crossing the road in unison takes place just outside the emi studios on Abbey Road. The photo has led a revolutions of fans to venture to the same spot in an attempt to reshoot the shot themselves, probably not likely without the assistance of the stepladder and traffic cop halting traffic.

  • StickayRickay

    Sunday Morning. All Tomorrow’s Parties. Heroin. Femme Fatale. Run Run Run. Venus in Furs… Iconic tunes from The Velvet Underground & Nico. Not only is it a classic debut album in history but it is also known for its artwork. Andy Warhol, probably one of the most notable artists of modern art was manager and collaborator for this album contributing probably the most iconic part of the album – the screen printed banana on the cover, which actually peels off to reveal a flesh colored banana underneath. This literally breathes and radiates “visually iconic.”

  • TravisWhitman

    Aladdin Sane by David Bowie. I’m my eyes someone who would make a visually iconic lp HAS to have the eccentricity to back it up. It has some of his best material and I think many artists today including me recognize it as iconic and inspiring.
    And besides, don’t we all wish we could rock that hair and a lightning bolt painted face?!

  • RLlama

    One of my prized vinyl possessions is a copy of Led Zeppelin IV that’s in amazing condition. I also feel like it’s a visually iconic record because there’s something about that album that you don’t get any other way.  The unlabelled art works so well at that size, with the only writing being on the sleeve of the record. There’s an air of mystery about that record, especially when you open it to reveal the iconic hermit print spread across the interior. It’s so simple and stunning and the typeface used on the sleeve, along with the now-famous symbols of the band members, continues the mystic, magical feeling created by the rest of the art. The album feels like much more of a work of art on vinyl than it does on CD, let alone a measly mp3 download with that beautiful art reduced to a little thumbnail of only the front cover. Led Zeppelin IV is an experience and I think vinyl is the only way to really get that full experience.

  • TayeTaye

    I would have to say my most visually iconic album is Deloused In The Comatorium from The Mars Volta. Not only is it a 2LP album on silver picture discs but both sides of the outer gatefold are technically the cover! It also came with a novelette with the same title as the vinyl as it is a concept album. And for all fans it it had a repress reissue for all new coming fans trying to get a classic album! ^.^ that means I will have a new copy on gold vinyl as well as my OP on silver!!!

  • JustinWilliamson1

    I don’t have any vinyls, but winning this contest would be a great way to start a collection!  There’s something very different about being able to look at the visuals on vinyl-sized albums.

  • kedollarsignha_

    I own  Michael Jackson’s Thriller Vinyl. He is such an icon and the album is so well known and iconic. The image of Jackson is great white suit with great lighting. In it he looks almost supernatural like a god but looks caring with the animal by his side. He is the king of pop I would love to add a Semi Precious Weapons Vinyl to my collection!! They are soo amazing!!!!

  • tinathomas227

    Midnight Sun by The GOASTT. The cover and all the art included with the album were drawn by the lead singers Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl. Its amazingly intricate and abstract.

  • juliosmind

    i have a few vinyls like 4 that i bought in store and in thrift shops, like Cher,Gaga and two others. I still have this obsession over records players and the vintage style of vinyls. I haven’t bought any recently because im broke. SPW are a huge inspiration to me Musically,Personally and fashion as well. My most visually iconic LP that i own out of the four is “Cher” (The one with the blue background and wearing her leather jacket, eyes shut,curly hair and head tilted to the side). i was in a flea market and i stumbled upon a store that was empty and decided to look through the crates of vinyls and several minutes later i came across “Cher’s” and i didnt think twice and got my money and bought it. Love that purchase ever since ^_^. If i got “Aviation” i would add it to my collection and cherish it for as long as i live, listen to it and frame it then listen to it over and over.

  • MaryEileen

    The most visually iconic album I own is Whitney Houston’s self titled debut album.  It was one of the first records I ever bought (along with Kylie Minogue and Stevie Nicks).  She was so striking! I had to have it.  And “How Will I Know” is a timeless jam. I’d love to add a SPW album to my growing collection! I first saw the band at a Perez Hilton presents concert in Chicago in 2010 and instantly became a fan.  I plan on seeing their next performance in Chicago in May! Love the energy and unique talent they bring to their live show!

  • veronicamagan

    World Music by Goat! The color combinations and the cut out from the sleeve make it very psychedelic and the music, of course, is AWESOME. My husband and I have more than 200 vinyls in our collection but in terms of art, the colors make this is my favorite (although New Order’s Blue Monday that looks like a floppy disk is also one I love from our collection. So cool! oh, oh! And the Rolling Stone’s Sticky Fingers is awesome too. A classic! We have it original with the zipper and all! SO many! haha 🙂

  • devotionanddesire

    My visually iconic album is a 12 inch split vinyl between Manchester Orchestra and Thrice. Out of 500 copies and the front and back artwork is screen printed. It consists of Thrice covering The Beatles “She’s So Heavy (I Want You)” and Manchester Orchestra covering No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” and transferring it into a 14 minute long stoner glory rendition that MUST be heard on vinyl. It is a white whale gem and I would treat SPW’s Aviation the same with its rarity!

  • EdgeOfGlory21

    Stevie Nicks “Bella Donna” for sure. I picked an original copy of this vinyl for A DOLLAR at a used record store! Not only is it her debut solo album but it includes her most well known iconic track “edge of seventeen!” I still can’t believe I found such an iconic piece of art for so cheap and it works perfectly… THATS just as amazing as this contest 😉

  • LittleNicky

    Mine would have to be Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Deluxe Picture Disc Edition. Sure it might have cost hundreds but that album spreads a powerful music over synth rock pop and she in my eyes is the most iconic artist in the biz right now! And on the visual point the fact that it comes across 9 beautifully images picture discs makes it just as visually iconic. Go gaga. So SPW. I’m seriously in love with Aviation!!!!!!!

  • HousesOnFire

    Led Zeppelins Houses Of The Holy.
    Classic album artwork.
    Classic tunes.
    Classic band.
    Oh and ALL of the above are iconic!!!
    JUST. LIKE. SPW!!!!!!

  • HeyImMark87

    Visually iconic album = The Beatles Sargent Peppers!
    The cover alone is covered in iconic people including The Beatles timeless self. One of the best, eccentric, triply albums out there and it showed a different side of The Beatles that no one was used to!

  • ItOvertakesMeh

    The Flaming Lips “At war With The Mystics”
    One blue vinyl one red vinyl
    An alien planet explosion of color on the cover.. What else could make it more iconic than all of the insanely crazy tracks on that wax?!?!
    Would sooooo love to win this!!!!

  • thenotforhire

    Tough question. My first impulse is to go with my copy of Against Me! – Transgender Dysphoria Blues. The significance it holds as the first album about Transgender issues released from an artist with an extensive fan base is largely the reason. I think visually the disembodied breast symbolizing aptly a feeling of alienation from your body. Plus I got the limited blue and white swirl vinyl from their tour and I’m kind of a collector. 🙂

  • Destructor9188

    I Am a Bird Now by Antony & The Johnsons.
    Album cover is a photo of Candy Darling (Andy Warhol Superstar and world known transgender) on her death bed. The album covers so much about dealing with inner demons and issues especially with antony being transgender himself, it really spreads a message. Not only that but it features other iconic artists all across the album like Boy George, Devendra Banhart, Rufus Wainwight and the LEGENDARY Lou Reed. It is more than iconic AND visually iconic. It is a masterpiece.

  • BarneyJ

    Best possible answer simply has to be Green Day’s American Idiot. It is instantly recognizable with the heart-shaped hand grenade on the cover as well as what an impact it had with every song basically bashing all things government related. It was a true anti-government punk album in the millennium and that’s rate nowadays. One of my favorite albums hands down!

  • NicoleMunch

    Eassssy peassssy 🙂
    Fleetwood Macs Tusk album. It was their first double LP as well as in my personal opinion, Stevie nicks at her best with tracks like Sara and Storms and Sisters of the Moon. It was just years after Rumours and it’s so iconic yet so under rated and under appreciated!!
    I hope I can win 😉

  • KCheek2112

    Black Sabbath War Pigs!!! It’s classic, I have the 2012 repress and it sounds and looks phenomenal!!!!!! SPW is one of my new fav bands and missing RSD this year killed me… I would become ecstatic if I won one of those beauts!!!

  • mstaric

    To me, the most iconic album I have is Johnny Cash’s “Bitter Tears”.  Why?, because it Johnny Cash looking super badass while standing up for a cause he believes in.  What could be cooler?

  • LloydGeorgeM

    Aerosmith’s album Nine Lives. I have the vinyl cover on my wall. Its a human with a cat head on a spinner. With knives all around him and they all missed. I feel like that is how life is. Bad things are coming at you, you just have to dodge them and keep going.

  • Undrallio

    Defeater’s “Lost Ground” EP is one of my favorites right now, I think. It’s of a graveyard with white cross markers in a grainy darkness (composure, speaking).

  • GagaMonster013

    Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP is a brilliant album, despite the critics. The album art is creative, fantastic and unique, in its own wY! I love the Greek themes of it. It simply shows how she takes every aspects of her creativity into consideration, something quite rare in today’s mainstream music industry.

  • Joedirt5465

    Wounded Rhymes by Lykke Li is my absolute favorite. The artwork alone is stellar. The cover was shot my Roger Deckker and it shows a lonesome figure surround by rocks. The black and white picture really resonates with the songs on the LP, giving off a lonesome mood. The visuals, the vocals, the production and the lyrics, work all together to make this LP feel so timeless and beautiful., like this album was made to be. Having Wounded Rhymes on vinyl makes me incredibly happy knowing that it has been immortalized by it’s artwork, it’s songs and the vinyl.

  • JosephAllenBlack

    My most visually iconic record sleeve is Prince’s clever homage to The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band LP, Sign O The Times.

    The cover art’s neon street psychadelia collage theme was carried through the sets for an amazing live performance film that was released “in concert” with the record album, haha.

  • thevinyldistrict

    You guys made it difficult – but winners have been awarded. Please check your email! Thanks!


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