TVD Vinyl Giveaway: The Singles, Look How Fast a Heart Can Break

A year after the release of their single “(She’s Got) A Heart of Stone,” The Singles released their first full-length album, Look How Fast a Heart Can Break, with Sound Artifacts Music earlier this week on April 1, and we’re giving away a copy of the LP.

The Singles are Vince Frederick and Nicky Veltman, a garage-pop duo from Detroit who formed their band in LA. The band began playing locally and bringing rock ‘n’ roll to the LA music scene. As a result of this genesis, they combine the sound of old school rock with the chill vibe of LA.

Their first single for this album is a glam-rock track, “Inamorata,” in which you can definitely notice the influence of T.Rex. Singer and guitarist Vince Frederick openly notes T. Rex’s influences. “You can definitely hear some T. Rex and glam in the track. Marc Bolan has been part of our musical influence since we were kids.”

For a chance to win a copy of Look How Fast a Heart Can Break, leave a comment below naming your favorite duo. Mine would have to be White Stripes.

A winner with a North American mailing address will be chosen a week from today on Thursday, April 10. Look How Fast a Heart Can Break is on store shelves now.

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  • TheBeardedSteak

    The Flat Duo Jets were absolutely amazing. So much sound from a duo. And so much soul and passion. You just felt like every song was them fighting to keep it going to play another one.

  • JimHanke

    Johnny Cash and June Carter!

  • crowbarmark

    the civil wars DONT JUDGE

  • liddokun

    Kings of Convenience!

  • Teenage

    Simon & Garfunkel

  • peterspencer10

    Matt & Kim (awesome live)

  • hayden14

    The Black Keys

  • Tyrone Slothrop

    Shot in a beer: the boilermaker.

  • KeeganGin

    She & Him

  • MelissaKG


  • kaityg

    The Black Keys

  • nikitajulia

    The Pack AD

  • Charlie

    The Frogs – their musical and comedic telepathy was unbelievable.