TVD Premiere: Ivory Deville, “Valley Girls”

It’s hard to write a quintessential LA song. So when I heard Ivory Deville’s “Valley Girl” capture the gritty scope of the city with a few succinct lines, I knew the band had unearthed some of the dusty creativity left behind by the once flourishing Hollywood rock scene.

Unfolding like some apocalyptic sermon on the West Coast way of life, the band presents its haggard take on the LA landscape with witty authenticity and crunchy musical goodness. The calculated riff and gruff vocal delivery help this desert dirge hit all the correct pockets, excelling with its humorous tone and washed up imagery. A fine reminder of why Tinseltown was the birthplace for this wayward genre and home to many of its pioneers.

Judging by the publicity photos and characteristic swagger of Ivory Deville’s recordings, it’s safe to say the band walks the walk and lives a lifestyle congruent with their musical message. Conjuring up raucous beer joints and restless plains, and warmly branded by soaring female harmonies from the California coast, Ivory Deville elicits the timeless roadhouse rock of a bygone era while providing a modern spin for the millennium.

Ivory Deville’s self titled LP arrives in stores on December 9 via Kill/Hurt Records. Preorder the release right here—on vinyl.

Ivory Deville Official | Facebook | Twitter

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  • AllanWiehle

    download it! buy it! borrow it! if you like to honkytonk’n’roll then this is for you.