TVD Ticket Giveaway: matt pond PA in the city and venue of your choice

New York by way of Philly-based favorite matt pond PA is hitting the road across the nation as part of a 10-year anniversary tour in celebration of one of their most beloved albums, Several Arrows Later.

Several Arrows Later will be played in its entirety along with a sampling of songs from their upcoming album The State of Gold, which will be released later this year. We’ve got three pairs of tickets to award to three of you to attend one of the band’s shows on any date and in any city of your choosing.

Matt Pond and current core members Chris Hansen, Tierney Tough, and Shawn Alpay, are revisiting Arrows—which harbored standout tracks like “Emblems” and “So Much Trouble—in a live setting, although the band says that the decision to do the tour wasn’t just about homage, but rather the right manner to launch their new album The State of Gold, which takes the band’s sound to a wildly different place.

Last year the band went so far as to release a thank you EP for their dedicated fans titled Skeletons and Friends. You can download the EP free on Noisetrade to prepare for the tour, which promises to be a both a look back at the band’s career—and a glimpse as to where they’re headed next.

Enter to win a pair of tickets to see matt pond PA in the city and the venue of your choosing by simply citing in the comments below which track over the course of the band’s career you’re most excited to hear performed live—and briefly why. Also, let us know your city and date of choice to see the band.

We’ll choose three enthusiastic winners one week from today, March 30, 2015. Winners will be notified directly via email. 

matt pond PA Tour Dates:
04.07 – Boston, MA at The Sinclair
04.08 – Hamden, CT at The Ballroom at The Outer Space
04.09 – Baltimore, MD at Ottobar
04.10 – Raleigh, NC at Kings Barcade
04.11 – Atlanta, GA at Vinyl
04.13 – Orlando, FL at The Social
04.14 – Tampa, FL at Local 662
04.15 – Tallahassee, FL at Club Downunder
04.17 – Dallas, TX at Club Dada
04.18 – San Antonio, TX at Korova
04.19 – Austin, TX at Stubb’s Jr
04.21 – Tucson, AZ at Club Congress
04.22 – Phoenix, AZ at Crescent Ballroom
04.23 – Los Angeles, CA at Troubadour
04.24 – San Diego, CA at The Casbah
04.26 – San Francisco, CA at The Independent
04.30 – Seattle, WA at Tractor Tavern
05.01 – Vancouver, BC at Venue
05.02 – Portland, OR at Mississippi Studios
05.04 – Provo, UT at Velour
05.05 – Denver, CO at Marquis Theater
05.07 – Omaha, NE at Reverb Lounge
05.08 – St. Louis, MO at The Duck Room @ Blueberry Hill
05.09 – Chicago, IL at Lincoln Hall
05.11 – Toronto, ON at Lee’s Palace
05.12 – Cleveland, OH at Grog Shop
05.13 – Pittsburgh, PA at Club Café
05.14 – Philadelphia, PA at Union Transfer
05.15 – New York, NY at Bowery Ballroom

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  • Beth Henke Campbell

    Halloween is my favorite MP track of all time. It’s also my birthday. See you on May 8 in STL

  • TLM7

    I’m most excited to hear the new songs from State of Gold, because I haven’t heard them yet. 🙂 also from Emblems, ‘So Much Trouble’ is a favorite. See you Apr 10 in Raleigh.

  • Neverminder

    most excited to hear So Much Trouble played – i’m curious how the lead guitar and synth lines heard on the recording are arranged live, how they’ll sync up to the catchy backbeat. i’ll be up close to the stage watching the musicians closely, waiting for the glorious backbeat at 2:45 to kick in so i can hum along to the cello line. i’ll be there April 10 in Raleigh!

  • shirley

    So Much Trouble because it was the first non-kids’ song that our then 4yo fell in love with.

  • Jason Villanueva

    I’m most looking forward to hearing “From Debris” from Several Arrows Later and “Hole in My Heart” because I love the sentiment of both. And if Matt wants to play “Summer is Coming” I won’t complain. 🙂 looking forward to seeing them in Atlanta April 11th.

  • DJM

    Can’t wait to see you. The song i look forward to hearing most is It Is Safe. I love the references to summer. Like Sleep All Summer by Crooked Fingers & You Are The Everything by R.E.M., the song harkens back to memories of childhood/youth. I especially like the line “slip behind the pool & go with nature”.

  • Beth Walden

    I am so excited for the Several Arrows Later show at The Sinclair in Cambridge! I’m looking forward to hearing the title track live. It’s always a favorite song when I go on road trips. Excellent driving music!

  • Angela Dew

    So Much Trouble… watching Matt perform this song… the feeling. 04.10 – Raleigh, NC at Kings Barcade

  • olivia

    “Measure 3,” as it is the song that inspired me to play violin in a rock band 13 years ago. I had never heard anything quite like it before- it sounded like my soul set to music. I still get chills every time I hear it.

    Baltimore, Ottobar. 4/9.

  • Danielle Greene

    It’s so difficult to pick just one song to look forward to! One that I always go back to is So Much Trouble. In addition to being a stellar song, it always brings me back to a not-so-great time in my life. It reminds me that things things won’t fix themselves while you’re hiding in the covers, which is a reminder I need some days. 5/14 Philadelphia

  • Steve

    04.13 – Orlando, FL at The Social

  • Stephanie

    “Specks” is my favorite. It’s a magically little tune. I also really love the build in “Several Arrows Later”
    Chicago, May 9th.

  • Steve

    I am looking forward to seeing the band perform From Debris performed in Orlando 4.13. This has been my favorite song since the album came out 10 years ago, and though many more great songs have been released this one still stands out to me.

  • TaraKMac

    Starlet for sure! “I know I know, I know, There’s so much I don’t know, I still know someday I will make sense, to someone”. Has there been anything more perfect written!?

    05/14 – Philadelphia, PA at Union Transfer

  • D30

    Looking forward to “So Much Trouble” because when the song came out I was 17, dealing with the reality of leaving family, life-long friends, a long-term relationship, and the only place I ever called home (Maine) for college in a state I had never even visited (Florida). After 10 years, the song is still so crushingly beautiful to me. 04/07/2015 – Boston, MA at The Sinclair

  • Jeff Hutchins

    Emblems. It has that Zeppelin-esque quality of being the title track that wound up on a different album. Plus, it rocks live. St. Louis, MO

  • Danielle

    Halloween. Such a perfect opening track. So much nostalgia.

    5/14 Philly, PA @ Union Transfer

  • krista

    I’ve found meaning in several tracks that have helped me through a really rough time with my teenage son the last few months. I love “Remains”. I listen to it and think of him, “If you remain in me, I will remain in you”. As a mom you always wish you could give more than is possible sometimes…..

    05/01 Vancouver, BC @ Venue

  • lovedisaster69

    I’m dying to see “It Is Safe.” It takes me back to hot summer days, lying next to chlorine bottles and drinking Capri Suns as kid. It also reminds of my time as a life-guard. It’s so beautifully composed. I have to see how they recreate it live. There is nothing I am anticipating more than seeing him and his absurdly talented band perform in LA on April, 23rd.

  • Josh Pechonis

    I’m psyched to hear the Moviegoer. Been waiting to hear that one live for 10 years! But if Matt felt like playing Summer Is Coming that would blow my mind!!

    5/02 Portland, Ore

  • Pam

    Halloween. I have been in love with a certain guy for a hundred years. We have a mind relationship. It’s a level ad intimacy above physical. This song captures they feeling got me. A heart connection. 4-8. Hamden, CT.

  • Kirsten

    Brooklyn Stars! The melody is so haunting. It makes me feel all blue and fuzzy at the same time. SF 4/26 Perfect plans cannot be made…

  • kylerrr

    I’ve wanted to hear “City Song” for a LONG time! I went to an Athens, GA show with a 101 fever in hopes to hear it, but did not. Though, Matt was super nice and apologized in the set list he gave me. I’m definitely attending the Atlanta show and look so forward to hearing it. I heard it going off on a college station when I was 19 and it’s still one of my favourite songs!

  • Oso

    The “Spring Provides” reminders through my life. When branches scrape my pane. They call me out again.

    When I go to matt’s show at Mississippi studios in may, I wont wait for anyone to get ready. They take too long. I wont be full, So I’ll go out. And I dont care if I sing too loud.

    Matt Pond provides reminders through my life that I’ll get past this pain. Things will be right again.

    Portland, Or

  • Jillian Hochman

    My favorite type of songs are sad songs that are surprisingly upbeat and still have a slight feelings of hope to them. Seems very specific but you’d be surprised how often I come across those. The Moviegoer is on my list of top five Pond songs. My first thought when he told me about this tour was that I was finally going to hear this gorgeous song live. I’ve known Matt for just two years now but in that time he’s become a friend and someone I trust to always make honest and heartfelt music.
    I’ll be in Hamden, CT. Hope to see some of you there too.

  • Adrienne in San Francisco

    I’m always excited to see this (my favorite band) play anything. I bring them grab bags of random, the makings of Easter egg hunts, or something homemade and love this once a year or so tradition. I’m looking forward to the San Francisco show and love So Much Trouble, which reminds me of a lost, wistful and forbidden love a million hazy years ago.

  • Don

    It’s always a blast seeing Matt, and it’s difficult to suggest one single song I want to hear. He has such a long and diverse catalogue. But because this is a SAL tour, I would say Halloween. Such an amazing track to kick off an amazing album. One of those songs I can still remember hearing it for the first time ten years ago. At the show at Lincoln Hall in Chicago, I’m going to feel a lot of feelings. Can’t wait.


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