TVD Ticket Giveaway: Dan Deacon in the city and venue of your choice

TVD DC/HQ’s Baltimore neighbor Dan Deacon is back touring in support of his newest release Gliss Riffer after a stint on tour with Arcade Fire. The electronic artist is well-known for his fun, interactive shows that embrace audience participation.

In his interview with us a couple of years ago, Deacon said, “I always think about the crowd as an element of the show like a parameter of the piece. The same way with the music or the PA system and the audience, the room, where the various exits are, and what we can partially do. The audience plays a huge role in that. I do a thing in the beginning that I call ‘synchronicity,’ to try and synchronize the crowd. We all get on the same page and from that I try to gauge if the audience is down for participation and interaction, or more of an audience that wants to watch.”

During his visit to DC last summer at Howard Theatre, Deacon had a dance battle between opposite sides of the audience, with two volunteers in the center of a circle, one leading the moves for each half of the room. When attending one of his shows, you might also catch a glimpse of the vegetable-oil-fueled converted school bus that he uses as his touring vehicle. Want to experience it all for yourself? We have a pair of tickets to give away to three lucky winners to any one show on his tour.

Adult Swim’s Off the Air brought together nine animators who all contributed to the psychedelic new video for the track “When I Was Done Dying.” The animators they selected were: Chad VanGaalen, Jake Fried, KOKOFREAKBEAN, Anthony Francisco Schepperd, Caleb Wood, Taras Hrabowsky, Dimitri Stankowicz, Colin White, and Masanobu Hiraoka. Interviews about the video with Deacon and all nine animators can be found at Off the Air’s Tumblr.

Glass Riffer is a return to Deacon’s roots, emphasizing his individual take on music rather than the collaboration he’s fused into the past few LPs. It also features his vocals, which he has come to appreciate after a bout of laryngitis. Yet another unique characteristic of the album is that it is the first time Deacon substituted analog synthesizers for digital parts, recording with a model of Moog analog synth that was yet to be released at the time. His album is the first to use that model, the Sub 37.

Deacon describes the album as “easily the most fun [he’s] ever had making a record.”

Enter to win a pair of tickets to see Dan Deacon in the city and the venue of your choice by citing in the comments below, the time you’ve ever had the most fun. Also, let us know your city and date of choice.

We’ll choose three enthusiastic winners on Monday, April 6, 2015. Winners will be notified directly via email. 

04-07 Richmond, VA – Gallery 5
04-08 Charlottesville, VA – The Southern
04-09 Millvale, PA – Mr. Smalls Theatre
04-10 Philadelphia, PA – First Unitarian Church
04-11 Washington, DC – 9:30 Club
04-16 Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle
04-17 Asheville, NC – Orange Peel
04-18 Atlanta, GA – Mammal Gallery
04-19 Birmingham, AL – WorkPlay
04-21 New Orleans, LA – Republic New Orleans
04-23 Austin, TX – The Mohawk
04-24 Houston, TX – Fitzgerald’s
04-25 Dallas, TX – Trees
04-28 Phoenix, AZ – The Crescent Ballroom
04-29 San Diego, CA – Casbah
05-01 Los Angeles, CA – Echoplex
05-02 Mecca, CA – Desert Daze
05-05 Eugene, OR – WOW Hall
05-06 Portland, OR – Mississippi Studios
05-07 Vancouver, BC – Electric Owl
05-08 Seattle, WA – Neumos
05-09 Boise, ID – The Shredder
05-10 Salt Lake City, UT – Urban Lounge
05-12 Denver, CO – Bluebird Theater
05-13 Omaha, NE – The Slowdown
05-14 Minneapolis, MN – Cedar Cultural Center
05-15 Madison, WI- High Noon Saloon
05-16 Chicago, IL- Thalia Hall
05-17 Louisville, KY – Zanzabar
05-19 Detroit, MI – Magic Stick
05-20 Toronto, ON – Phoenix Concert Theatre
05-21 Montreal, QC – Theatre Fairmount
05-22 Brooklyn, NY – Warsaw
05-23 Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall

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  • the dreaded laramie

    Singing “Born To Run” with Diarrhea Planet at Casa Fiesta in Tenleytown (RIP)

  • Kris Keyser

    5.22 at Warsaw: My most fun ever was dancing on stage during a Girl Talk show a few years back! Such a fun show 🙂

  • Polaris_Kyo

    The most fun I have ever had was in the Underground scene in Phoenix, AZ from 1989 to about 1993!! The music. The energy. The dance. The PLUR. SO much Fun!! +_+

  • Cameron Jack Lacy

    5/16 in Chicago! The time I’ve had the most fun was probably at a show by Slow Magic where he jumped into the crowd with his floor tom and played a set of songs that got everyone in the place hyped up!

  • Chris T

    Some of the most fun I’ve ever had is when I went to a Dan Deacon concert back in 2009. It was at this tiny community art space venue called Eyedrum in ATL. It was crazy, kind off the main grid and Nuclear Power Pants opened. Once Deacon started it was a non-stop dance party for about 200 people, every one of them 100% committed to the show.

    • Chris T

      would love to see Deacon again at the Asheville show

  • Michael Cayton

    Ahhhhh May 8 in the Emerald City!!!! Excitement ran through my veins while busting a move onstage with girl talk when Dan Deacon walked past. I jumped to hug the genius who had led the crowd in a mind blowing opening set

  • Amanda Christopher

    The most fun I’ve ever had was sitting in on a buddy of mine while he was practicing for a show. He grabbed soda bottles and beat them against his chest, creating a looping pattern on his looper. Also did vocal loops that were throaty and tribal sounding. But really they were just the components of the soda bottle. (poly-ethyl-ene! ter-eph-thalate! (P! E! T!) chanted over and over. It was awesome! And we all danced around the room like warriors! Such fun over something so simple, like soda bottle sounds looped!

  • Christian Hadjigeorgiou

    Starfucker in Brooklyn’s House of Vans was by far the funniest time I had. There were moshers from the ages of 14 to 70, at least 10 crowdsurfers at any one time, and naked blow-up life-sized human mannequins and beach balls being frenzily thrown around. Unforgettable time. I think only Dan Deacon can top that. Hopefully in Brooklyn, NY too!

  • Michael

    Most fun I’ve had is write now righting this post.

    Denver, CO – 5/12

  • Brian Moore

    Birmingham on 4/19, please! The best time I’ve had was definitely seeing Dan in 2012 at the Adult Swim carnival in Auburn. I. Could. Not. Believe. Dan was coming to my tiny little town for a (free!) show! Got there, played carnival games and then Dan started. It’s blurry, but he must have had us running around that parking lot for hours. At one point he had us turn around and all of us in front realized that only like 20 people were actually playing along (the other 100 or so we’re too cool, I suppose). We kept dancing anyway and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen! I’m counting the days to the next show!

  • Mark Wang

    The most fun I had in Houston, TX was when I took 2 of my good friends for a night out of drinking cheap well shots, dancing out butts off to house party music, and then going to this club called Numbers (#s) where we drank and dance to 80s music until they kicked us out. Then we went to eat Greek food with one of the owner at Numbers. It was a crazy night as we met various cool cats, beautiful trannys, and I saw one of my friend made out with a woman and that said friend is a female. I will never forget that sight if you know what I mean ;).

    04-24 Houston, TX – Fitzgerald’s

  • Evan Ishmael

    5/14 Minneapolis.
    The most fun I’ve had at a show was probably being the stage hand for the polyphonic spree in Dallas during their 4th annual holiday extravaganza. They picked me up from the hotel in their car, fed me, let me help out all day and well into the night. Smoking cigarettes with St. Vincent and Demitri Martin after sound check. It was a blast!

  • Kyle Newcomer

    Easily at bonnaroo in 2013, sir paul mccartney followed by the xx, and ending the night with pretty lights playing well past sunrise. Needless to say i didn’t sleep that night but it was entirely worth it.

  • Nickels Kooks Kukla

    The time I saw …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead and Dethklok in Madison!! It was an odd pairing but they were both amazing, fun and loud The guys from ToD let me and my friends hang out on their tour bus after the show. We played songs, video games, and other fun stuff ;]

    I would love to dance my ass off to Dan Deacon in Boston on 5/23!!!

  • Rex A W Wells

    One of the funnest times I’ve ever had was… I dragged my new girlfriend K to a festival Dan Deacon played at in St Paul, MN. We danced, and sang, and partied in a crowd of hundreds. It was the first time me and K really felt comfortable with each other in public. After his set, Dan signed my wristband and I got a picture with him. He was the nicest musician I ever met. He personally invited us to his secret show later that night, and so of course we went. It was the greatest day ever.

    Now, almost 4 years later, K is my fiance, and we live just outside of Nola. We Love Dan. We have all his albums. I have my America flag hanging in our apartment. To me, Dan Deacon will always be my glorious, red headed little cherub. Our wedding is in October, almost 6 months to the day after the show in New Orleans, 4/21.

  • Summer Ray

    The Wang dang doodle! It was a small festival in Ohio. We heard about it and immediately drove there. We didn’t realize we needed tents and a lot of money and food so we decided to just stay a few hours. Getting in there and experiencing all those people dancing, laughing, mud wrestling, the music, all the bon fires it was a natural high! We ended up around a guys huge bonfire watching the flames dance to the rhythm of the djembes that started joining the circle. People approached us to meet us and to talk. After awhile there was a huge circle of djembe’s and people around this fire everyone taking turns beating on the drums. It was quite magical to see such peace and humans working side by side not noticing differences or anything but coming together to create beautiful music. That’s when I decided to not lose all hope for man kind and it was such a memorable night!

    Denver, Co 5-12

  • Erin Gipson

    I think the most fun I’ve ever had was the first time I saw the monotonix at the bottletree here in birmingham. They put on a crazy ass show, complete with dancing on the bar, carrying the lead singer around the crowd on the bass drum, and many other shenanigans which always provided for a great time. At this particular show though, about 2/3 of the way through their set they actually lead the entire crowd out into the middle of the street, with their instruments and finished the set there. Everyone was just dancing like maniacs in the middle of the road while cars drove by with wtf looks on their faces.

    Sadly though, the venue got slapped on the hand for that and had to ask the band to keep it inside next time.

    The two times I’ve seen dan deacon at that same venue definitely run a close second (and third). I love the audience participation at his shows! I can’t wait to see him in birmingham, al again!

  • Edward Rubin

    The time my friends came down from Virginia for Moogfest back in 2012. I was still living in Asheville and we saw Four Tet, Primus, Santigold, Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin, and Black Moth Super Rainbow to end the night. Two of my friends from school jumped the long line for BMSR to get in and my buddy Matt ended up crowdsurfing in a Unicorn outfit (it was Halloween weekend). My friends from VA came back to my dorm where you had a loft built, and we ended up staying up all night listening to records and geeking out about Minotaurs. One of those nights that spring many an inside joke.

  • An0manderRake

    5-19 Detroit; The time I’ve ever had the most fun was when I dressed up as a princess along with my four year old daughter. We danced around the house for hours to every Disney princess song know to man. Our own private daddy daughter concert. She let me sing all the male parts, which was the most fun ever dressed as a 6’4″ 220lbs princess, and she still talks about what a handsome princess I was.(I agree) Happiest kid ever.

  • Colin Lamprey

    I was walking through my college campus one night in my senior year when I heard someone blaring music loudly somewhere. My roommate and I were trying to figure out why it sounded like Walk the Moon on the best quality speakers we’ve ever heard when we saw some flashing lights and a lot of people in front of the main office building. Turns out they weren’t blaring music; they were playing it! Walk The Moon was literally just out there throwing a free show on my campus, and no one knew it was happening until it was happening. A friday night that was going to be spent playing scattergories turned into one of the best shows I’ve been to in a long time, and all my friends were around for it, it was basically the most choice set of circumstances that no one was expecting, or could ever forget!

    Boston, MA – May 23rd

  • Andrew Young

    Leading my half of the crowd in interpretive dance at Camp Bisco in the summer of 2013 was an absolute pleasure and blast! Hopefully I’ll have that chance again in Philly on April 10th at the First Unitarian Church! Woot!

  • Emma Elizabeth

    I must admit there is so much fun to be found on earth. Laughing, dancing, joy and mirth. Fun with your favorite people is full of worth. Meaning, that fun can be found when souls abound. The most fun I have ever had was in my sweet city, lights were full and streets were looking pretty. It was that night in the pale moonlight. Dan Deacon did decide to throw, a most excellent, trippy fun show. I swerved through verve pipes made of human hands, it was so full there was nowhere to stand. Our only choice, as a crowd was to dance, to worship the music, so loud, we took a chance. We took chances on each other, followed as we played. Smiled at one another, new friends we made. How enlightened, how sweet, people can be happy when moved by the beat. And then the most fortunate thing, we as a crowd got into a ring. Dan had declared a dance off to be so. Lo and behold it takes two to tango. Thus it was his eyes swept the floor. He would choose one person, then one more. “You!” He said, “in the dress so green.” I glanced round then realized he was pointing at me! Bells and mountains sounded in my head, he had picked me, my face flushed red. I sashayed to the middle of the people, feeling tall, proud as a steeple. Ever since, I will always remember, how he choose me in the Contemporary Arts Center of Cincinnati.

  • Jason Warner

    I saw dan deacon play pride fest in seattle several years ago at an outdoor stage, which was fun. during the set he mentioned that he’d be playing at a house later that night. we found out where it was and went there. what a great party! and such insanity packing in what felt like a hundred people into a basement room in a house where dan deacon was set up in front of a closet. the room had zero ventilation and the dozens of bodies packed in there, grooving, generated enough heat and sweaty moisture that the ceiling was actually dripping by the end of the set. i’d love to see him in Portland!

  • Emma Elizabeth

    05-06 Portland, OR
    I must admit there is so much fun to be found on earth. Laughing, dancing, joy and mirth. Fun with your favorite people is full of worth. Meaning, that fun can be found when souls abound. The most fun I have ever had was in my sweet city, lights were full and streets were looking pretty. It was that night in the pale moonlight. Dan Deacon did decide to throw, a most excellent, trippy fun show. I swerved through verve pipes made of human hands, it was so full there was nowhere to stand. Our only choice, as a crowd was to dance, to worship the music, so loud, we took a chance. We took chances on each other, followed as we played. Smiled at one another, new friends we made. How enlightened, how sweet, people can be happy when moved by the beat. And then the most fortunate thing, we as a crowd got into a ring. Dan had declared a dance off to be so. Lo and behold it takes two to tango. Thus it was his eyes swept the floor. He would choose one person, then one more. “You!” He said, “in the dress so green.” I glanced round then realized he was pointing at me! Bells and mountains sounded in my head, he had picked me, my face flushed red. I sashayed to the middle of the people, feeling tall, proud as a steeple. Ever since, I will always remember, how he choose me in the Contemporary Arts Center of Cincinnati.

  • Megan Short

    “the time you’ve ever had the most fun”- Malmö, Sweden

  • Jonathan Meola

    I wanna see this show sooo badly! “05-22 Brooklyn, NY – Warsaw”

  • Guest

    I’m so fr

  • Joylyn Secunda

    Two of my friends and I were going to a friend named Katie’s birthday party. It was dark and we were looking at the house numbers, and then we heard some music blasting from a house and saw people dancing in the window. My friends and I had a silly act involving M&Ms that we had to prepare before knocking on the door so we hid behind a tree in the front yard to set up our surprise. Then, a guy came from the backyard holding a cake and a glass of wine and asked what we were doing there. We said “We’re preparing a surprise for Katie!” and he replied “Who’s Katie?”. We were all super confused and then we realized that we were at the wrong house. This guy was also having a birthday party. We poured some M&Ms into his mouth because his hands were full of cake and wine and gave him a balloon turtle. He invited us to stay but we decided to continue looking for Katie. It turns out Katie wasn’t even at home; they had all gone to some concert. It was a hilarious evening of unexpected adventures. 05-07 Vancouver, BC – Electric Owl

  • Anna Gonzalez

    One of the most fun times I’ve had was when I used to go to a weekly dance night at First Ave called Too Much Love. It was a regular night until all a sudden they announced James Murphy up to do a surprise set. Every song he played was perfect dance music and i was dripping in sweat from dancing at the end of the night.
    5/14 Minneapolis , MN

  • Eldon Graham

    I’m not gonna lie, the most fun I’ve had in a long while was just sitting on the floor -eyes closed with headphones- listening to Sheathed Wings… imagining Dan weaving his way indiscriminately through endless channels of the information superhighway and soaking in whatever cumulative human intelligence they could be said to contain.

    Electric Owl – Vancouver BC.

  • Logan Locking

    Animal Collective Black Dice and Angel Deradoorian at merriweather post pavilion in 2011 best show I’ve ever been too by far even got to go backstage and meet them after , super cool dudes


  • Connor Murray

    Future Islands surprise show at Hampdenfest 2014 was totally rad. Just moshed and bonded with everyone there. It was a magical day filled with passion and a sense of community. #bmore4lyfe

    Washington D.C. // 9:30 Club tix plzzzzz

  • nabiha

    One of the most fun times I’ve had is playing turmac roll on neopets with my sister and getting the rainberry twice. We got so many neopoints that day… I bought a very pretty bonnet for my green Lupe. And she also gave me back my Nirvana cd.

    Houston, TX 4/24

  • Carly Stone

    The most fun I’ve ever had? It was the night I saw Sonic Youth in Birmingham, AL. It was raining pretty hard and Thurston’s mic went out. Kim very sweetly said “You know, you can share with me”. I danced to all the songs that made me fall in love with music and I got to see two of my idols sharing a mic in the middle of a rainstorm in a warehouse in Alabama. Perfect.

  • Karmapolica

    I was actually at the dan deacon tiny desk which was crazy to do a dance off at 11am in the middle of a work day. Super fun though!

  • Austin

    Dan deacon @ exit in nashville tn…incredible energy! I am still meeting new people who were there and whose lives were also changed forever!!! The phone lightshow app, the crowd dancing, the deep tracks!!!!

  • Fralor Grafon

    Goldfish in Dallas was amazing, really fun. I would like to go to the one in Dallas Texas. :^)

  • danny louangxay

    I snuck in to one of nine inch nails final concert in LA. I Was 17 at the time, I had to see them!! I met some people who were kind enough to sell me tickets cause they knew I was a fan and no scalper. So I ran into the pit and danced and yelled and jumped to every song!!!
    One of the most amazing nights I’ve had by far

    Trying to win tickets to 5/2 mecca, can desert daze show for my girlfriend and her little brother. They’d be just as psyched to see Dan deacon as much as I did for nine inch nails, if not, then more!!

  • Sierra Ho

    The most fun I’ve ever had was when I went to a house party with the drummer from Spoon at SXSW. It was completely surreal! 4/11 Washington DC

  • emily m

    Seeing Peaches perform in her vulva suit in the middle of the California desert at Pappy & Harriet’s and the subsequent desert orgy that followed.
    Detroit, MI, please.

  • michael

    once upon a time in a little city called Providence, i had the absolute pleasure of witnessing not one but two Dan Deacon Ensemble performances featuring What Cheer Brigade, on the same day. After the first show I left to find a parking ticket on my car & we went about our day. Later that night was the second show in a small building in providence, the openers went off without a hitch & i sure wish i could remember.. i feel like Future Islands played, Adventure, Teeth Mountain? oh, pvd.. regardless, Dan’s set was off to an absolutely fantastic start when we received wind of the police outside, heading upstairs. Dan instructed us to get down on our knees & start praying so most everybody did. Even though in a sense both shows were kind of a bust for me, they were probably a couple of the most fun I’ve ever had.

    • michael

      forgot to mention it’d be Boston MA

  • taiawalistan

    We have pics together in van a few moons back! I cant remember where … Rickshaw maybe? Best time Ive ever had has been this life man! She fecking rocks! Id love a good reason to come back to the shitty!!!

  • Jade Autrand-White

    The most fun I have ever had happened to me on January 18th, 2013. I was in Heilbronn, Germany. And the only friend I had made yet was throwing a minimal techno party at my soon to be favorite club.
    I attended the warm up dj set at a bar full of cyclists, punks, artists and old men (The dj I would meet later, when he would accuse me of being on OKcupid and I would deny and escape in a taxi). The music was great, I was the only one listening. It was a smoking bar and I left smelling like a wet ashtray.
    I went to the next venue listening to machine drum, drunk as hell and skipping to my loo. I found my one friend! I drank a polish man under the table! I danced with a vodka bottle in front of a shit ton of German strangers and made a lasting impression on the management of the club! The hangover was grandiose. I got back to my Au pair family finally the next evening. I meet the best strangers.

    Would love to see Dan in LA!! Seen him once before, so ready to get freaky, if he plays crystal cat I may soil myself

  • James Malzone

    most fun i ever had was oddly enough at a dan deacon performance! boston MA, house of blues 3/5(?)/13, opening for animal collective but second time seeing him overall. i was with my two best friends in a crowd full of people who didn’t know who he was, and seeing them completely won over by how cool and rad it all was was so great! whenever i hear “true thrush” it brings me back to the whole audience split in two doing the interpretive dance off, and its a very happy memory of mine. so yeah (I’m gonna go to the 5/23 show whether i get tickets or not!)

  • Ryan Graves

    Ultimate Reality at the formerly Lakeshore Theater in Chicago some years back-Live. The trippiest. Then saw Dan’s Baltimore Round Robin in Chicago a year later that took place inside of a church, one of the artists that evening dressed like a topless nun performed on a stage directly in front of a station of the cross. This was also my first taste of Future Islands who were in support. Too many fond Deacon memories and individual experiences at the dozen or so times I have seen him. Life changing experience, his concerts are. Interactive is the way to go.

  • Kristin

    The most fun I’ve ever had is probably playing in cow shit when I was six years old on my family’s farm. It’s in maryland where I grew up and started geeking out on Dan in high school. Here we are ten years later and he has yet to disprove that he is one of the greatest humans on this planet. I’d love to see him in Richmond with my sister. It would be her first time and I’m sure her brains would explode.

  • Kevin Kaproff

    I caught Dan Deacon’s set during the closing of Death By Audio here in Brooklyn NY, found out about it that morning and got my boss to let me out early so I could make it. never felt so connected to a crowd in a city full of strangers. after the show I hung around for close to an hour even though I didn’t know anyone there, I just didn’t want to leave. saw him again here when he played at Baby’s, would love to see him again here in the city.

  • Mike Gillard

    Japanther at a weird unofficial SXSW in 2011 maybe? so much fun my face hurt from smiling too much.

  • melstew

    The most fun I had was a couple years ago in an outer suburb of Ottawa. My friend’s house was vacated weeks before due to smoke damage from a fire, but he still had a key so 3 of us went to the abandoned house and drank beers all night. We talked about anything and everything we could. We blasted electronic music, danced on the countertops, made a sprinkler in the sink, smoked on the roof, contemplated the future. I found a devil’s horn helmet in the basement and wore it all night. We were ecstatic and for some reason really emotional. Even though there was only 3 of us and it wasn’t anything that crazy, it felt really important. Little did I know it would be one of the last times my 2 best friends and I would see each other. I’ll never forget it.

    5/20 in Toronto!

  • Joseph Côté

    the most fun I’ve ever had?…..there is a lot to choose from… recent memory, I would have to say my two week road trip from Biloxi, MS to my first station (I’m in the Air Force) here in Las Vegas.

    it was only a trip that needed to take just a couple of days, but I stretched it out to two weeks. I had doughnuts and other assorted creole delights in NOLA, followed by a stop in Houston and then stayed in Austin for the first time ever. while in Austin, I had the best fucking tacos of my life, saw all kinds of insane gear and sights along with an unforgettable artist co-op and watched many unforgettable shows that entire trip. I also wrote and recorded music with Terry Bozzio’s son, all thanks to a friend I’d known for years, but never met. on my way out of Austin, I stopped by America’s only Formula 1 track. On my way out of Texas, I saw Billy the Kid’s grave and all other sorts of jaw dropping scenery I’ve only seen in movies. I had my own personal, self-led Breaking Bad tour as I passed through Albuquerque, and the mountains through Colorado and Utah continually blew my mind for the two days it took me to travel through them as I was en route to Salt Lake City.

    Once in Salt Lake City, I got to spend time with friends I’d known for years, even if only digitally. I saw all kinds of amazing mountain ranges, I met up with my basic training crush who was in our sister flight, I had KFC for the first time ever at the very first KFC, and to top it all off I got to see my absolute favorite band ever…Death From Above 1979. that was easily the most intense concert ever! the ceilings were sweating, and our eardrums were begging for mercy while our souls were begging for more! I actually ended up meeting the band that night before the concert (I NEVER thought any part of that night would EVER happen!), and they turned out to be pretty damn decent people. my ears felt like they had cotton in them, and I was highly satisfied.

    As I drove down from SLC to my new base the next day, I took it easy only to realize that I just had a half day the next day. immediately, I road tripped to L.A. for the first time ever (bucket list!), and visited family for thanksgiving. My cousin showed me around the greatest city in the country, and showed me all of his favorite haunts. I had an amazing thanksgiving dinner with some of their friends, and later that weekend, I got to experience some of the best driving roads in the entire world in my peppy little hot hatch as I explored the famous L.A. mountain roads, and to top it all off, my closing dinner was at a tiny sushi bar called Sushi Mashie Japanese Cuisine which contained the BEST tuna roll I’ve EVER had!

    it was a magical period in my life which contained some magical experiences that I will absolutely never forget, and I hope to see Dan Deacon in Los Angeles on May 1st this year!

    thank you, TVD!

  • Guest

    The most fun I’ve ever had in my life was at a show on The
    Knife’s final tour. Up until that night, I’d never really danced at concerts –
    I was more of the stand against the wall with my arms crossed type. However,
    rather than an opening act, a member of the band came out in a Jesus costume
    and led the crowd in “metaphysical dance aerobics” – an exercise in shaking our
    self-consciousness and allowing our bodies to express any emotion we felt
    through physical movement. Sure enough, it worked, and that night I DANCED.
    Harder than I ever had before.

    Even without the spiritual side to it, I know that Dan
    Deacon strives to create this kind of unencumbered environment at his shows and
    encourage people to stretch their comfort zone through dancing and having a
    blast. I’ve never seen him before (was supposed to see him open for Animal
    Collective in Denver, but sadly the show was cancelled) and I would absolutely
    love to see him in Denver at the Bluebird Theater.

  • Gorgonz Oooolala

    My Most Fun Time Ever Had by Me:
    It began with an approach to an unknown building in Montreal. Do they know we’re here? A door burst open at the end of the alley and two strangers in fine clothing stepped forward. Fabrice introduced himself and led me and my trusted companions up a cramped staircase into a cramped apartment filled with music and people and colors and edible delights! He has a presence like no other, a wild, invigorating and infectiously happy individual who bounced around his urban hideout. “Tonight,” he told us, “we are saying YES!” And with that we commenced the festivities, climbing onto the fridge and crowd surfing into a conga line driven forth by unanimous chants of positivity and kitchen percussion. Snaking through every crevice and obstacle, strangers in a strange land. We found ourselves being redefined, becoming building blocks of a monument to all that is good, as a human pyramid! Once the monolith had eroded into the sands of time, we simply stopped time all together in a circle of meditation. Nurtured by our collective conscious and unconscious alike, a new beast rose from the ashes of our great construction. It was music – begun with a pseudo-linguistic volley of “toot-toot”-ing in a Morse code-like chaos of patterns and transforming into full-blown acapella rhythm and harmony! It was then that we slunk away from our host of beautiful strangers, back down the stairs, and into the Montreal night to find our tent. This was the most fun time.
    Please, I want to see the man in Minneapolis on 5/14, please o please. I had tix to Animal Collective with DD last year and it was cancelled and it was sad.

    • Gorgonz Oooolala

      Fabrice rides atop the pyramid!

  • colleen conrad

    The funnest time I can think of was when I went to Detroit on my birthday. I went to the magic stick and the best boy asked me to be his gf between sets on the rooftop. We danced like stupid jerks and I was the happiest girl 🙂

  • saeros0l

    I would love to go to 930 club in DC on the 11th if this isn’t over!
    The time I’ve ever had the most fun is planning a trip on a whim, with my partner in crime and being able to provide them with a new experience of flying to a state we’ve both never been to before. We had a whole bunch of adventure in store, as far as a festival planned and I even looked up the best eats and drinks around town. To finish off the trip, we met up with friends in the area for a great brunch but made it a point to walk everywhere so we could witness the local art and find whatever adventures were calling our names!


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