TVD’s 9 weeks of vinyl giveaways, Week 9: The Rhino Fireworks Finale

As we noted throughout our 9 weeks of vinyl giveaways, it’s easy to forget that going on 8 years now when TVD was in its year one (as was Record Store Day) the vinyl medium wasn’t “back,” sales weren’t stellar, and indeed record stores were a fading lot. No, worse actually. Shops we’re closing at such a clip, their disappearance literally informed the launch of the site you’re reading at present.

And as we’ve repeated for 9 weeks now—vinyl and record stores go hand in hand. Their shared intrinsic value is the cultural commodity and the bedrock of any local music scene. Don’t believe us though…hit up your locals and the marriage becomes crystal clear. 

But we too have been overwhelmed with the resounding popular and prevalent headlines as to vinyl’s big resurgence, yet they also arrive in tandem with far less rosy headlines such as “Starbucks to Open in Former Bleecker Street Records Space”—and worse, some very bad ideas when one advocates for record shops have, of late, become internet fodder. (Seriously, vinyl subscription clubs are the Carson Daly of record collecting.)

As such, picking up with an old TVD favorite, we lined up 9 weeks of vinyl giveaways to count down to Record Store Day 2015 this weekend to redouble our efforts and to underscore the viability and the inherent need for your local brick and mortar record shops to remain the vibrant community touchstone that they intrinsically are. And while we kinda hate hanging out by the mailbox waiting for a record to show up (unless you’ve ordered it from a mom and pop or directly from a label!) we’ve shipped out records for 8 weeks straight as sweet reminders that record stores are literally where it’s at.

We’re closing out our 9 weeks of vinyl giveaways today with the LPs contained within these gorgeous Rhino Records sets—all of which we’ll award to one individual:

Eagles, The Studio Albums 1972-1979 | A six-LP boxed set of the Eagles’ original Asylum Records studio albums, including each of the chart-topping albums the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers released between 1972 and 1979, released on 180-gram vinyl includes: Eagles, Desperado, On The Border, One Of These Nights, Hotel California, The Long Run. Each LP features replicas of the original album packaging with two special artwork upgrades—the sleeve of the debut album, Eagles, will finally be released as the band originally intended, with no glue flaps, so the cover folds out into a poster, as described in the acclaimed documentary History of the Eagles. Hotel California will include a replica of the poster from the original issue with band photos by Norman Seeff in full color, for the first time.

Fleetwood Mac, 1969-1972 | A set that collects four of the band’s classic albums, each lovingly reproduced on 140-gram vinyl. As a bonus, the set comes with an exclusive replica of the original 1969 7-inch single of “Oh Well Pt. 1” b/w “Oh Well – Pt. 2.”

Captain Beefheart, Sun, Zoom, Spark: 1970 to 1972 | A limited edition four-disc collection that revisits the albums Captain Beefheart (aka Don Van Vliet) recorded with the Magic Band in the early Seventies. It includes all three albums (Lick My Decals Off, Baby; The Spotlight Kid; and Clear Spot), which have been remastered for the first time, as well as an entire disc featuring 14 previously unissued outtakes, alternate versions, and rehearsals from that era. Lick My Decals Off, Baby is one of Van Vilet’s favorites, and represents the apex of his dissonant style. The Spotlight Kid features more barebones blues-rock sounds. Lester Bangs wrote in Rolling Stone (March ’72) that Beefheart had struck the balance between “intensely personal type of statement” and “mass appeal, ” praising the album for its “wit and genius.” Clear Spot was released soon after with several standout tracks, such as the vulnerable love song “My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains,” the soul ballad “Too Much Time,” and the pulsing “Big Eyed Beans from Venus.”

Enter to win the full Rhino bundle of LPs from the above sets by not telling us, rather by showing us in the comments below, your haul from Saturday’s Record Store Day 2015 or from any Record Store Day in years previous. It’s not about quantity or even RSD releases, more of a show of support for your locals.

We’ll choose one enthusiastic brick and mortar supporter with a North American mailing address on Friday, April 24. Our winner will be notified directly via email.

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  • John R Wiles

    last year was my first RSD at Chuck U Records in Annapolis Maryland got the limited Jimmy Hendrix vinyl and mother love bone 7 inch. But fot almost 2 years i have been supporting that small Indie store. I Love it and vinyl has become a passion!!!

  • Bob Lambert, Tower District Records

    Our 2nd year celebrating RSD! We are an active, community oriented brick and mortar shop in the Bohemian section of Fresno known as the Tower District. Last year we had a live re-creation of the “Whipped Cream and Other Delights” album cover that was a big success. This year finds us in a new location, five times bigger and more involved than ever. We built a stage and have a music series “Live from the Kirby” every Sunday afternoon, as well as first Thursday ArtHop, and random other days when a touring band needs a place to land for a gig. (It’s called the Kirby because the space was the Kirby vacuum shop for 25 years, and everyone knows the location as that anyway) every other week we feature a live podcast ” Tales from the Crate” as well.
    15000 records in stock (no cds) and we’re holding our own!
    So, this Saturday we have four bands, the podcast, food trucks, a vinyl “cakewalk” a parking lot sale, and vinyl. We opted to not carry the new releases, and instead are offering about 400 albums which are either near mint, mint, or sealed. Some first issues, almost all early original pressings. Led Zeppelin, Spirit, Stones, Clapton, Beatles.- you grt the idea. A fun day awaits!

  • Mitch

    For the past three years.. I’ve been working and not able to appreciate record day. This year is the same. However, the small store in my town, vinyl stage, is trying to get me the Miles and monk RSDs for me …I do spend a lot of money on buying used and new from my local store…

  • Rockin’ Richard

    I think I may have paid my local record store’s rent for the month today….glad to help ’em stay in business. Plus I met some cool fellow collectors while in line and we’ve set up a little vinyl swap session for next week. Gosh, I love this hobby!

  • Vinyl Veep

    RSD is a nice reason to get out there. Here’s to RSW and then RSM! Still, it’s not like I need encouragement. Some 10″ selects from the day’s take: Elvis’ first recording upper left and bottom right, a slice of my Hoboken homeboy.

  • Kennedy

    The past 2 years I would get up and meet some friends at Milkcrate Café in Fishtown area of Philadelphia. An awesome café/ record store. This year I was in Annapolis MD and pick up a copy of Lucero single of Boom Boom Boom and Ottis Redding greatest hits at Ka- Chunk records. When got to D.C. I took of buddy of mine to Crooked Beats. They had everything. Amazing new vinyl selection. I got the Greg Allman pic disc and Black Key/ Junior Kimbourgh. After that I took him to Smash Records up the street. Great place for used records. I picked up David Johnseni In Style, Robert Palmer Pressure drop and Waylon- Are you ready for the Country.
    I like to spread the love on RSD.
    Good Day

  • hayler97

    Had several great RSDs with many finds a stores including Crooked Beat, Smash! and Som, but last year will always be a favorite as it was the first one for my daughter, who is now going on her own while away at college… a new generation who loves vinyl!

  • Vixen

    My girlfriends and I got in line at like 530am and it wasn’t as long as I’d imagined it would be. The White Stripes LP (tops on my ‘wantlist’) was well worth the wait! Plus I grabbed a Jerry Garcia album for my dad, forever a hippie at heart. All in all a great day with great friends and great haul of vinyls!

  • DayLate DollarShort

    Bummer. I hadda work a double-shift on Saturday and missed the entire RSD experience. Fortunately, I got to some local shops on Sunday and they still had these goodies available! After all, it’s just as important to patronize your mom and pop shops the other 364 days a year, right?

  • Andy_Dunn

    Not only did I pick up a copy of The Zombies RIP I worked the event for the local record store That’s me behind the bins passing out some fresh RSD releases.

  • KC_Douglas

    My RSD was multi-faceted. It actually started out battling Pearl Jam’s crashing website for their “Record Store Day Mystery Vinyl Sale,” with hopes of scoring some rare out-of-print PJ vinyl goodies. After finally successfully checking out (75 minutes later after several site crashes), it was off to Amoeba in Hollywood to check out their RSD sale and art party with members of TV on the Radio. My best score of the day was a free caricature drawn by TVOTR frontman Tunde Adebimpe, along with him kindly signing an old set list for me. Returning to Amoeba on Monday afternoon for a visit from the chooglin’ Third Man Rolling Record Store, I was finally able to score the elusive White Stripes Get Behind Me Satan RSD release that eluded so many on Saturday (TMR RRS actually had more than Amoeba did on RSD!), as well as Jack White’s Blunderbuss on inverted lightning bolt blue vinyl, along with some TMR California/Coachella goodies. Pretty unique RSD experience this year and I enjoyed every minute of it!

  • carpalmpre2

    Stood in line for hours and all I walked away with was the Dwarves 7 inch. Most disappointing RSD yet.


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