TVD Premiere: DownTown Mystic,
“And You Know Why”

NJ rocker DownTown Mystic delivers vintage nugget for the modern world.

We have the pleasure of exclusively premiering the band’s newest single “And You Know Why” which spins the classic rock vibes of yesteryear into a tight blend of nostalgic Americana. If the bittersweet opening slide guitar phrases don’t capture your attention, wait for the soaring chorus at :40 which glides out of the speakers in pristine 3 part harmony.

DownTown Mystic is the alter ego of Robert Allan whose passion for “old school” recording boarders on obsession. He also seems to have friends in high places, recruiting some pretty heavy hitters including members of the E Street Band to flesh out his rich recordings. That’s Max Weinberg on the skins and Garry W. Tallent on bass. The resulting recordings, entitled DownTown Mystic on E Street, will be released later this month.

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