TVD Vinyl Giveaway: Brian Wilson, No Pier Pressure, Autographed

As our own Tim Hibbs noted last April prior to a chat with the man himself, “…Brian Wilson is a musical genius. The depth he brought to the Beach Boys recordings through his vocal and instrumental arrangements is still the benchmark so many strive to reach. Wilson’s personal struggles have been well documented but he has never stopped creating arresting and vital music.

On April 7th, Capitol Records releases Wilson’s eleventh solo studio album, No Pier Pressure. Originally intended as a Beach Boys release, those plans were scrapped when the band fell apart after their 50th anniversary tour. Instead, Wilson assembled an all-star lineup of guest vocalists including Kacey Musgraves, fun.’s Nate Ruess, and She & Him’s Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, along with Beach Boy alumni Al Jardine, David Marks, and Blondie Chaplin.

Likewise, he recruited A-list session players like Don Was, drummers Jim Keltner and Kenny Aronoff, Dean Parks, and Jeffrey Foskett. The good news for vinyl fans is that it will be released as a two-LP set pressed on 180-gram vinyl in addition to CD and digital formats.”

In April, Rolling Stone referred to No Pier Pressure as “Wilson’s most forward-looking solo LP,” and elaborated, “Wilson casts a huge shadow—even punk rock owes him, via the Ramones—and his influence on a new generation of nostalgists, choral-pop harmonists, psychedelic sound-scientists, and orchestral-rock geeks is profound.

And his best music has always come from working with independent-minded peers, like Smile lyricist Van Dyke Parks. So it’s telling the highlights here are not mere vocal cameos, but true writing collaborations.

“Guess You Had To Be There,” a wry comment on Sixties nostalgia (and a melodically delicious celebration of it), was penned with next-gen country It Girl Kacey Musgraves. “Well, I guess you had to be there/All we wanted was more/There were winners and losers and people passed out on my floor,” she sings conspiratorially, while Wilson delivers the glorious hook. “Saturday Night,” sung by fun. frontman Nate Ruess, tightropes between cliché and pop timelessness, a Wilson stock-in-trade.

In celebration of the No Pier Pressure, a summer tour which takes Brian across North America, and the gloriously well-received biopic Love & Mercy, we’re thrilled to sponsor a very special giveaway indeed—an autographed vinyl copy of the aforementioned No Pier Pressure—which will find a home on one of your shelves.

Enter to win the signed vinyl copy of No Pier Pressure by simply citing in the comments below what that Beach Boys or Brian Wilson has meant to you over the many years. We’ll choose one inspired winner with a North American mailing address a week from today, July 6, 2015. Our winner will be notified directly via email.

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  • Ty Fleischut

    Brian Wilson is the man; i think its badass that Pet Sounds inspired Sgt. Pepper’s, and that without Brian Wilson and his complicated arrangements and innovative ideas in the studio, music and our entire culture would be different as a whole. It would be neat to see the parallel universe where Brian Wilson was never born but I know thats a universe i wouldn’t want to live in.

  • Judy Ferega Velasco

    I love the CD – – – – I LOVED THE MOVIE – – – – I really want it in vinyl!! Please???? Judy PS July 9th we’re driving to UTAH to see Brian Wilson live in concert!!

  • SgtGrumpy

    Brian Wilson’s genius is the bedrock for rock n roll. Simple as that. My favorite song ever, “God Only Knows”. So musch so that my wife and I tattooed the lyrics on ourselves.

  • redhawk94

    I never get tired of listening to Brian’s music over the years. I got hooked when Smile came out and it has been a wild ride ever since. Been a lot of fun catching up and listening to his 50 plus years music catalog. New album and movie are both outstanding. Love ya Brian.

  • TN

    As someone who has battled depression, I’ve followed Brian’s journey and empathized with his struggle.
    His persistence and, of course, his music have been an inspiration to me in fighting my own battle.

  • Spidey55

    I spent the better part of my childhood listening to my sister’s Beach Boys LPs until I was old enough to buy my own cassettes! Those were worn down and worn out in the car over the years, including trips to downtown DC for the July 4th concerts which included the Beach Boys for many years. My teenage sons are now “discovering” vinyl and we are shopping for a new turntable. This would be a great addition to our collection and would allow us to start building our own Beach Boys memories!

  • drmolly13

    Like so many others, I grew up on Beach Boys music and I feel like I matured musically as Brian and his musical genius grew. One of the happiest things I’ve had happen was to have my daughter (a music education/vocals major in college) ask me to share Brian Wilson music with her. We listen & discuss the music, so it lives on as well it should.

  • sleepydays

    Brian Wilson’s music didn’t just speak to me: it played a part in drawing me to emigrate to the US! I came over from the UK to see the first round of Pet Sounds shows back in the early 200’s, and fell in love with the country. Beyond that, listening to the sessions box sets have improved my own song production immeasurably. He is peerless behind the mixing desk.

  • Bev Benham

    Great music thank you Brian Wilson!!! Always leading edge and innovative music to soothe the soul. ✌️

  • Richard Gonzalez

    Brian Wilson was that voice in my head that knew what was going on in there, his music spoke to me and taught me how to deal with emotion and life. My parents spoke broken english, so most of my childhood there was no one to turn to talk to, so I turned to music and lyrics to teach me the things that I didn’t understand. Brian’s music was and is an inspiration to me still. Thanks Brian!

  • Mark Holmes


  • Joan Gregory Gute

    I have been a fan since the beginning but more so in 2012 when my Dad passed away. Brian’s music helped me so much during that difficult time & since then, I have listened to them everyday. My family even asked me during that time, why do you listen to the Beach Boys so much. As tears came to my eyes I said, because it helps me heal. Their music is fun, beautiful & at times, poignant. I love them.

  • Joe Mathy

    There are no words to describe the way brian and his music transformed my life. The actions are far to great to put into this small space. Thank you Brian. [email protected]

  • Clayton M. Delinski

    Brian Wilson has had a tremendous impact on my life. When I was in my first year of my college, my father passed away at the age of 52. My father was my hero, best friend, and mentor. Losing someone you love is the worst thing in the world. Looking for an outlet to channel my pain, I turned to music and fell in love with Brian Wilson’s music. From “Pet Sounds” “Endless Summer” to his lost work of “Smile” his music captivates my soul allowing me to get lost in his lyrics that spread the message of love, happiness, and adventure. My personal favorite album is “Surf’s Up” and everytime I hear it I get lost in his music and when the album is done playing I feel like I have become more at peace. Thank you Brian Wilson for helping me find my identity and rediscovering life and most importantly learning how to SMILE!!!!

  • Lauren Daly

    Being only 18 years old, there isn’t a lot of years that I have been listening to Brian. As a musician myself (guitarist) , his music , his compositions and arrangements are something so far ahead of time and out of this world, it subconsciously makes you learn about music and writing, The Beach Boys make you happy when you hear their songs, they even bring a tear to my eye because it makes me that happy, this occurred when I heard Whatever Happened on No Pier Pressure. Not only does he seem like a great guy , but with everything that he’s went through, he still pushes on and writes great music , and also seems like a cool guy. I bought a ticket to see him and America in Liverpool , and I was completely heart broken that he had to cancel, so if I win this, it would make up a little bit for the pain that’s in my heart.

  • TJ Whitt

    Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys were an outlet for me as I grew up with very little friends and could not go out and explore the world as a kid. The beautiful harmonies and very catchy lyrics drew me in and kept me there. It all began with my mother’s vinyl copy of The Best of: Vol 1. I played that record over and over and over, every day. I listened to it so much that eventually, I was able to sing the awesome falsetto vocal parts. It was a joy to showcase my falsetto to my family. I was even able to get a few old reel to reel machines and double tracked all my vocals to Sloop John B. I experimented with various techniques and ways of recording. I’d imagine that I was Brian in the studio tinkering with the board and reel to reel machines.

    As I got older into my teens, the music allowed me to soothe my teenage frustrations, depression, and wonders. In times of trouble, I’d close my door to my room, put on my headphones and just relax to the sounds of the Beach Boys. I’d close my eyes and I could imagine myself floating within the music. The double tracked vocals and multiple instruments carrying me around the room.

    Now days, I still enjoy the empty room, headphones, and music carrying me around. The memories of listening to the music during both the good and bad times still mean a lot to me. I recently saw Brian again in concert and it was absolutely amazing. Brian still has a great voice and really loves presenting his music to his fans. Seeing him SMiLE really makes me feel great. It feels great to see him doing what he wants to do and allowing to have fun too. I have a beautiful wife and daughter who I have turned on to the wonderful world of The Beach Boys and Brian Wilson.

  • Bill Doe

    Warmth of the Sun is the tune that captures best the heartbreak and misery of love lost. I lost everything but I still had the warmth of the sun. The song moves me like no other. I’m thankful ML didn’t screw up this song and it was released just as it was.

  • Debora Morris

    I first istened to the Beach Boys with my cousin, when I was 9 or 10 years old. This was in 1966 or 1967. He would play with Beach Boy records for me. He died in 1972. The Beach Boys music reminds me of times with him. My first Beach Boys record was the “All Summer Long” album. I still have it, but the cover is falling apart. I became a dedicated fan. I have 24 Beach Boy vinyl LPs.
    We moved to Low Angeles for six months in 1969. We had to drive through HAwthorne, so I could see where the Beach Boys were from.
    As I was growing up, I was obsessed with surfing. I read books and magazines. I never actually learned how to surf, however.

    Brian has the most beautiful voice. His falsetto is angelic.
    When I listen to Brian sing, I immediately calm down and feel happy.
    Debora Morris
    [email protected]

  • kmo

    I grew up listening to the Beach Boys thanks to my dad who has been a fan much longer than me. He has been a huge influence in my life musically (and beyond of course.) I have so many memories associated with the Beach Boys because of him. My dad made it an annual tradition for our family to see the Beach Boys perform live and whenever they were in town, we were there! I enjoyed listening to my dad lecture us in our dining room about the nuances of their music. I can still picture him lifting the needle on his record player to replay a specific sound or vocal over and over until he thought we understood what he was trying to express. For me, the Beach Boys and Brian Wilson were a way of connecting as a family and spending time enjoying each other’s company as well as great music. I look forward to taking my dad to see Brian Wilson perform this weekend and although he won’t be lifting the needle of his turntable at the show, I know I’ll have another lesson in appreciating the music genius and pioneer that is Brian Wilson.

  • Shelley Murphy

    I would love to win, and meeting you in Seattle would be better!!! Shelley

  • Chris Shields

    The Beach Boys and Brian Wilson demonstrate real life highs and lows, losses and triumphs, joys and sadnesses, and making it all sound warm, understanding, welcoming. You didn’t have to surf to feel like you could catch a wave. You didn’t need a 409 to appreciate that youthful love of a dream machine. We all know the thrill of having fun, fun, fun until someone steps in to take it away. We all have had the sleepless nights wondering about how things would be nice if …

    The music and the musicians are timeless because the feelings and memories and hopes remain with us. That is the power and legacy of Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys. And if a song doesn’t resonate with you yet, just wait — it could hit you when you least expect it. Pure magic, love and mercy in audio bliss.

  • wingdam

    On july 3rd 1975 I took my girlfriend to her first concert on the lakefront at Milwaukee’s Summerfest. It was raining all day, but the sky’s parted for the concert which I took as an omen. We have been to at least one Beach Boys or Brian Wilson since every year since as a tradition and we are still having Fun, Fun, Fun together in 2015.

  • Andrew Miller

    Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys have always been a huge part of my life. When I was a toddler, my mother would always play a Beach Boys compilation CD in the car on long trips and I just couldn’t get enough of it. Ever since my mom has introduced The Beach Boys to me, I have never been the same. They were the first band I really grew to be a huge fan of. Over the years, I became more interested in many aspects of music. Things like production, arrangement, and mainly composition. I must say that Brian’s work on his solo records, and Beach Boy records (especially Pet Sounds and Smile) is one of my largest inspirations in my life. Music is an incredibly spiritual thing for me. It is the air I breathe. I live only because of music and most of Brian’s work, weather it be his arrangements, chord progressions, production techniques, etc; just increases that spirituality and love for music by a long shot. I will be starting my freshman year of college next year as a composition major. With all the music that has inspired me over the years, I can safely say that Brian Wilson, along with all the other Beach Boys, have been one of the biggest. I can’t stress enough how much all his music means to me. For now, the best I can do is say thank you. You have no idea how much of an impact your work has had on my life, and many others. Keep doing your thing Brian. Your music will continue to live on and bring love and happiness for generations to come.

  • Steve Gaydich

    the greatest music on the planet!!

  • LA

    Three words: God Only Knows.

  • Julissa Padilla

    Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys have meant so much bliss for me. Being a teenager right now at seventeen, I can’t share my interest in them to none of my peers. It makes me sad that many young people my age don’t listen to this wonderful and such memorable music. I love their harmonies so much that I am always finding myself singing to it. Their infectious rhythms can always brighten anybody’s day. I even grew a huge girl crush on Brian, him being so cute when he was younger. I would love to listen to the newer genius of Brian after recently hearing the masterpiece of Pet Sounds. I felt so happy to have found out about the release of Love and Mercy, after my sudden obsession with Brian and The Beach Boys. I had to watch that movie more than once because of its brilliance. I would love to have his new vinyl as an addition to my collection to be able to relax to Brian’s voice after a long day. I know the Beach Boys will never grow out of style. Their songs will always be my favorite. I was introduced by a best of cd of the Boys for my birthday because it looked interesting. Even when I listened to the first song, Wouldn’t it Be Nice, I knew I was hearing something different and something I would enjoy for the rest of my life. Brian’s life has even inspired me by never giving up and just follow your dreams. He didn’t listen to others when making Pet Sounds with it’s peculiar sound. He went on with it. His father disliked it, but he didn’t care. And now it’s considered a masterpiece. Great things always comes with hard work. I know whatever he composes will be wonderful music. That is why whatever he makes, I get very ecstatic because I know it would be good. Their music has even got me through a very terrible move. My parents had to move from California to Texas. The homeowner practically kicked my family out of our home. We had to pack up the last things and just head to Texas by car. We passed by Arizona and our car broke down. It was just craziness. Brian Wilson’s music was the only thing that would calm me down in that time of despair. I would keep sing Sloop John B and keep reciting “this is the worst trip, I’ve ever been on.” But singing it would relax me. The Beach Boys and Brian Wilson have influenced me a lot more than mere words can describe. I will always love them till my very last day. There will be days I will be sad but if I know I can pop in any of their tunes, it can make my day a little bit better. -Julissa Padilla [email protected]

  • Wind Chimes

    Brian Wilson’s life and work give me hope. I’m not claiming to be as creative or musically masterful as Brian (if that were so, I would be working on my Pet Sounds at this age) but his story resonates with my past and allows me to look towards the future with that much more optimism. I, too, was a kid with a thirst for knowledge and an insatiable need to create. When I embarked on my creative journeys, I, too, found that some of the greatest challenges I had to face were with my own mind.
    Brian Wilson’s story shows me that mental health issues, though crippling, can be overcome with great success. Even when those issues bring me down to my lowest lows, Brian’s music is a ray of sunshine and a blessing in my life.
    His life assures me that no matter how dark the journey may be, I can also create amazing things and live a life worth living.

  • Des Meek

    No amount of words can describe the influence of what the Beach Boys had on me. My favorite Beach boy has always/will be Brian Wilson. He’s one of the most talented musicians who has filled my life with great music. Being a teenager without many friends I spend most of my time listening and playing music. Brian has defiantly influenced me as a musician. Without Brian their would be know Beach Boys it just wouldn’t be the same.

  • Rob Sutherland

    Brian and The Beach Boys have been constant companions through my life from the time I was very young. As I got older the reasons I like them changed. When I was young I love the fun and excitement of the surf and car tunes. In high school I got my hands on a copy of Pet Sounds and it changed my world. I dove deep into the world that was Brian, grabbed every bootleg I could find of unreleased material. Years later when he finally released his solo version of Smile he became the first musician I traveled a long way to see because I had to see what he could do life with that material. To this day his music is some of the only music that can so totally move me, to the point of tears at times.

  • Karen

    Brian Wilson’s visionary songwriting is unsurpassed in originality and ground-breaking technical skill. With the addition of that beautiful falsetto voice, accompanying an already gifted group of singers and lyricists, the world has been truely blessed with some of the most up-lifting, fun, and enduring music that will always be ‘in-style’. It’s not possible to listen to a single Beach Boys album and not be quickly sidetracked away from any negative or sad feelings you may be having, and swiftly caught up in the good vibrations evoked by this magical group of musicians. To pop in a CD of Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys, is to succomb to the epitome of joy! I LOVE this band !!!!! They’re ability to make the world smile is timeless.

  • Hey Jude

    Brian Wilson’s music is as good as music gets, simply put. It’s engrained into my brain and my DNA at this point….

  • Sam Elliot

    Watching Love & Mercy last night drove home how much Brian’s music has meant to me throughout the years. Some of my earliest memories are being driven around by my parents with The Beach Boys greatest hits playing in the car. It’s safe to say Brian’s music has soundtracked some special moments in my life, including having the opportunity to share seeing The Beach Boys live with my father during their 50th Anniversary Tour, and seeing Brian last year at Kent’s Hop Farm Festival, enduring other acts we weren’t so keen on so me and my girlfriend could get right to the front.

    Thank you Brian for the music.

  • Harrison Kramer


    My name is Harrison Kramer, and I am 15 years old. Brian Wilson’s life and music have been very inspirational for me.

    I have severe obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression. It is incredibly hard for me to function throughout the day, but I know if I ever put on a Beach Boys tune, that anxiety slowly seems to fade away. Brian’s triumphs over his own mental illness provide both hope and sympathy for a better future for myself.

    I recently saw Love & Mercy (great movie), and it really affected me. I have always been a fan of The Beach Boys since I was very young. I used to go to Miami Beach a lot with my family, and their greatest hits album was frequently the soundtrack of choice. It wasn’t until recently that I learned about Brian’s story.

    I own a turntable, and music seems to be my biggest therapy. My favorite band is The Beach Boys, and I love Brian’s solo catalogue. SMiLE is awesome, and I have yet to hear his new studio album. Whenever I am feeling totally unstable, I put on a record and decompress. It would be absolutely amazing to own this autographed album. I would not only cherish the musical recordings on the record, but it will also provide solace for me when I am feeling down.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

    “I still believe that something is right only when it feels right.”
    -Brian Wilson

    All the best,


  • William Smither

    My dad introduced me to the Beach Boys through his 45s and 8-tracks. He was a teen in the 60s and favored their surfing and car tunes, so that’s what I grew up hearing. They were more than just another music group for him. He told me all their names and shared stories about their songs. When the band was on their 50th anniversary tour, they did not make a stop where I live so Dad and I hit the road to see them in Milwaukee. In the many times we had seen them live, neither of us had ever seen Brian. It was amazing to see and hear Brian and Mike trade verses on Sloop John B just like the 45 my dad had played so many times when I was kid. I have explored the band beyond the surf songs. I have listened to Brian’s solo work. I can’t get enough sometimes. Summer would not be the same without them and neither would my life.

  • Miguel DeLeon

    I really like what Harrison Kramer wrote below. As for me, I fell in love with the music of The Beach Boys when I was around 7, and early on I’d heard about Brian Wilson as “the main guy”. I started collecting records, loved both The Beatles and The Beach Boys. As I grew older, I studied both music history and how to play a few instruments, training my voice to match Brian’s on the old records — of course, no one really can.

    When I went to university, studying psychology, I came to an even deeper appreciation of this man, this wonderful musician, and all that goes with his genius and difficulties. Later, when I taught college, Brian Wilson became something of a poster child for overcoming mental health issues and family dysfunction, and for being a more-than-gifted celebrity with a diagnosis. More than any other singer/musician/record-maker, Brian Wilson has been an inspiration in my life.

    I’ve seen The Beach Boys in concert, both with and without Brian, about a dozen times, and I’ve seen Brian solo five times. My friends and relatives see me as an ambassador for his music, and there’s nothing like it — the love, the pain, the joy of life, the human experience. I can’t think of any other pop music maker who can so move people emotionally — maybe Stevie Wonder, maybe Paul McCartney, maybe Elton John. But with Brian Wilson, there is no “maybe”.

  • David D’Alfonso

    Brian Wilson and the Beach boys was the first music I remember being introduced to by my father as a kid. He was a big Beach boys fan. He even took me to one of their concert (which was also my first concert) in the late 80’s I believe.

    I always enjoyed their music as a kid but it is only as I got older that I started seeing the complexity,passion and power of their music (that’s also due because I got to know more of the latter beach boys material (Pet Sounds and SMiLE). Even though I always loved their music, it was something my father and I cherished together. My father passed away in 2006 and listening to the Beach Boys today always brings me back to my childhood and gives me back good memories of my father.

  • tal

    When I read Brian’s autobiography a few years ago it was one of the few oasises of things I could really connect to in my life that took me out of a fog. Here was a musician who was also deaf in his right ear like I was- and who also went through childhood abuse and a long and intense internal struggle. While I grew up of course like most Americans embracing the youthful gold of the beach boys- connecting to Brian’s deeper story post beach boys era was much more captivating and honest to me. I’ve grown as a person in my own compassion, empathy and love for self and others as a result of not only Brian’s body of work but who he continues to be as a human being. Celebrating him and all of us while were in the human condition together.

  • Devon

    Brian Wilson changed popular music. His impact on my musical life is enormous, and it is amazing to see him still create such incredible new music. His impact on today’s artists cannot be underestimated.

  • butlerbMMO

    Brian Wilson’s music has meant so much to me that he has influenced me to pick up the guitar and learn about music theory. Before listening to him, I never wanted to/nor did I have any intentions of wanting to learn. But after listening to Brian Wilson and his music, I suddenly had that urge to want to play. Thats how much he has meant to me. And just from listening to Brian’s new album “No Pier Pressure”, I now have the urge to write my own music. In general, Brian has given me the confidence and the influence to play music as well as write my own material. Thank you Brian!

  • Kathy Peterson

    For me, Brian’s music is my preview of heaven. Simple and complex at the same time, endlessly fascinating, spiritual and breathtaking, fun and clever, aural sunshine, but also distilled melancholy at times. Surprisingly timeless and fresh. Soundtrack of my life by my own choice. Always brings a smile to my face. Thank you, Brian!

  • Kennedy

    The Beach Boys were some of the first music I ever got into. The greatest hits album was one of the first cassettes I ever bought (along with the Monkees). Then as I got older there greatest hits was one of the first cd’s I bought. “Good Vibrations” is my favorite song. The entrancing harmonies and melodic beats are unparalleled. Other than the blues there is no greater American music. There music is linked to every part of my life. Listening to them on my Walkman on family trips, Kokomo from “Cocktail”- John Stamos on drums, the Beach Boys mini-series. In college while all my friends were preaching the gospel according to Phish, I was trying to explain the nuances of the Beach Boys. Then came the 50th anniversary tour. I have a group of friends that travel to New Orleans every year for either Jazzfest or Voodoo. No matter what shows I see in the future nothing will beat being able to see my favorite band live with my best friends. Plus John F-ing Stamos came out with them.

  • Victoria Reid

    For all 19 years of my life, Brian Wilson’s music was the #1 listened to music in my household. The first CD I had ever heard, the first music I had ever heard played, was The Beach Boys. As a baby, my dad would rock me to sleep singing Surfer Girl, and as I grew up, my dad continued to sing it to me so I could fall asleep at night. The first concert I had ever been to was Brian Wilson. It was in 2001, I was 5 years old, it was Canada Day. I still remember the excitement I had as the beach ball bouncing around in the crowd got to me, and I got to hit it. Each and every time anything new happened on TV or on the Internet with Brian Wilson, we would gather together as a family of five, and my dad would read out Brian Wilson’s latest news. My dad sings all the time, as do I, we are a family of musicians. Every time we step in the car, we hear the latest Brian Wilson CD chime on and my dad begins to sing. Brian Wilson is not just a well loved singer in my home, he is someone who helped the relationship with my father be as close as it is. This weekend is my Dad’s birthday, and for his birthday we are seeing Brian Wilson in concert. I want to win this CD for him. For my Daddy. 🙂 <3 For his birthday.

  • Laurie Lynn

    It’s simple: Brian Wilson’s genius musicianship emanated throughout my house by my Dad who was the biggest fan. Happy childhood because of happy and meaningful music. And through the years, hearing this same music would, of course, bring me back to those most wonderful days. It still happens. Brian’s new music, to boot, has that same timeless sound. Daddy would love it if he were still here. Thank you Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys!

  • Mike Lewis

    My name is Mike Lewis and I have enjoyed the Beach Boys
    music since I can remember. Being a part of the San Diego Beach and Surf scene
    all the way back to the late 60’s. I would ride my bike with my surfboard
    attached to the side to the beach at least 2-3 times a week. Recently, I have
    been working on a movie script about those days. (Summer of 74) The beach scene
    music is permeated throughout the story along with the “Magic Transistor Radio”
    from the Holland album. The Pied Piper is one of the characters I created to
    weave thru the story and help Surfer Mike as he deals with some hilarious issues!
    Brian Wilson – what can I say. Your solo career and the Beach Boys have been a
    mainstay in my life that has helped me thru many diversities. Thank you Brian! God
    Only Knows where I would have been without your music. May your music live on
    forever. Go to
    and check out my project. If anyone is interested in being a part of helping
    bring this great story to life, please let me know. Contact on website.

  • John Moreno

    A fan since 64 when I simply fell for the harmony. Brian created the music that that has always in the background almost every day. I brought may wife and children along for the ride and they appreciate the sounds knowing how I feel. I even used Brians beautiful music as part of my job often filling presentations and work related discussions with music. My coworkers to this day almost 10 years after my retirement refer to the Beach Boys and those presenations especially the good vibes we felt toward each other and about the job we did. Thank you Brian.

  • Clayton Chaddick

    Sounds of Summer was my first CD when I was little. I have listened to the Boys nonstop ever since. Nothing else compares.

  • Michael Tackett

    Up until 2007 I always thought Brian Wilson was “the guy that created beach music”. He was the one that made the
    soundtrack for my summer breaks growing up. I would hear Surfin Safari and think “its summer time!”. Well in 2007 I went off to college and like any kid going to college my mind explored a lot of new things. The biggest was just how
    profound Brian Wilson was. I picked up his biopic off the college library shelf and gave it read (its now the infamous Wouldn’t it be Nice Biopic that Wilson says now he had no part in) What I found though in that biopic was a troubled
    man that seemed trapped and yet made some of the most beautiful arrangements in our time. At that point I was obsessed and spent hours and hours reading every biopic I could and listening to every album and bootleg I
    could find. (My favorite Biopic I think that gives Wilson justice is Catch a Wave ). In my 2nd year at college I took Music
    Appreciation and for my semester thesis I wrote about the Musical style of Brian Wilson. It was 9 pages of the music style of Wilson from 1962-1968. I then presented my thesis to the class and played the intro to California Girls instructing them all the different instruments that are in those first 20
    seconds. It was a wonderful experience and I later found out I was the only one in the class to receive an A. Brian Wilson opened my ears to what harmonies could be. That throughout obstacles (the dude had a lot) you can still create
    wonderful masterpiece. Pet Sounds hit home personally because it was the record I listened to most that first year in
    college. Home sick at times I would loop petsounds and here the simplest of songs that yet had such layers of depth. I would listen to such songs as “Sloop
    John B” and “That’s Not Me “ and I would think “man this guy gets it”. Simply
    put I am thankful for Brian Wilson.

  • Alessandro

    The Beach Boys and Brian Wilson were that “pop” band from the sixties kept alive by oldies radio. They sang about a world of sun, sand and surf which was often hard to relate to living in Canada. Certainly the Hawaiian shirts and ball caps that marked the 1980s version of the band didn’t help with their coolness factor.

    Fast forward to the early nineties and my roommate at the time had a CD of Pet Sounds. Read about it and thought I should at least give it a listen.
    In short, I was floored by what I heard. Still am. I subsequently bought every single bit of Beach Boys music available (even their 1980s albums!) and was later honoured to witness Brian Wilson perform Pet Sounds on tour.
    I can honestly say their music had a profoundly positive effect on my life. I LOVE Brian Wilson and wish him nothing but good things.
    While I would be honoured to own an LP touched by the man himself(!) I am also very grateful to The Vinyl District to have been given this forum to publicly pronounce my affection for Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys.
    Keep up the good work. Music matters.


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