The Flux Machine,
The TVD First Date and LP premiere, Louder!

“To remove the vinyl for Led Zeppelin III and turn to my friend Joe, neither one of us realized that in this circular form would be our spiritual salvation. The first seconds of scratch before “Immigrant Song” were like the clouds opening before God reveals himself to you. We turned to each other and sealed a pact that music would be our calling forever.”

“Another life turning moment was the first time I made love to a woman by the name of Stella. A shy, introverted, 21 year old seduced by a Maria Muldaur vinyl spinning its way on the alpaca carpet where we laid til the dawn. The universe stopped.

Nothing like the transformative power of an after school bowl coupled with Eric Clapton’s “Layla” as loud as necessary to blot out the tedium of a bored teenager. You could study these for hours. An album was the complete story. It could take months to totally decipher an excellent album.

If life is a cycle as it appears to be, there’s no better way to pay tribute to this historical art form than with the best music we’ve ever made. After a true labor of love, patience, and massive soul-searching intervention, I feel we’ve produced an important contribution to the vinyl world and we humbly hope you do so as well.”
Luis Accorsi

The Flux Machine’s new LP, Louder! arrives in stores this Friday, February 26—on red splattered vinyl.

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