Cat Janice,
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“Although I am the only remaining musician in my family, we are all music lovers and critics.”

“My mother was a disc jockey in the ’80s and told me stories of hanging out with famous rock ‘n’ roll musicians. She still has all her old classic records sitting in our rec room and I’ll never forget the feeling of being pulled back in time listening to “Free Bird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd on vinyl. My parents had me and my siblings hooked on oldies and classic rock at an early age by blaring The Eagles and The Beach Boys over the phonograph. I always loved the variety of instruments in the music during those days. It definitely plays its way into my music now.

The feeling of vinyl in your hands is something that will be forgotten by the next generation. We are lucky to have our parents sharing them with us so we can appreciate the physical presence of music. But nowadays, because everything is digital, kids have access to millions of songs at once where they can jump from song to song, enjoying the constant stimulation of only their favorites. They no longer view music as a work of art. An album is meant to be listened to as a whole, with its ups and downs, creating a story. And vinyl is special because musicians used to play directly onto a record for print, with all the good and the bad. Listening to vinyl is listening to the artist tell you their story for the first time.

When you can’t remember the name of a song you just heard and liked, you sift through your music trying to find it, listening for how it made you feel. A full album is meant to be an emotional experience. I always believed that if you can smoke a joint while you listen to an album and both hold yourself and cry and laugh with joy, you’ve found a good one.

I’m always looking for albums that can pass the test and deserve the privilege of being made into vinyl, a physical icon. The first CD I ever bought was How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb by U2 and the first vinyl I ever bought was Funeral by Arcade Fire. Since then I have added to my collection with CDs and vinyl that make me feel empowered and alive.

I want my listeners to feel the experience of my album. My EP “Wild” was written with a lot of energy and stirring lyrics and the music is meant to be inspiring. One day, I will gather my band together and we will play through the entire album, good sounds and bad sounds, and have it pressed directly onto vinyl. I’ll give my audience the raw story the way it’s supposed to be told. I will show my kids and their friends the true beauty of vinyl, a physical piece of music, so that the emotional experience won’t be totally forgotten.”
Cat Janice

Cat Janice’s EP, “Wild” is available now.

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