Needle Drop: Dan Lipton, “Dark Water”

Dan Lipton pulls celestial ballad from hangover haze.

Lipton’s rustic arrangements are all at once contemporary and powerful, yet steadily indicative of other masters of the singer-songwriting genre. His raspy quiver recalls Ray LaMontagne while the agile break in his voice conjures up the late Jeff Buckley. “Dark Water” was supposedly conceived while Dan nursed a hangover as he travelled the above ground ferries that run across Brooklyn looking out toward the sea.

There is something infinitely real about the overall vibe of Lipton’s words, set against the tympanic thrust of a hoop drum and tambourine. We experience the weariness, sense the blanket of stars above us, and almost taste the stale alcohol from previous nights’ soul crushing revelry.

“Dark Water” is taken from Dan Lipton’s full-length release, Breathing In which is in stores now.

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