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“I am not a jazz guy by any means, more of a rhythm and blues guy. Sure I have a few Miles Davis records but most of the time I like listening to Lightin’ Hopkins or some far out Live Cream.

“Even so, there are a couple of exotic jazz records that have stuck with me for a long time. I just love them, they are a weird hybrid of different things and that clash of cultures is what makes them exciting. They still sound fresh to this day. The first example I have is Indo-Jazz Suite by Joe Harriott and John Mayer. It is one of my favourite records of all time.

Alice Coltrane’s has made some stuff with a similar kinda vibe, particularly Journey to Satchidananda. I have listened to this record since I was a teenager and it has certainly influenced some of the Morcheeba records I was involved in. The blend of tambora, harp, and sax is an intoxicating mix—something about the nature of it makes it a perfect record for relaxing at home anytime of the day or night. I need records like that, they put you in a place of peace instantly without you having to make any effort!

Something I was turned onto more recently and by the same sax player from Alice Coltrane’s record is Pharoah Sanders’ Harvest Time. This one is interesting because the accompaniment is by an electric guitar that sounds like it could be late period Jimi Hendrix. The track evolves really slowly and it is a real joy to flow with.

I think what ties these three records together is that they are quite plainly not song arrangements, or for that matter even jazz arrangements. They are more akin to an Indian Raga that takes time to develop and takes you on a journey in a way that most modern music can’t. You have to set aside some time to appreciate them, the way music should be listened to.
Ross Godfrey

SKYE | ROSS from Morcheeba release their self-titled album on September 2nd via Cooking Vinyl.

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