Dammien Alexander,
The TVD First Date

“The first album that had a tremendous impact was Dirty Mind by Prince.”

“It’s actually a memory burned into my consciousness. I remember fumbling through my stepfather’s record collection and picking up the album cover. I was probably 4 or 5 and a very curious child. I remember being puzzled. Was I looking at a man or woman? Or really, what was I seeing? My stepdad saw me holding that record sleeve and decided to complete the experience and played it for me. Let me tell you that a mushroom cloud effect happened in my brain.

Another turning point in my musical journey was when I discovered Dave Matthews. There was this girl from Missouri who was also a camp counselor at all Jewish camp in upstate PA. We’d sit and listen to her music collection in her car and make out. Her favorite artist was the Dave Matthews Band. Her first selection was Under The Table and Dreaming.

I remember it being an aha moment. I had not quite heard a band sound like that. The second DMB album that really got me hooked was These Crowded Streets. This featured a collaboration with a largely unknown Alanis Morrisette on a song called Spoon. Gorgeous tune. I listened to that over and over.

I really gained interest in playing and performing with an acoustic guitar after listening to his records. The style of writing was so fluid and passionate. The band was so loose but together. There are a few more really important records to my musical development.

Three Feet High and Rising by De La Soul, Voodoo by D’Angelo, Speakerboxx /The Love Below by Outkast, and lastly In Rainbows by Radiohead. I think if you want to know the DNA of the music I create, this would be at the cellular level.”
Dammien Alexander

Dammien Alexander’s first full length release Love + Infinity is in stores tomorow, March 24th via Underground Sun Records.

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