TVD Radar: Marshall Crenshaw’s Field Day Expanded Edition available for preorder

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Intervention Records and Marshall Crenshaw are thrilled to announce the relaunch of Marshall’s amazing sophomore effort Field Day on premium 180-gram vinyl as an Expanded Edition double album! The Field Day relaunch features all new cover art conceived by Crenshaw, and the expanded edition for the first time combines Field Day’s original repertoire with a second album composed of the US Remix EP. Available in the US for the very first time this 12” 45 rpm EP features remixes of several of Field Day’s best tunes, including “Our Town,” “For Her Love,” and a rip-roarin’ live cover of “Little Sister.”

Produced by Steve Lilywhite, Field Day is Crenshaw at his power-pop best, with addictive hooks, heart-tugging lyrics, and beautiful melodies. Field Day and the US Remix EP are mastered 100% Analog by CoHEARent Audio’s Kevin Gray directly from the original analog master tapes. Both 12″ records are pressed on dead-quiet 180-Gram vinyl by RTI.

At Marshall Crenshaw’s direction Field Day’s front cover art is taken not from the original LP, but from the 7” single for the Field Day’s hit “Whenever You’re On My Mind.” Never comfortable with the original cover art, Crenshaw is delighted at this change in art direction, implemented by IR’s amazing artist Tom Vadakan. The original inner sleeve art and lyrics are expanded into a gorgeous “Old-Style” gatefold printed by Stoughton on heavy stock and film laminated.

Intervention’s Field Day reissue is available for pre-order now through IR’s retail outlets and directly from Marshall in a dazzling array of Super-Fan Merch packages at In addition to the LP fans can order hand-written lyrics, posters, t-shirts, and other ultra-exclusive merch created by Marshall!

Field Day Expanded Edition will be available in Fall, 2017. The set is composed of two 180-gram records pressed at RTI—a single 33 with the Field Day original repertoire and a 12″ 45 RPM with the US Remix EP. Field Day is housed in a gorgeous “Old-Style” gatefold printed by Stoughton Printing Co. US Retail is $45.

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