TVD Ticket Giveaway: Trashcan Sinatras in
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Time was when alongside, say Prefab Sprout, The Blue Nile, Danny Wilson, Del Amitri, and Aztec Camera, the Trashcan Sinatras were among a classic era with their stunning debut release Cake, our original cassette copy worn down to a wobbly, stringy mess given its frequent rotation.

The difference between the Sinatras and the other aforementioned bands is that they’re quite happily still at it—both recording and touring. As to the latter point, the band hits the road this month for a trek through the US—their largest ever in the States—playing both their debut Cake and its follow-up, 1993’s I’ve Seen Everything in full and acoustic, among other highlights from their catalog.

As the headline above attests, we’ve got tickets to award five of you for any stop on the band’s North American May/June run—and these dates are listed below for your perusal.

20 – Austin, TX at 3Ten ACL Live
23 – Atlanta, GA at Smith’s Olde Bar
25 – Charlotte, NC at Evening Muse
26 – Vienna, VA at Jammin Java
27 – Sellersville, PA at Sellersville Theater
29 – Baltimore, MD at Ottobar
30 – New York, NY at Highline Ballroom
31 – Asbury Park, NJ at The Saint

01 – Boston, MA at ONCE Ballroom
03 – Ottawa, ON at Mavericks
04 – Toronto, ON at Horseshoe Tavern
05 – Detroit, MI at Magic Bag
06 – Cleveland, OH at Beachland Ballroom
08 – Dayton, OH at Encore Studios
10 – Evanston, IL at SPACE
12 – St. Paul, MN at Amsterdam Bar & Hall
13 – St. Louis, MO at Blueberry Hill
14 – Kansas City, MO at Gospel Lounge
16 – Denver, CO at Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox
17 – Salt Lake City, UT at Metro Music Hall
19 – Vancouver, BC at Biltmore Cabaret
20 – Seattle, WA at Fremont Abbey
21 – Portland, OR at Alberta Rose Theatre
22 – Sacramento, CA at Harlow’s
24 – Mill Valley, CA at Sweetwater Music Hall
27 – Los Angeles, CA at The Regent Theater
28 – Pioneertown, CA at Pappy and Harriet’s

Enter to win a pair of tickets by citing in the comments below the track you’re most looking forward to hearing the Sinatras perform—and briefly why. Be certain to also cite the city in which you’d prefer to catch the band. We’ll choose five winners for a pair of tickets each on Friday, May 18, 2018. Winners will be notified directly via email.

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  • Tofupuppy

    You Made Me Feel from Cake. If I’m in a certain sort of mood, that’s one of those songs that takes everything that feels terrible and turns it into beauty. Also, if I win my city of choice is Saint Paul, MN.

    • The Vinyl District

      Please remember to leave us the city of your choice!

      • Tofupuppy

        Thanks! I edited it to include the city.

        • disqus_CJgrIZzjF3

          disqus_qTPQz9hINH what

  • Jim Welsh

    Hayfever, because I’ve had women, and I’ve had germs. Sellersville

  • Jill Underwood

    Oh no, this is hard. I could give you a different answer every hour of the day. I don’t know what I’d pick on June 12 in St. Paul, MN, but if they were to walk into my office right now, I’d say “Earlies”!

  • Julie Gengo

    Hayfever, but of course —

    • The Vinyl District

      Please remember to leave us the city of your choice!

  • John Jauchler

    I’ll go with “Even the Odd” – fantastic song, and I don’t know that I’ve ever heard it live. Would be great to hear it in BOSTON!

  • Jeff Mosier

    Orange Fell from I’ve Seen Everything. It makes me feel like I’m floating silently along a beautiful stream on a warm summer day (then again, drinking enough wine has the same effect). Seattle show. I already have tickets but I’d bring more friends along if I won.

  • John N.

    I’ve seen them plugged and unplugged and they were fantastic. There were a few songs from both albums that I haven’t heard yet so I’d love to!

  • MJ Ellis

    That would have to be “Orange Fell”, because it embodies the jangly goodness that TCS are known and loved for. It’s a personal favorite! (City of choice would be Boston!)

  • Peter Flores

    Don’t let my blood rush, St. Louis show.


  • Jim Rosemurgy

    When I first listened to Cake all those years ago, I remember thinking that January’s Little Joke was the best album ending song I’d ever heard. Still conjures up images of the passing scenery of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula as I headed home from college. Still play this album regularly.
    Looking forward to seeing them live in Detroit.

  • Marnie Andrews

    Such a tough choice! I’m going to go with January’s Little Joke because I didn’t hear it last time I saw them, plus I’ve always felt an attachment to it being born in January / seeing the sadness in New Year’s Eve / having personally never found out what achieve means. I’m in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and am THRILLED they’re making a stop in my city!

  • Mike Benigni

    Safecracker. Detroit. I’m the father of 2 teenagers that I used to sing TCS songs to when they were small. They have grown up listening to and loving their songs. I would love to get a chance to hear them live.

  • 668neighbourofthebeast

    Drunken Chorus, because it’s simply brilliant. Top of my lifetime “shoulda been a single!!!” playlist. Would love to see it happen in Toronto, lads – like the t-shirts say, LEGENDARY SCOTTISH BAND.

  • Britt Vickstrom

    I always love Send for Henny. Earliest would be greatly appreciated. I’m hoping to see the Evanston show.

  • Kris Gregg

    How would I pick one? Even the Odd. Only because I’m listening to Cake now! Los Angeles please! ❤️

  • Miguel Macias

    Hands down I’m most excited to see them perform live the song Funny from the album Cake. I love the simplicity of the song. Plus I think everyone at some point has felt the need to threadbare their soul and wheedle their way into other people’s lives and out of their own. To winning a ticket in NYC!

  • Trey Brunson

    EARLIES! The first time I heard this song in college, it was burned in my mind forever. I’ve been a fan of these guys for over two decades, but I’ve never gotten to see them live. I love each of their unique albums, I watched their short film Spooktime, that was played as a B-film to Trainspotting, about a hundred times. Love this band! I hope to see the Trashcans in Austin, TX.

  • Bill Zwaskis

    Only Tongue Can Tell in Asbury Park, NJ. Cake is one of my desert island disc. I must own at least 7 copies of it, including vinyl. It’s my go to album if I’m ever feeling low and need my spirits picked up. It came out during a time in my life when I was questioning everything and it always had a way of calming me down and still does today.

  • sfbayseo

    Would love to hear Obscurity Knocks in Dallas

  • Chris Johnson

    Looking forward to the entirety of this collection, but “You Made Me Feel” makes me feel something pretty special. Would love to hear it in Portland, on your dime! Thanks.

  • Eric Reidar

    “Funny” from Cake is so good the lyrics make you laugh and cry often within the same line. The whole of Cake still gives me shivers to be honest. Can’t wait to hear it live in Seattle.

  • James Knepper

    I knew what punish meant, and I knew what embarrass meant. I never found out what achieve meant…until I first heard Cake. Amazing band, amazing library, and amazing lyrics (obviously). June 16th, Denver, Colorado.

  • Raoul Borans

    The Best Man’s Fall in Atlanta.

  • Penelope Raquinio

    Obscurity Knocks! Would love to hear this at the Mill Valley show!

  • Rebecca Turtledove

    Only tongue can tell. Los Angeles! Last time I saw them was the Midnight at the Troubadour show.

  • Diane

    I want to hear Thrupenny Tears in New York because I missed the gig at CBGB’s in the early 90’s because my parents didn’t let me go (that is when the Bowery was dangerous!) and I have never seen them in my hometown!

  • Laura Adamson

    I’d love to hear, “Who’s He.” I love the melody. I also was delighted to hear this song recently on a CD copy of Cake that I bought. I own the LP and the CD has some nice bonus tracks including this one 🙂 I’d love to win a pair of tickets to the Seattle show.

  • Sten Iverson

    Send for Henny in Seattle would be ideal!


  • Joseph Fredric Mishica

    I was fortunate enough to hear them perform “useless” last year, which I never thought would happen, so this time around it would have to be their cover of “Tonight you belong to me”. While I’ve already purchased tickets for the upcoming gig, I would love to take a friend whose mother has just died- thought it might cheer him up.

  • Bill Eyring

    When i was a kid, my older brother Al played Cake over & over in his bedroom. He always sang along with ‘only tongue can tell’ the loudest…I fell in love with that song & TCS. Al passed away when I was in college. I’d love to hear that song in Dayton, OH. ☺

  • Tim Leonard

    maybe i should drive
    Mill Valley CA Show please !

  • Andrew Boyer

    I want to see One At A Time. So different than their other songs. It starts off with this bad line that leads you to believe you need to be careful and then bam you are lead into shredding, wailing guitars and Frank’s anguished vocals. Suck a great tune.

  • Andrew Boyer

    Oops my city of choice is Vancouver, BC

  • Larry Van Meter

    “How Can I Apply?”

    • Jon Meyers

      The contest has closed. Thank you!


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