On the Fly or Before
You Fly: The Vinyl District Record Store Locator App

Free for your iPhone here | Free for your Android here

Since the launch of The Vinyl District Record Store Locator App back in 2011 which houses in your phone the planet’s largest database of independent record shops with 100,000 users hunting down 3,500 record stores in 45 countries across the globe—one might assume complacency could set in. But to heck with that.

We’re doubling down on our commitment to the mom and pop, brick and mortar shops with a whole host of plans—and they commence right now with a redesigned TVD Record Store Locator App we’re delighted to officially unveil today. And of course it’s still free for your iPhone or Android. (Commitment’s sexy, huh?)

All the features you’re accustomed to remain with an emphasis on the community of users who have made the TVD app an unprecedented success. And we’ve added something new to the mix.

Welcome to the TVD Record Store Club–another free feature we’ve added to your app adventures. While non-label based record clubs still tend to baffle us (mailboxes: not sexy) we’re pilfering “record club” to point to an agenda that we’re assembling for your weekends now that new release vinyl lands in stores on Fridays—AND for the early part of the week coming when the mom and pops could use the foot traffic.

Twice monthly we’ll be tipping you off right here on The Vinyl District—and within the app at the Club tab—to releases of merit newly on store shelves. We’ll have in-store ticket giveaways you can win by simply waving the app, pricing incentives, contests, cool partner initiatives, and a host of surprises we’re looking forward to putting in your pocket on the regular.

How about we take a look at the The Vinyl District Record Store Locator App’s new design?

On the fly or before you fly, fire up the GPS-based TVD Record Store Locator App and it lists the closest record stores to your current location in order of nearest proximity. (It’s keyword searchable too!)

If a broader overview is desired, select the map option.

Check in at your destination and share your finds with the TVD App community under the Social Tab. 

The TVD Record Store Locator App also displays a vast list of record fairs across the globe by date and location.

And of course, keep up to date with TVD anytime or anywhere.

Remember to allow notifications for the TVD Record Store Locator app so we can ping you with our TVD Record Store Club news, updates, bargains, contests, and free stuff. Your wallet will be glad you did.

Free for your iPhone here | Free for your Android here

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