Who the hell is: Glitches

Can you tell us a bit about Glitches?

Glitches exists because someone out there needs to make music about antiquity, love, and loss, at the same time. ALL the time.

Where did the name Glitches come from?

It’s a name that sounds like it should already be taken, but it’s not. (Well, actually, now we’ve taken it.) It literally comes from the term for an unexpected and undesired spike in voltage in an electronic circuit. But really it represents what we’re trying to do musically. Not. Fit. In.

We’re really enjoying your track “Screwed In A Vice.” Can you tell us a bit about the song?

“Screwed In A Vice” is a song about being with someone you love and suffering for it. The line “It’s in our DNA” can be interpreted different ways in the context of the song. One way to understand it is the inevitability that you’re going to end up back in the arms of that person, whether it’s good for you or not.

Can folks get to see you live any time soon?

8th March: Bedroom Bar, Shoreditch – Stage 9 p.m.

16th March: Club NME @ KOKO – Stage 11:30 p.m.

22nd March: Glitches presents: Halcyon Nights V (4th Floor Communications House, E1 1EW) – Stage 10 p.m.

3rd April: Marc Beaumont’s Geek Out – Stage TBC

Who would you say has influenced the sound of your music the most?

Musically, we’re digging moody grove-based stuff at the moment. Massive Attack to name one. We’re trying to keep the sounds clean and pure. We’re putting a lot of orchestral arrangements in our stuff. We respect an approach to music that it doesn’t need to be restricted to the old-hat ensemble (as great as it can be) of two guitars, bass, drums. With that in mind, Radiohead are a huge influence. Also These New Puritans are great.

What is the first piece of music that you paid hard, cold cash for?

Travis – The Man Who. Still great.

What are your plans and hopes for this year?

Now that we’ve released our free download for “Screwed In A Vice,” we’re just seeing how it goes. We don’t know where we’ll end up, but we’re optimistic. As long as people want to hear our music, we’ll keep making it. Hopefully the audience will grow.

Sum the band up in 6 words?

Finely-wrought. Intense. Elegant. Groove. Imperium… (Is that 5 or 6?)

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