Flower Fellow,
The TVD First Date

“I should probably start with my first LP which was Rumours by Fleetwood Mac. Man that is such a good album!”

“From then on I cited Stevie Nicks as my idol. If anyone asks why I just tell them to listen to ‘Gold Dust Woman,’ that’s enough justification for anyone.

I have a lot of my Dad’s old records like his Stones, Cream, and George Harrison collections. There’s a really great shop in Camden (I can’t remember its name) but that’s where I bought my copy of LA Woman, Live In The West by Hendrix and a super cool compilation that has Lou Reed, Ian Dury, The Moody Blues, and Deep Purple on it. Pretty weird mix but still awesome!

My favourite record I own though is the recording of Woodstock that my boyfriend bought me. Its got Joan Baez, Jimi Hendrix, and Jefferson Airplane on it. Plus if I play it and sit on my floor with a blanket around me I can pretend I was there which is obviously THE DREAM. The most recent record I bought was Led Zeppelin II which I’m pretty happy about because now I have I,II,III and IV.

It would be an absolute dream for me to one day get an LP pressed to vinyl especially as—if I bought my own record (very lame but something I would do)—I would be between Fleetwood Mac and Florence and The Machine who are two of my biggest inspirations!”
Colette Olive

Flower Fellow’s new single, “Madman” is in stores on September 4 via Circus City Records.

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