Strange & Primitive,
The TVD First Date

“It’s hot. I’m following the seductive notes of Mark Knopfler’s guitar as he growls about a Six Blade Knife.”

“There’s a cold cocktail in my hand and outside of Mr. Knopfler’s music it’s the only other source of cool I have against the heat, but dammit it’s working. My friend Dave is searching through his vinyl collection, selecting what will be next and I completely trust that his choice will be great. Dave’s never really let me down there. We’ll talk about the music and our lives, but mostly we’ll just listen. Perfect.

That to me is really how I’d summarize what vinyl means to me. It’s a chance to just appreciate an artist. Is it possible to gain an appreciation for an album on another format? Of course it is. Is it easier with a cold cocktail in your hand and the record spinning at Dave’s (or insert your friend’s place). Absolutely!

I’m fond of the freedom, surprise and versatility that can come with a playlist but they don’t seem to elicit the same kind of memories for me. Of course you can still choose to listen to an album in its entirety if you want, but I think vinyl is the symbol of this choice.

I remember laying outside on a deck with friends, all of us teenagers, energized by the alcohol we weren’t yet supposed to drink, and being completely floored by Allen Toussaint’s arrangements for The Band on their Rock of Ages album, turntable close by.

I remember holding the sleeve of David Bowie’s Station to Station, enchanted by every lyric of the title track but also wondering where in god’s name had the cover been photographed (I hadn’t yet seen The Man Who Fell From Earth). I also remember, eyes closed, thinking ‘nothing will ever be as good as this’ as the ending to Pink Floyd’s “Dogs” rang out amongst the respectful silence of everyone in the room.

So, when I think about it, many of my most transportive memories of music are with vinyl. And I have Dave to thank. I don’t own a record player. That’s why I always look forward and cherish my time at Dave’s and when Jeff (my musical partner in crime with Strange & Primitive) and I produce our first vinyl, I know exactly where I’m going to take it to listen to.”
Graham Fish

Strange & Primitive’s self-titled debut album is released via The Deep Floor Inc. on 20th November 2015.

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