Needle Drop: Freja, “Ghosts” EP

Every now and again you come across a little gem that may not blow you away with some sort of incredible riff or explosive vocal—but with something so delicate and intricate, you can’t help getting momentarily lost. This is what Freja has accomplished effortlessly with her debut EP, “Ghosts.”

Opening track and single “Ghosts In The Snow” commences with a simple piano melody before Freja’s soft and haunting vocals come into play and steal the show. Freja’s unique London accent also reveals itself nicely, adding a beautiful element of authenticity to the track, similar to artists such as Lauren Aquilina and Birdy.

Freja also displays a great maturity within the lyrics on all her EP tracks despite her young age. “Love Kills” refers to the fears we all have when dealing with the idea of the future and what it has in store for us in terms of love and life. Similarly, “Without Out” would imply the track is going to be relatively pessimistic, however with the chorus ending cleverly on the line “I’m gonna be alright,” the track turns itself into a song of reassurance and positivity.

It’s safe to say Freja is a singer-songwriter who creates minimalistic, piano-led music with a story to tell. Each of the tracks on her debut are taken from various stages of her young life, referring to them as “old friends that she’s ready to introduce to the world.” At only 20 years old—and with this amount of promise—we can’t wait to see what Freja has planned for 2016.

“Ghosts” is out now via ShimmerSun Records.

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